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Healing Meditation Techniques: Pick Up Your Broken Pieces And Navigate Towards Light

Life may not always be a garden of roses but attachment to negative feelings could certainly be repelled. The window to joy lies in letting go and that is all it takes to heal from depressing experiences. If you have been feeling yourself in the throes of pessimism for a long time without respite, it is probably such a toxic thought or emotion you are holding on to. Consciously try to let go of it through peace inducing meditation.

Whether it’s a damaging relationship, death of a loved one, or a personal failure, the affected mind needs to be quieted. There is an immense pool of light within you, only you are lost to its presence. Meditation will enhance consciousness and open you to its healing aura. It is you who can detect the root of your woe and propel yourself towards light, and meditation makes way for such a kind of self-healing.

Here, we list some healing meditation techniques for cutting through the gloom—

Tuning the Mind to Nature Sounds to Reconnect with Your Core

In nature lies your true origin. You are as free as the birds, as sprightly as mountain springs, your heart is sublime like dewdrops falling from leaves in the early morn. To connect with that part of your soul, resort to music formed out of nature’s sounds.

Our mind is more receptive to music than dry words of wisdom. Tune into nature’s music whenever you can in the day and feel your whole body regenerate to its gentle rhythm. Let the sound sketches form into unique projections of nature in your mind’s eye. The canvas of your mind will then slowly fill up with beautiful images, blurring out those that had brought pain and distraction.

As an alternative to nature-sound meditation music, you can also use binaural music, mantra music, or mindfulness bells.

Meditative Coloring to Fill Up Blank Spaces

As human beings, we live in the fear of being completely alone one day. The thought of floating in the vastnees of the universe like a solitary canoe in the seas is frightening. That is why isolation puts us into disarray. In modern lives, isolation might not be entirely physical. One could be living in a full house, attending to a number of people everyday but yet feel secluded. Through meditation of the coloring book you can actually fill up this immense psychological void.

Search for adult coloring books featuring intrinsic geometric patterns which you can color your own way. It is a great way to channelize your creative energy and experience a relaxed state of being. The visual of colors seeping in through the empty sketch will create a projection of fulfillment in your mind. Take to the practice of this depression meditation and no more will blank spaces haunt you!

Embracing Silence to Spread Calm Through an Agitated Mind

Silence is more than a passive quality. Like the calm before a storm and the unwavering surface of deep waters, silence is reflective of intensity. To quiet the endless unconstructive chattering of an agitated mind, delve into silence. Find a space that gives you good vibes and practice silence for as long as you can.

Be seated in padmasana, your hands brought together in anjali mudra, and with eyes closed let your mind wander into the silence of your soul. Consciously, become the guardian of your mental motions and put a hush on the verbosity of the mind. Hush the questioning, the complaints, and the many sundry irrelevant pieces of thought. After everything passes, there will only be silence.

Chanting to Invoke Good Energy

Sound or dhwani in the yogic sciences is understood as the source of all creations. The vibration of sound forming out into different patterns creates all the components of the universe. Thus sound is a creative energy that could be harnessed to usher positive feeling.

Mantra chanting, an important aspect in any guided meditation class is all about knowing how to invoke good energy. Subscribe to classes where you can learn the meaning and pronunciation of Sanskrit mantras. Chanting is a surefire way to repel the blues and find peace within.

The benefits of meditation by implementing the above explained techniques are many. You can not only pick yourself up from the aftereffects of a shattering experience, but also become a more balanced person with better focus and a more positive attitude to life. Practice mindfully and in good faith!