Ayurveda And Spa Facility In Rishikesh, India

Ayurveda Therapy in Rishikesh

Take a rejuvenating break at our Ayurveda and Spa facility in Rishikesh, India. And, pamper your mind, body and soul with the healing magic of Ayurveda. While undergoing the challenging process and curriculum of the yoga program, the students require a much needed break during which their body and mind can rejuvenate and restore.

Rishikul Yogshala believes that wholesome rejuvenation and relaxation is just as crucial for a yoga program to be successful. With the divine purpose to offer students extensive education of yoga, along with rewarding them with complete relaxation of the mind, body and spirit, the Ayurveda and Spa facility at Rishikul Yogshala has been introduced in the glorious town of Rishikesh, India.

Ayurveda & Spa In Rishikesh, India


Since its origin, Rishikesh, the mother land of yoga has allured travelers, yogis, sages, spiritualists, pilgrims, wanderers and adventure seekers into its embrace from all over the globe. With its meditative and breath taking beauty, spiritually inspiring ambiance, the town offers a myriad of experiences to the entities who set foot on its holy ground. The town is not just known for its yogic treasures, but is also a revered place for experiencing the medicinal legacies of the ancient science of Ayurveda.

This is the place where Yoga, Spirituality and Ayurveda amalgamate in perfect unison with each other. This majestic union is ideal for all those seeking a healthy body, an awakened mind and, a rejuvenated spirit.

The History Of Ayurveda Science


The origin of Ayurveda can be traced back to the pre-historic times, further explored in the Vedic Period. The science has nurtured the practical wisdom of ‘healing through naturally occurring elements’ and, continues to play a significant role in the field of medicine since its birth. As mentioned in classical Ayurveda texts, such as Sushruta Samhita, the science of Ayurveda is greatly based on Indian Alchemy or the ‘Rasa Shastra’, wherein herbal elements such as oil, water, plants extracts, metallic substances and minerals are utilized to heal, manage and balance the doshas in the body along with harmonizing its overall composition. In addition, the science also plays a crucial role in procuring relief from various ailments and injuries.

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Panchkarma Therapy represents the elemental approach to completely purify and detoxify the various channels of the body, both internally and externally. Comprised of two primary elements, ‘Panch (Five)’ and ‘Karma (Work)’, the ‘Panchkarma’ Therapy involves utilization of five Ayurvedic techniques to achieve ultimate detoxification and rejuvenation of the body and its psyche. The therapy is conducted in three extensive stages, involving preparing the body for detoxification, taking the body under detoxification and, finally adjusting the body to a healthy diet and lifestyle once the therapy procedure is complete.

Ayurveda Therapy & Spa Treatments At Rishikul Yogshala

Ayurveda proposes two categories of treatments -- Shodhana Chikitsa, which implies Vedic Detoxification and Cleansing and, Shaman Chikitsa, the Vedic Medical Treatment. With a fully equipped Ayurveda and Spa Center in Rishikesh, India, the facility at Rishikul Yogshala offers a multitude of rejuvenating and healing Ayurvedic treatments to its students. Led by experienced Ayurvedic doctors and skilled therapists, the students can select treatments according to their requirement and comfort. Alternatively, they can also consult the Ayurvedic Doctor at our facility and, get exclusive treatment or package designed pertaining to a specific issue.

Shiro Basti

Useful in treating various neurological disorders, the Shiro Basti treatment is composed of two words ‘shiro’ means ‘head’ and ‘basti’ implies ‘retaining’. Under this treatment, hot oil or milk is poured on top of the head and sustained on it for about half an hour with the purpose to simulate the brain cells.

Shiro Dhara

The Shiro Dhara treatment involves a process of pouring medicated oil or milk on forehead, in between the eyebrows (the third eye spot). The treatment is highly beneficial for emotional and physical relaxation, revitalization of the nervous system, for activating the pituitary gland, procuring relief from insomnia and other sleep disorders, etc. Shiro Dhara has many forms, such as Tail Dhara (Oil Pour), Ksheera Dhara (Milk Pour), Takra Dhara (Butter milk Pour) and Jala Dhara (Water Pour).


This unique Ayurvedic Therapy involves pouring warm oil onto the body while gradually pressing each and every part of the body for deep penetration of the poured liquid. The entire process causes excessive sweat for complete toxin removal from the body. The therapy has a rich, luxurious feel and, is especially beneficial for treating diabetes, arthritis, various sexual disorders, etc. The therapy is also an excellent anti-ageing treatment.


Snehana is an essential part of the Panchkarma Therapy and, is performed in the pre-detoxification stage. The primary purpose of this therapy is to unfasten the accumulated toxins in the body for removal. This aim is achieved by smearing the entire body internally and externally in hot medicated fatty oils.


The Kkizhi Therapy involves usage of medicated bundles for complete massage of the body. The therapy is of three types: Ilakkizhi also known as Patraswedana, involving the use of medicated leaves for massage; (ii) Podikkizhi also known as Choornaswedana, involving the use of soft linen bags filled with medicated powders to induce high sweating during massage, and (iii) Navarakkizhi also known as rice Swedana, involving the use of boiled rice bundles prepared in medicated herbs for deep tissue massage.

Some additional therapies include:

Greeva Basti : Hot oil therapy for the neck region to ease neck pain and enhance its flexibility.

Nasyam: Therapy that involves dispensing medicated oil into the nasal cavity for treating nasal infection such as sinusitis, allergy, etc.

Mukh Lepanam : Treatment for improving the texture and complexion of the face along with removal of impurities by smearing herbal preparations on the face.

Netra Tarpanam : The Vedic process of pouring medicated Ghee (clarified butter) on the eyes for about 10 minutes to remove toxins and strengthening the nerves in the eyes.

Kati Basti : An excellent process for treating inflammation in the lower back by pouring medicated hot oil in the lumber region and, retaining it for about 30 minutes.

Karnapoornam : The natural remedy to treat ear related ailments. During this treatment, medicated substance is poured into the ears for about five minutes.

Kashaya Dhara : Involves smooth and continuous flow of medicated liquid on the entire body while simultaneously massaging it.

Pichu: A highly effective treatment for easing pain in the spinal region, the treatment involves placing cotton bag or wool pre-soaked in warm medicated oil.

Upanaham : An age old Vedic remedy for treating open wounds. Medicated paste is applied to the affected area and, further covered with leaves and bandages for complete and safe healing.

Netra Prakshalanam : Under this therapy, medicated liquid is poured into the eyes which causes excretion of toxins, which is further removed with the help of cotton swab.

Herbal Steam Bath: Also known as Swedana, the therapy involves massaging the entire body using medicated oils and, further eliminating toxins from the body through perspiration.

Anjana : Ayurvedic method to treat inflammation in the eye, using medicated powders and fluids.

Uro Basti: Medicated oil bath in the heart region to promote healthy cardiac health is the essence of this unique Ayurvedic therapy.

Yoni Prakshalanam : This therapy involves complete purification of the vaginal region to promote its fertility and muscle strength, while eliminating any previous disorders from it.

Ayurveda & Spa Packages Available


Panchkarma (Duration: 10 Days)

With the aim to deeply revitalize the mind, body and spirit of the guests, the Ayurvedic Doctors at the facility design specific packages for them, post examining their requirements. The package is more inclined towards preventive ‘Panchkarma’ wherein,

The first five days are dedicated to complete body massage incorporating therapies like Podikkizhi(treatment involving the use of soft linen bags filled with medicated powders to induce high sweating during massage) and Navarakkizhi(involving the use of boiled rice bundles prepared in medicated herbs for deep tissue massage). It is then followed by steam bath or, a medicated water bath.

The next five days consist of Pizhichil (two vedic techniques combined through massage with oil and heat), Shirodhara(pouring of medicated oil on the forehead) and Anjana (treatment of eyes as per Charka Samhita and Shushruta Samhita) therapies.

Rejuvenation Package

Rejuvenation Package(Duration: 7 Days)

With the ‘Rejuvenation Package’, the guests are taken through a subtle combination of Ayurvedic oils and treatment to rejuvenate the entire body. This is especially popular among those seeking anti-ageing treatment or relief from insomnia, migraine headaches, etc. The week-long package includes:

First 3 days: Full body massage with Patraswedana (using medicated leaf) and Navarakkizhi (with medicated boiled rice) followed by a medicated bath

4th & 5th Day: Full body massage by pressing warm oil onto the body, i.e., the Pizhichil Therapy and, the Shirodhara Therapy (pouring medicated oil between the eyebrows).

6th & 7th Day: Complete body fomentation with Podikkizhi Therapy (using cotton bags filled with herbal medication), Ksheeradhara (pouring milk on the forehead to relief insomnia, headache and anxiety).

Ayurvedic Health drinks are provided twice a day along with a wholesome Ayurvedic Diet.

Ayurvedic Weight Loss Package

Ayurvedic Weight Loss Package (Duration: 7 and 14 Days)

With the aim to remove excess fat deposits from the body using natural methods without posing any harmful effects, the Ayurvedic Weight Loss Packages have been introduced. The package can be availed for a week or a fortnight depending upon the time and requirement.

7-Day Weight Loss Package : Complete fat loss treatment using medicated techniques like Kashaya Dhara (pouring and deep tissue massage using medicated liquid), Abhyanga(deep oil massage for flexibility enhancement of the muscle and joints), Pizhichil(massage using oil and heat), Ksheeradhara(pouring of milk on the forehead), and Swedana Therapy(toxin removal with steam bath). Each therapy is followed by medicated water bath.

14-Day Weight Loss Package : Extensive fat loss treatment with the help of Podikkizhi and Navarakkizhi (massage using medicated boiled rice), Pizhichil, Shirodhara, Abhyanga, followed by steam and medicated water bath post each treatment.

Detoxification Package

Detoxification Package(Duration: 7/14/21/28 Days)

In order to incorporate a healthy body and a healthy spirit, getting rid of the accumulated waste and toxins in the body is of the highest essence. Specialized detoxification packages can be availed with us for fulfilling this purpose.

Detoxification Stress Relieving Program (7 Days): Full body therapy with Shirodhara, Navarakkizhi with Kati Basti, Nasyam, Pichu and Thalam (as prescribed by the doctor). Each therapy is followed by medicated water bath.

Detoxification Stress Relieving Programme (14 Days) : Complete body therapy using Podikkizhi and Navarakkizhi, Pizhichil, Shirodhara and Anjana. Each therapy is followed by medicated water bath.

Detoxification Stress Relieving Programme (21 Days) : Complete body therapy with herbal oils, Podikkizhi, Pizhichil, Shirodhara, Ksheeradhara, Navarakkizhi and Karnapoornam. Each therapy is followed by medicated water bath.

Detoxification Stress Relieving Programme (28 Days) : Full body therapy with herbal oils, Podikkizhi, Pizhichil, Shirodhara, Ksheeradhara, Navarakkizhi, Karnapoornam, Kashaya Dhara and Greeva Basti. Each therapy is followed by medicated water bath.

Each program includes specially formulated Vedic drinks served twice a day, along with healthy Ayurvedic meals, served three times a day.

Mud Therapy Package

Mud Therapy Package (Duration: 7 Days)

‘Mud’ is one of the most healing legacies the Mother Earth has bestowed upon us with—from treating several skin related diseases to healing inflammation and injuries. With its excellent healing and rejuvenating properties, mud becomes an essential component in Ayurvedic treatments. Extracted from nearly 5-6 feet below the surface, the mud utilized in Ayurvedic treatments is refined and fused with medication for gaining optimal benefits.

First 4 days: : Medicated Body mud packs application.

Last 3 days:: Medicated mud baths.

Outcomes Of Availing The Ayurveda & Spa Facility

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  • Complete detoxification of the mind and the body.
  • Deep renewal of the skin cells and internal layers of the entire body.
  • Get rid of negating emotions like stress, anxiety, etc.
  • Find relief from various ailments with the most natural and revered healing science.
  • Go back home with a completely reenergized mind, body and spirit.
  • Nourish the entire body and soul with a soulful experience.


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