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Dwell in an Idyllic Kerala Home in Rishikul Yogshala

Rishikul Yogshala has been a leading yoga school to conduct certified Ayurveda and Yoga Teacher Training program in Kerala. The Yogshala has been successfully spreading the message of health and wellness since 2010. With the divine purpose of conducting the most momentous and equally invigorating Ayurveda and Yoga classes in Kerala, we have taken another step forward and moved to a brand new abode, a cozier abode in the mesmeric beauty of Varkala cliff, located in the heart of Kerala.

The Panorama

Tucked away on the beautiful cliff of Varkala, merely five minutes of walking distance from sandy blue beaches, the place offers a breathtaking view for an ideal meditation and yoga program in India. Soak in the beauty of crystal blue water streamlining the entire scenery. Enjoy a peaceful stroll on the picturesque beach or indulge in intense yoga and meditation practice by the mesmeric sea shore. Feel the sandy crystals under your feet and open the door to physical and spiritual awakening.

The Location

Witness the best of the nature’s legacies and modern world right here in the heart of this location with local markets and cafes only a few minutes away from the place. The presence of renowned religious temples such as Sivagiri Mutt and Janardhana temple perfectly define the much honored purpose of this location in every sense of the word. It is a place that represents the perfect fusion of spiritual, traditional and modern world.

The Nest

Dwell in bamboo huts and absorb the innately natural feel of being in the scenic lap of nature. While each hut is facilitated with all the modern amenities such as mosquito nets, clean hygienic private washrooms, TV sets, double beds with fresh linens, fans and light fixtures, the embrace of wood and jute render a completely organic appeal to the whole ambience. Enjoy a refreshing cup of tea in the private balcony while sitting in wooden chairs and relishing the momentous time of dusk and dawn. Spend some leisure time by dazing in the lap of hammocks hanging between the palm trees in the vicinity of the garden at the resort.


The Yogic Spaces

As you enter the resort premise, you shall be transported into a heavenly world where natural beauty becomes the sole and divine objective and plasticity goes out the window. Walk upon the beautiful pavements surrounded by banyan trees, palm trees, lush green plants, leading towards the entrance to each hut. Indulge in mindful interaction with fellow yogis in the picturesque garden area during the course of a rejuvenating Yoga and Ayurveda TTC program in Kerala. Undergo breath based training of yoga asanas, practice distinct meditation techniques, and study the miracle of Ayurveda both in the scenic outer spaces of the resort and, within the earthy interiors of yoga study halls.


The Food and Dining

Kerala, the land of spices and plush green agricultural lands provides natural sources of nutrition in abundant supply. Relish the most delectable and wholesome yogic meals prepared to perfection with ideal blend of Vedic herbs and spices by our chefs specializing in Ayurvedic cooking. Enjoy your meals in the beautiful garden spaces or the cozy environment of dining hall while engaging in spiritual delight that the ambiance and people of the resort offers you.

The Ayurveda Spa

Study and practice the ancient healing science in the birth place of Ayurveda during Ayurveda classes in Kerala. Learn and undergo various Ayurveda therapies such as Panchkarma, hot oil therapies, specific treatments useful in treating various skin and hormone related disorders at the plush Ayurveda facility of the resort.

We are more than eclectic to invite all the Yoga and Ayurveda enthusiasts into our new home in Kerala for a range of 200, 300 and 500 hour Yoga and Ayurveda TTC programs. You can secure your spot by registering for the respective Yoga Teacher Training in Kerala.