International Yoga Dance Music Festival in India


Open your heart and reconnect with your soul at the International Yoga-Dance-Music Festival in India 2018 (IYDMF). Live a weekend of reverberating yogic experiences with yoga workshops, yoga dance and soulful music with us.


5th January & 6th January, 2018 (Friday & Saturday)


Varkala (Near Black Beach), Kerala, India


Day + Night Ticket Cost : 30$USD (excluding Food and Accommodation) Day Ticket Cost: 20$USD

**Ticket Valid for: 2 Days


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  • One world, one vision, one motive -- To create a global tribe, to help bring about a much-needed shift on this planet we all so need to protect. Our aim is to break the borders and struggles that divide us and to create unity in an atmosphere of peace, consciousness, and joy in this beautiful, healing place in Varkala, by the Arabian Sea. Let us come together in yoga, singing, dancing, and healing. Refresh your body, mind, and spirit in a practice of self-love. Bring your conscious awareness to a higher level of unity within yourself, the others and nature.Those who heal themselves spread healing too. Believe and breathe. Inspire and grow.

Highlights of the International Yoga Dance Music Festival 2018

Attend Yoga Workshops and indulge in invigorating discussions. Get introduced to traditional styles of yoga such as Hatha Flow Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga, Iyengar Yoga, Acro Yoga and many more under the shadow of highly honored yoga teachers.

Immerse yourself to the tune of Yoga Dance. Let your body communicate with the divine as you become a witness to Shiva Shakti Transforming Dance, Spirit Dance, Free Dancing, Shiva Tandava Dance, Dance of Love, the Radha and Krishna Dance, and so much more.

Communicate with your inner being to the spell binding yoga music. Unravel and unwind to the beats of Indian Drums, Indian Veena, Kerala Traditional Music, Nature-Inspired melodies, heart touching ocean-inspired flute music and much more.


Yoga Workshop

Practice yoga under the esteemed guidance of respected yoga teachers travelling to the venue from across the country. Catch a glimpse of the art of healing and rejuvenate your mind, body and spirit with us.
Get introduced to some of the most traditional to contemporary, highly recognized and authentic yoga styles such as Hatha Flow Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga, Iyengar Yoga, Acro Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, Kundalini Yoga, Mantra Yoga, Prana Yoga, Yin Yang Yoga and Chair Yoga.

Yoga Dance

Catch a glimpse of the most beautiful and enigmatic dance performances that are sure to get your body flow along. Witness the performance of Shiva Shakti Dance to Heaven, Fusion dance of Classical Bharatnatyam, Spirit Dance – Break the Bound, Tandava Dance of Shiva to Open-Up, Kerala Classical Heart Touching Forever, Robo Dance of Love, Dance of Radha Krishna, Jugal Bandi Dance of India, East & West dance of all Times.
Converse with your body and dance freely to get lost in peace and divinity.

Talks and Discussions

Engage in a heart-drenching and invigorating talks and discussions on yoga and spirituality. Connect with fellow yogis, amiable souls from across the globe at this glorious fest. Utilize the opportunity to express yourself through talks, discussions, dance and music. Understand, imbibe and lead yourself towards physical, mental and spiritual enrichment. Greet and meet similar thoughts, vivacious spirits, all soaked up in the yogic spirit come together at this grand event.


Strike the cords in your heart and soul with live spellbinding music. Delve into the layers of your inner being and open your heart to a brand new yogic experience with the Sound of Healing- Sitar, Indian Drum to open the Heart Center, Jugal Bandi Music of Battle to Merge, Indian Veena for Silence, Forest – Music of Nature, Classical Music of Welcoming Divinity, Kerala Music to Unbinding life, Flute – Waves of Oceanic Bliss, and Classical Music of Spirit – Clay Drums and Tablas.


Day -1




Hatha Flow Yoga

Shiva Shakti Transforming Dance of Heaven

Sound of Healing- Sitar

Vinyasa Yoga

Fusion dance of Classical Bharatnatyam

Indian Drum to open the Heart Center

Iyengar Yoga

Spirit Dance – Break the Bound

Jugal Bandi Music of Battle to Merge

Acro Yoga

Dancing freely to getting lost in Peace

Indian Veena for Silence

Ashtanga Yoga

Tandava Dance of Shiva  to Open-Up

Forest – Music of Nature

Day - 2




Kundalini Yoga

Kerala Classical  Heart  Touching Forever 

Classical Music of Welcoming Divinity

Mantra Yoga

Robo Dance of  Love

Jugal Bandi
Mother of all Music

Prana Yoga

Dance of Radha Krishna

Kerala Music  to Unbinding life 

Yin Yang  Yoga

Jugal Bandi Dance of India

Flute – Waves of Oceanic Bliss

Chair  Yoga

East & West dance of all Times

Classical Music of Spirit – Clay Drums and Tablas

Yoga Teachers









Swami Atma

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Rewards of Attending the International Yoga Dance Music Fest 2018

Open your heart and feel your soul come alive.

Learn Yoga from revered yoga teachers.

Connect with yoga aficionados from across the globe.

Attune your body and heart to soulful music.

Let go of any persistent strain or trauma and heal at this glorious event.

Lead yourself towards mental peace and inner bliss.

Discover life in its purest form here.

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