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Ayurvedic Tips to Boost Immunity and Stay Healthy All Winter Long

Living with a healthy lifestyle is every person’s dream. You just can’t imagine the idea of getting up on a blissful winter morning with bad health. If your immune system is strong nothing negative can touch you this winter. Unfortunately, due to our irregular lifestyle and bad work habits, we neglect to follow a good diet and exercise routine in life. In this scenario, you are advised to either join a reputed Ayurveda center for boosting your immunity or follow tips by Yoga and Ayurveda program in Kerala. Ayurveda’s ancient magical tips and brilliant results have helped millions to survive a long and healthy life.

Some of the most common diseases caused due to winters are:

  • Cold
  • Cough
  • Flu
  • Allergy
  • Skin Dryness
  • Frost Bite
  • Sore Throat
  • Asthma
  • Joint Pain and some more…

The Ayurveda training in Kerala has gained huge importance over these years for its bagful of magical tips on boosting immunity during chilly winters. Some of these tips may look familiar but ask yourself honestly, how many of us actually follow these? Ayurveda is science and its results are effective only when you believe in it wholeheartedly. We are sure you will agree that winters could be dreadful for children and senior citizens as their sensitive skin and weak body fail to hold the harshness of cold weather. Thus, you need to introduce Ayurveda in your child’s life early and practice it too so that you have a healthy aging process with good immunity, especially during winters.

‘Ayurveda is the gateway to boost immunity.’

Eat light and warm:

Eating light, warm, and fresh foods can make wonders during a cold day. Try to include more of pomegranates, cinnamon, kiwis, cabbage, and sweet potatoes. These sustain your skin’s glow and help in proper blood flow. Such foods can help you in strengthening your immune system to beat the unbearable chilly weather conditions. Moreover, it would be unwise to eat cold food as that kills the digestive heat in your body. Another important Ayurveda tip to consider is to avoid munching fried food. Fried and oily stuff is hard to digest during winters. Some people also follow Vata-balancing diet throughout winters.

Get a massage:

Ayurveda is incomplete without aroma massage therapy. There are innumerable massage oils available today; some of these are highly recommended in Ayurvedic discussions. Buy oils made of sesame or sunflower; the ingredients in these nourish your skin tissues and prevent it from harmful weather. You don’t have to pay at expensive massage centers; a simple 10-minute massage on yourself will work just fine. In fact, daily self-massage helps you with your body movements too. Begin your morning with gentle rub of oil on your body.

Warm baths:

Warm bath therapy is another highlight of Ayurveda. We bet it is difficult to get off from that cozy blanket unless you have a bucket of warm water waiting to give you some warmth.  Taking bath with Epsom salt and essential oils is the best therapy to avoid any skin dryness. Warm baths can be taken during evenings so that you can directly slide into your sheet and enjoy a long peaceful sleep. Preferably, use oils made of ginger, cardamom, cinnamon, juniper, basil, eucalyptus, and rosemary. These oils enjoy great importance in the science of Ayurveda.

Consume healthy and herbal spices:

Consume or include more of herbs while preparing food. Some of the herbs are warm in nature and help in balancing the immune system in cold season. If you attend any Ayurveda training in Kerala, you will be introduced to the importance of herbs like cumin, turmeric, cinnamon, ginger, and carom (ajwain). Each herb has distinct qualities that ensure a healthy life. To add more light on herbs, certain other important ingredients used in majority of Ayurvedic medicines for cough and cold are honey, jaggery, basil leaves (tulsi), amla (Indian gooseberry), and mulethi.

Combine exercises: Do some Yoga

It gets difficult to hit the gym and lift weights as your body needs more warmth and rest during winter time. As an alternative, you may jog, walk, perform yoga, and hike. These are excellent exercises to keep the blood flow intact throughout the body by keeping you warm. Yoga particularly helps builds strength and increases the energy within to face harsh weather conditions.

Get some rest:

Ayurveda will never teach you to strain or stress yourself. Our body performs various activities throughout the day; some seasons may adapt to your work habits but a season like a winter may make your body tired sooner. As per the Yoga and Ayurveda program in Kerala, it is important that you give your body some rest. Try to be in bed by 22:00 hours and take enough sleep to keep your mind calm and clear. Early to bed and early to rise may sound repetitive, but it works wonders for a long and healthy life.

The objective of this information is to keep you healthy and fit. We hope you follow a good routine regardless of the seasons and give yourself what you deserve.