• Meditate upon peace as you progress in the journey inwards in Vietnam- the country of Thích Nhất Hạnh. In the UNESCO heritage town of Hoi An, discover millennia of history etched in the ancient lanes, the eclectic influence of South East Asian spiritual cultures embedded in everyday lives, and the discipline of yoga. Let your spirits awaken and wash clean, traveling through the annals of history in this timeless old town.

Why Go For Yoga Teacher Training In Vietnam?

Vietnam invokes an interesting montage of images—the war-ravaged country of 50s-70s that has been the stuff of cinema on one side and the unblemished, vibrant paddy fields of rural Vietnam, colorful waterway markets of the Mekong Delta, out-of-this-world visuals of Halong Bay, and backpackers’ trails in the slopes of Sapa on the other. Vietnam is a living relic of war and peace, and the checkered history of human struggle.

Undertaking Rishikul Yogshala’s Yoga Teacher Training in this country will open your eyes to a range of subjects of spiritual importance. To witness the struggle and courage in the hard survival of a careworn people is a realization of life outside our privileged existence. It is also a reminder of the essentiality of the spiritual tenets of yoga, that of non-violence, faith, humanity, selflessness, and service.

Hoi An-- the ancient port town off the central coast of Vietnam is also a portal into well-preserved antiquity. In this city, many streams of cultures have met in a confluence and become one. You will find seamlessly blended but contrasting elements of Japanese, Chinese, and Vietnamese architecture around the city, in the Pagodas, assembly halls, clan houses, earthen tile-roofed shop, and tea houses dotting the quaint by-lanes and alleyways. The well-preserved synthesis and commixture of history in Hoi An make many centuries exist side by side. The revelation of historical continuity makes us forget our temporality and focus upon the spiritual oneness.

Also, the town of Hoi An will give you ample opportunities to spend self-absorbed time, traveling and exploring the Ancient Town, get a taste of local life in Tra Que Village, beaching and water sports in An Bang, cycling your way around the beautiful outskirts, and photograph the temples in Da Nang close by.

Let the joys of travel and yoga come together in Vietnam with a spiritual edge!

200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training In Vietnam :Curriculum Overview

Exploring deeper into the archives of ancient eastern wisdom, Rishikul Yogshala brings traditional yoga, in association with the Nomad Yoga, right in the body and soul of Vietnam. The school is conducting its 200 hour yoga teacher training in Hoi An, imparting shinning beads of yogic wisdom and discipline of holistic wellness at the hands of qualified guides, set in Hoi An’s charming historic locale. Our 200 Hour Yoga TTC is a testimony of unadulterated yogic techniques, learned with guidance by authentic Indian teachers. Here is what you would internalize at the end of the course—

Worldview according to Hatha and Ashtanga- the two foundational schools of yoga thought which lay the path of learning in other thoughts and styles.

A comprehensive understanding of the human anatomy and how it is relevant in yoga and yogic therapy

Hands-on Adjustment and Alignment with experienced teachers

Detailed practical classes on the usage of yoga props

Seminal literature of the yogic canon made simple with paraphrased and annotated texts, in-depth discussion on yoga philosophy in class, and interactive sessions on theoretical subjects of yogic spiritualism

Self-led practice in the peaceful ambiance of the school

Meditation and mindfulness training to reach a state of equilibrium in the mind-body

Breath-based Pranayama training for the mind-body purification and therapy

Study of Ayurveda to understand the dynamics of food and wholesome habits in the context of yogic wellness

Stat-kriya for detoxification

Culinary methods and cooking for health with Ayurveda

Teaching methodology in yoga pedagogy with a demonstration for aspiring yoga educators

Planned excursions and activities

Recognized Certification in 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

The 200 hour yoga teacher training in Vietnam is not only a medium of personal transformation but also a stepping stone in finding meaningful career opportunities. Counted among premium-category Yoga Alliance affiliated schools, our school is a valuable option to complete your YTTC with. Graduating with us will give you the opportunity to sign up as an RYT or registered yoga teacher with the prestigious Yoga Alliance and enjoy the status of a globally recognized yoga educator. ​


Our charming aboard for the yogis in coastal Hoi An is in association with Nomad Café. Close to the sea and made ambient with care for the lifestyle of our yogic itinerants, this café cum home for ‘nomads’ is very special. The rooms are bright and airy and reverberate with the happy spirits of our carefree hostess Natalie Preten. There are little alcoves in the wood-worked balcony to spend time cozying up with friends or alone with a book. Plus, you can always hang out at the hippie-cool café right outside the rooms with food and drinks fresh off the counter. Clean, cozy, and provided with necessary amenities like 24x7 Wi-Fi, the Nomad Café accommodation makes a sweet spot for a handful of good memories in Vietnam.

Food At Center

Yogis need a special way to eat and our food tends to that necessity. Detoxifying vegetarian fares made with produce from the local farmer’s market, revitalizing fruits and juices, French press coffee, vegan food, and Indian Ayurvedic specials make up our 3-meals-a-day yogic menu. In addition, you will like the kind of fusion tea, coolants, and hand-made ice creams they dish out at the Café.

Student Life during Yoga Teacher Training In Vietnam

  • Yoga on the beach and watching heartrending sunrise and sunsets in the sea
  • Excursions in the old town
  • Chill time at Nomad Café
  • Participating in delightful cooking classes
  • Cycling around the town with friends
How to Reach Us in Vietnam

By Airway : Da Nang International Airport (DAD) is the airport closest to our facility. You can find buses operating hourly to Hoi An from the central bus station at Dien Bien Phu Street in Da Nang. Private cabs might also be hired from here. We will be happy to arrange airport pickup cabs. Extra charges apply.

By Road : Hoi An is connected by road to Ho Chi Minh, Hue City, Da Nang, and other cities of note in Vietnam. If you are coming by road via Le Hong Phong to Hoi An, find our property, second to the last on the left side down Le Hong Phong.

Course Fee inclusions

  • Teaching on yoga in philosophy and practice
  • 28-nights delightful accommodation
  • 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Certificate
  • Sessions on Ayurveda, Pranayama, meditation, asanas, sadhana, mudras, and mantra
  • Ayurvedic spa and massage
  • Ayurvedic therapy with Shirodhara, Panchakarma, etc
  • Nasal Pots for Shat–kriya
  • Weekend social, cultural, and recreational activities
  • Yogic food 3 meals a day and refreshments
  • Group discussion sessions for culturing social skills
Training Outcomes of 200 Hour YogaTraining In Vietnam
  • Acquire fine standards of yoga education at the hands of authentic Indian yoga protégées
  • The gold mark of certification from a Yoga Alliance affiliated Indian school and globally recognized eligibility to teach yoga
  • A detailed insight into the age-old and original yogic practices and undergoing a discipline to sustain the education
  • An enlightening association made with acclaimed teachers and yoga lovers from over the world
  • The unique experience of Vietnam, away from its touristy circuits
  • Understanding yoga as a means of therapy
  • Reclaiming health, bliss, and equilibrium

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