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Mindful Practices for Increasing the Capacities of the Mind and Body

The world happens to be a very busy place today where a lot of activities go on at once. Though multitasking has become the norm of the day, the fray of sights and sounds surrounding us confuse us more than enriching us with information. To stay in tune with the fast-paced world while also grasping everything in clear terms, the level of awareness must be amplified as much as possible.

Meditation and mindful practices are the way to achieve a level of awareness in which the mind can be directed in multiple directions without compromising focus on individual subjects:

Watching the Breath

The breath is an important sign of life and vitality. It is ever present in you, purifying your inner recesses. Perceptually watch the breath flowing in and out of your being like a tide. Remind yourself that everything is in passing and you are the observer, unmoving and eternal like the Almighty creator.

Mindful Walking

If you recognize yourself to be more of an active nature, choose a non-passive mode of meditation like mindful walking. Engage with your inner self on a walk amidst nature before your day’s work schedule begins. Wake up at an early hour when godliness is said to be all around, and take a silent path to walk along a picturesque trail.

Listen to the peace in the whispering of trees, dry leaves crushing softly beneath your feet as you walk and birds chirruping. Tell yourself you belong here, in the nature, in this kingdom of God.

Observing Thoughts

Thoughts, like clouds drifting in the sky, come and go, and sometimes overwhelm. To gain power over these many drifting threads of words, images and memories you must become an observer. Refrain from indulging in these fleeting things and watch them instead. See how they form and how one leads to another.

When you concentrate this way, at some point, a pattern would be found. You will have more insight into the workings of your own mind.

Mindful Listening

Bring awareness to sounds. As an exercise, try turning on your mind to the plethora of sounds around you at any given point in time. Observe sound in mundane things in your everyday activities. Feel how there is music forming in beats of utensils being used in the kitchen or on the keyboard as you type.

The exercise of becoming aware to sounds, big and small, will increase your concentration level and boost your fine sensitivities.

Be diligent in your meditative practices and integrate them in your everyday living. Along this way, you will find your inner peace.

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