Why Attend a Yoga Training Program this Valentine’s Day with the One You Want to Grow Old With

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By Rishikul Yogshala

February 11, 2017

Looking forward to the upcoming Valentine’s Day to bring some spark into your love life, but lost for options? Think yoga. This renowned discipline of mind-body harmony and wellness is rooted in the ancient Vedic wisdom of India. Widening the scope of bodily sensations and overcoming internal fears and insecurities are direct outcomes of this practice. This in turn, improves the dynamics of any romantic relationship. Through yoga, the individual unfailingly goes deeper into self-inquiry and attains peace. As a result, he/she will have more positive energy to contribute to a relationship.

Attending a yoga training program can be a great learning experience for those in a relationship. This Valentine’s Day, give your love life a whole new degree of meaningfulness by attending yoga training programs together, exploring the following elements:

The Principle of Universal Love

Why Attend a Yoga Training Program this Valentine’s Day with the One You Want to Grow Old With

The discipline of yoga reverberates with the message that there is no virtue, no treasure higher than love. Love to one and all irrespective of mutual differences is a lofty ideal, difficult to fathom. However, this teaching could be the greatest source of joy, and a potential solution for many of life’s woes. The philosophy of universal love and forbearance above all else, is harnessed from the ancient Vedic texts of India and are explained with paraphrasing and guidance in the philosophy class of yoga teacher training programs held in India.

Taking a course of yoga teacher training at the heartland of the art with your partner could be a truly enlightening experience as at the end of the journey, both of you will be motivated to cherish your joyous union and accept each other with your differences.

Development of a Personal Language

Sometimes within the boundaries of conventional life, it becomes difficult to establish a heart to heart connection. If you have been feeling this way, take it as a cue to catch a yoga break with your partner. Hand in hand with your beloved, sign up for a rejuvenating retreat in the yoga land of India. At such a program, you will learn the techniques of coordinating body and mind with your better half through soulful asana classes and meditation sessions. The beautiful Indian locations of natural and cultural richness, where these programs are held will add more value to your journey together.

Postures such as—forward bends and Sukhasana or the “easy pose” are great exercises for partners. By the way of establishing eye-contact and interdependent body contact through these postures, a language of love will develop between you and your partner which is pleasurably personal. After revising the best of the yogasanas, you can also advance your training with a course on yoga adjustment and alignment.

Strength for Sustaining a Play of Passion

Why Attend a Yoga Training Program this Valentine’s Day with the One You Want to Grow Old With

Sincere practice of yoga and meditation is a great way to bank up on internal strength. To be present in the moment and engage soulfully in acts of love and passion is sourced from this inner energy. Yoga is a holistic exercise and takes into account the entire body-mind complex. It is the best discipline for couples to take up when looking to amplify the pleasures of love. By strengthening the body with yogasana and sharpening focus with meditative exercises, a great pleasure-deriving capacity could be achieved.

 On entering yoga training in the company of your partner, you will have more to explore and understand how yoga and love are interrelated ideas and a great path to follow as you grow old together.

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