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4 Mindfulness Meditation Practices for an Enhanced Quality of Life

Meditation practice – some of us have heard of it, while some of us have not. Most of us practice it, but only a handful of us have mastered it. We may call it a skill, a technique, a method. But it is actually a solution and an outlet. It is an outlet of all the blemishes, negative energy stored in the body and the mind. So, how do we really define it as? Calling it a ‘technique of mindfulness’ does not really express much about it. So, let us observe and see what the purpose of this outlet in our lives is.

In simple terms, ‘Mindfulness meditation’ refers to a state of mind where in the mind is consciously aware of its surroundings, its environment, its behavior, and its presence. This conscious state helps us clear our thought process and ward off any confusion, anxiety, stress, etc. that we might be feeling. It puts the mind and the body to rest.

Practice of mindfulness meditation is a widely renowned technique employed by several therapists, scientists world-wide as a powerful solution for controlling the mind and its thoughts.

The benefits of meditation are plenty if you know the right technique to exercising it. You would be amazed to witness the positive effects that mere 20-minute duration of stress meditation or anxiety meditation can reward you with.

Let us look at the four major types of meditation practices that strongly contribute to enhanced quality of life:

Body-Scan Meditation

This style of mindfulness meditation involves becoming aware of your body – step by step, focusing on one limb, a part at a time. The process is conducted in a non-obstructive manner, with fluidity and rhythm. Focus on your entire body from head to toe. You may notice various sensations in your body like an itch or a tingle. Do not think about these sensations, do not reason them – just let them pass. This way you build immunity towards being too self-judgmental and, further build your confidence level as well. This meditation practice is highly useful in performing sleep meditation technique and helps ease sleep apnea, insomnia, etc.

Breathing Space Meditation

Also referred to as anxiety meditation, the breathing space meditation is a magic remedy for gaining control of your body and your mind, particularly your emotions in highly stressful situations. The practice of this technique prepares your body and your mind to fight the given situation and aids you to face it. It suppresses your urge to flee from the situation by creating mindful acceptance of your experience. All it requires is for you to focus on the movement and the intensity of your breathing and further transcend it in controlled harmonious motion.

Observing Feelings Meditation

This type of mindfulness meditation practice requires you to observe your feelings, irrespective of what these are, how these are, what their purpose of occurrence, etc. is. You just need to observe these as these appear and accept these as these are. Once, you get acquainted with these feelings; let these smoothly pass through your body and your mind, until you are void of these. This technique help your foster positive feelings —  feelings of love and care towards the ones you love, especially the one who love most in the whole world. And, gradually prepares you to extend these positive feelings to rest of the world.

Observing-Thought Meditation

This is a crucial stress meditation technique, highly beneficial for getting rid of negative thoughts and helps you replace these with positive ones. The technique requires you to allow the thoughts as they come and escape from your mind as they wish to—with no strings attached. You are not required to reflect on these or feel anything for these thoughts – you gradually alienate yourself away from them. The most crucial part of this technique is to keep yourself from getting absorbed or attached to these thoughts. Once, you master this – life would be much more beautiful, clean and stress-free. You can surely bid that irregular blood pressure goodbye after this.

Although each category of mindfulness meditation practice concludes different results, yet there is a common denominator in practice of these. And, that common denominator is stress management and relaxation. Hence, imbibe the wonderful practice of meditation in your daily routine for enhanced quality of life and better output.