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March 9, 2019
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March 18, 2019

A Path to a New World with Yoga for Today’s Stressed Out Generation

A Path to a New World with Yoga for Today's Stressed Out Generation

Who said stress is an adult thing? In today’s time, it seems to be more millennial-friendly. Social violence, political turmoil, personal problems, cut-throat competition are some of the major causes of stress among teenagers and young adults.  In fact, according to studies, the young generation seems to be far more stressed than their adults.

The American Psychological Association says college students are more anxious than before. And, more than half of the generation reports that they have lain awake at night due to stress. Accompanying the stress are physical, psychical, and emotional problems along with unhealthy behaviors, high level of anger, addiction to alcohol and smoking.

Of all the catastrophe associated with stress, depression is the deadliest. It affects a person on all the three levels– body, mind, and soul.

Mindfulness is a path to fight stress and ordeals. It is recommended by the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence to prevent depression. Mindfulness is getting to know ourselves moment by moment and learning to live in the present.

Yoga is the millennium science of mindfulness. It includes body postures, breathing exercises, and meditation that help the racing mind to slow down, to relax the tired body, and reconnect us with our senses. Incorporating yoga into daily life can protect the young generation from the detrimental health effects of stress and anxiety. Practicing yoga every single day can influence the way you think, feel, and behave in a positive manner.

The stressed generation can step into a new world with yoga.

  1. Utmost Calmness: Cortisol, the stress hormone is an enemy of health. Heightened cortisol levels interfere with learning, memory, immunity, blood pressure, heart. Basically, it hampers the overall health of a person. Chronic stress and elevated cortisol levels are a harbinger of depression. Yogic meditation is the art of focusing the mind in the present without judging the thoughts that occur in the brain. And, yoga postures are body movements that have an effect on the brain as well. Both these practices help decrease the cortisol levels and increase mindfulness. With mindfulness comes utmost serenity.
  2. Peace and Health: GABA (Gamma-aminobutyric acid) is widely found in the brain. Its function is to control anxiety and to augment relaxation, sedation, and memory. The yoga practices increase the level of GABA in the brain. The benefits of GABA are uncountable. Sleep, gut health, brain function are enhanced with GABA. According to a study, a single yoga session can increase GABA by 27%. Now, this is a real source of motivation to keep the body moving in yoga.
  3. Psychological and Physical Aliveness: A parasympathetic nervous system is a branch of the autonomic nervous system. This nervous system takes care of digestion, reproduction, and relaxation. The imbalanced parasympathetic nervous system leads to disturbances in the internal system. Yoga is the practice to balance the parasympathetic nervous system that keeps the functioning of the organs healthy.
  4. Positivity and Happiness: Stress often brings negative emotions. Therefore, today’s generation often comes out to be aggressive, irritated, stubborn, etc. Yoga escalates circulation and release of happy hormones like dopamine make an individual feel happier and positive about the self and surroundings.
  5. Greater Mental Clarity: Internal peace is hard to find in a stressful world. Internal peace assists in better concentration. Meditation is an art that improves mental clarity and focus. When you sit for meditation, you learn to master the skill of focusing on a point despite the turbulence going in the mind.
  6. Mental Endurance: Every dawn of the urban life brings in new challenges for the youngsters. Carrier, relationship problems, peer pressure, materialism, drug abuse, are some of the major challenges. Amidst so many hardships, youngsters experience mental block. Yoga is the science that removes the mental block and elevates problem-solving abilities. The core elements of yoga promote self-awareness, self-control, and mental endurance allowing young generation to make healthier choices.
  7. Harmonious Soul: Life is stressful. And, yoga is the stress-buster. Yoga practices soothe the mind and body and bring harmony to the soul.

In a life of stress, live a moment of peace and become the happier, healthiest, best version of yourself with Yoga.

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