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5 Reasons to Take Ayurveda Training in Kerala

As a generation of the 21st century, we are used to getting quick and easy fixes for every conceivable trouble, even if it means the remedy will not be lasting for long or be harmful. This is especially true in case of medicine. Taking prescription pills for minor discomfiture has become a way of living. The side-effects caused by such a practice are overlooked for the sake of convenience. This attitude continues solely because of a lack of better alternative and no awareness about a more sustainable method of healing.

One of the rare curative practices of the ancient world promising holistic wellbeing, Ayurveda-literally meaning “the science of life”, is adapted today as an alternate medicine. Ayurvedic treatment counts chemical-free herbal medicine with little to zero side effects, balanced diet, and yogic physical exercise and pranayama breathing. Ayurvedic knowledge not only helps relieve the sufferer from their disease beyond mere symptom-removal but also awards the patient to take complete charge of his/her body.

For those who have just begun to explore the vast pool of Ayurvedic system, the ancient healing science of holistic wellbeing could be intimidating. It is advisable to fall into steps with this amazing lifestyle with systematic training from the best. In Kerala, at the southern tropical seaside haven of India, Ayurvedic herbal treatment is still a living practice. Under the tutelage of traditional masters, the basics of this science can be studied.

The benefits of Ayurveda training in Kerala are as follows:

Following the Nature’s Way

Existing amidst the excesses of materialism, if you have ever felt that the soul truly belongs in nature, and in nature only, then Ayurveda is your call. This pro-life science roots individuals in nature with more inclusion of herbal consumptives, prescription for green living, massage and spa with nature elements, and subsequent curtail of chemicals.

Ayurveda training in Kerala will show you a way to higher living with significant modification in diet. Diagnosing your body humors according to the vata-pita-kapha balance, you will be able to measure portions of required nutrients in the diet on your own. An eating habit with better awareness can now be developed and, you will finally be free from your mad impulses of binge eating and putting up weight as consequence.

A Broader Approach to Sustainable Living

Sustainable- the modern buzzword for all things healthy will remain beyond comprehension if you do not get to actually practice it. According to Ayurveda, if the elements of usage counter the support of life, it is unsustainable. For example, constant use of chemical drugs may work towards symptom relief of one physical but may deteriorate the function of other. In the same way, high-carb fast food may quench hunger expressly, but damages digestion capacity and ups the risk of obesity in the process. Discarding all such approaches as untenably unsustainable, Ayurveda training in Kerala will inculcate a handful of sustainable ways to life, physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Finding Individual Strength

Going through the rituals of Ayurvedic training, you are likely to experience a re-evaluation of yourself. The factors that had been considered as flaws would expand to new values as Ayurveda encourages a judgment-free assessment. To learn that qualities are not inherently positive or negative, Ayurveda’s personalized system of health is much required. The three major constitutional elements- vata, pita, kapha could be adjusted according to individual requirements with diet modifications, guided yogic exercise, and channelization of pranic life force through the breathing discipline of pranayama.

While, it is near impossible to change one’s constitution, a Yoga and Ayurveda program in Kerala can help you gain insight into your own and lead your life accordingly. Becoming the proprietor of your own health is empowering and thoroughly joyful!

Simplifying Disease Identification

Understanding one’s constitution is central to Ayurveda healing and identification of disease that follows from this approach is relatively simpler than the complex and often convoluted method of medical science. Fall in health is attributed to disruption of balance in the elements of one’s vata-pita-kapha structure and dietary modification and yoga exercise are accordingly suggested for recovery. At a combined yoga and ayurveda ttc in Kerala, students are informed to keep track of the imbalances and eliminate them voluntarily.

Finding Prevention before Cure

The take of Ayurveda on diseases is critical in its progression. It is understood that diseases happen in successive steps and it is well before time that the disease develops to an advanced chronic stage that the constitutional imbalances in the system could be found and taken care of. Through a yoga ttc in kerala with Ayurveda in the curriculum, you can recognize fearsome chronic manifestations, such as diabetes at the budding and work out it’s imbalances before the wound festers.

Ayurveda, though extremely effective in creating a sense of connectivity and grounding, is not a religion or spiritual belief system. Training in this discipline can simply aware individuals about greater consequences of actions and the more involved process of healing, not only of bodies and mind but of the planet at large.