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December 17, 2018
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5 Incredible Health Benefits of Poorva Halasana (Preliminary Plough Pose)

Poorva Halasana (Preliminary Plough Pose)

Yoga is diverse, really diverse in many ways. Not only Yoga is defined in three distinct ways – mental, physical, and spiritual, but its practices are also classified into various levels and postures. Justifying the fact that Yoga is for everyone, advanced level of Yoga asanas often follow preparatory postures that are slightly easier to practice but own similar benefits as the original exercise. Halasana is one of those advanced Yoga poses that need to be practiced before attaining mastery. Plough Pose is quite popular in the Yoga community because of its numerous advantages but since it is challenging in practice, a preliminary pose is introduced to take the edge off its toughness.

Poorva Halasana is the preparatory posture before one gives way to the complete Halasana practice. Let’s understand the steps of doing Preliminary Plough Pose before we jump to the health benefits of Poorva Halasana:

● Start in Savasana by lying straight on the back.
● Relax and take a couple of breaths before pulling your legs upward by making sure the body parts above waist remain in touch with the ground.
● Try to bring the feet towards the head.
● Make approx 45-degree angle between the thighs and the abdomen at the waist.
● Hold in this position for a few minutes, although you can try to warm up by moving the legs.

The difference between Halasana and its preparatory pose is that in Halasana, the toes touch the ground behind the head while stopping at 45-degrees in the latter. Constantly training the body in this pose makes one prepare for the higher-level asana.

Here’s the list of some of the incredible benefits of Preliminary Plough Pose.


Flexibility is the key when you are practicing any kind of Halasana. Especially the hip region needs to be in motion that brings the energy of flexibility to the body. Along with making the legs pliable, this asana helps in correcting the rigidness of the body. Although the upper body parts remain mostly in rest, Halasana puts enough pressure on the abdomen to raise the legs up benefiting the upper body also. People suffering from waist soreness should practice this pose every day for at least 10 minutes for gaining its benefits.

Keeps fats in control

The preliminary practice of Halasana is very beneficial in shrugging off the extra fats presents in various parts of the body, like the original Hanasana posture. The practice tones thigh muscles in an awesome way and strengthens the femur bones with regular exercise. In addition to shedding the toxins present in the upper leg region, the Yoga asana has a significant impact on the abdominal organs as well. In fact, most of the pressure is felt in the belly portion. If you are looking to detoxify your body and aspiring for a flat belly, Purva Halasana is the exercise for you. Make this asana a part of your gym schedule for attaining a fatless body.

Betters blood circulation

Blood circulation is one of the most important metabolic activities that take place in the human body. Since, blood is the sole mode of transportation that helps carry different organic substances from one part of the body to another; its smooth circulation becomes the basis of life. The more movement the body does the better would be the circulation. But the best benefit of Purva Halasana is its role in nurturing the brain with pure blood and air. Helping the mind access oxygenated blood; the yogic practice calms down the brain and enhances the decision-making ability of a person.

Relieves back pain

Back pain has emerged as one of the major health issues in modern time, owing to the demand of the corporate life where sitting in one place for hours is the norm. While medicines fail to keep this problem in check, Preliminary Plough Pose comes as a natural cure for Back pain. This pose plays an important role in strengthening the spinal cord. Keeping the legs at 45-degree requires the back to exert enough pressure on the ground, nourishing the whole back region. Make sure you try to do this asana slowly in case of a stiff backache.

Good for Immune and Digestive System

Having strengthened the abdomen region, Poorve Halasana also tones the digestive organs resulting in the betterment of digestive functions. While this practice is extremely instrumental in bettering digestion, one should not do it just after a meal. Wait for at least an hour or two before you indulge in this asana. Immunity is another element of life that gets impacted by the practice of Preliminary Plough Pose. This practice nurtures various body parts and makes them strong enough to fight with the disease-causing microbes.

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