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The Best Yoga Teacher Training in India

Yoga Teacher Training

The fast-moving modern day life restrains many of us to relax and focus on our well-being. Yoga is the way out to rejuvenate, re-energize and restore your health through its daily and regular practice. Spiritualists and fitness fanatics swear by this ancient art of complete wellness and healing. To enhance the level of practice and acquire thorough knowledge of this ancient science, yoga teacher training is surely the way out.

Yoga Teacher Training in India

Yoga teacher training consists of a profound learning course of yoga and its various aspects and is apt for those who want to go a step ahead to be an evolved yoga practitioner or teacher. India is a country with a rich yogic legacy, divine aura and nature in abundance. In this very land, the first seeds of yoga were sown by the yogis from the Vedic era and here is where you get to immerse yourself in its spirituality and wellness. Travel to India where yoga is like a way of life and gift yourself the ideal yoga teacher training course or retreat. Visit yogic places including Rishikesh, Kerala, Dharamshala, Mysore and more for the best yoga teacher training in India. To make it easier for you, we have prepared a list of the check points to select the ideal yoga teacher training in India.

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  1. A Land with a Legacy
    The renowned yogic land, India, is the birthplace of yoga and has many destinations that boast of yogic legacy. So, choose from an array of options for the best yoga training in India. Travel to Rishikesh for spiritual enhancement, Kerala for Ayurveda practice, etc. and discover how this land of varied cultures and traditions has a deep rooted association with yoga at every level.
  2. Find a School with Yoga Alliance Certification
    Look for a prestigious yoga alliance affiliated school for assured quality yoga education. Travel anywhere in the world for yoga training or retreats but, always consider a school that is yoga alliance certified. The certification adds to the credentials of the center. A registered school prepares their teaching curriculum in accordance with Yoga Alliance while imparting the traditional and authentic learning of yoga to the students.
    An important thing to note is to have a look into the history of the school along with the experience, reputation and number of alumni. Always consider talking to the students, read reviews and testimonials for a better idea about the program and school. Also, make sure whether they’re offering the preferable yoga style or training type.
  3. Consider Qualified and Experienced Teacher
    The next step to follow is to know everything about the teaching faculty of the school you wish to enrol in. Teachers and Instructors play an essential role during your training and should be well-qualified, experienced, certified and reputed. Knowledgeable teachers are crucial for undergoing the best yoga certification in India.
  4. Look into the Curriculum
    A curriculum is regarded as one of the core things for a successful yoga training course. All certified schools follow a curriculum set as per the standards of the Yoga Alliance. This provides a perfect balance of theoretical and practical knowledge imparting traditional and contemporary style of teaching. Ensure the schedule also involves teaching practicum that helps you to be a full-fledged yoga teacher.
  5. Stay and Meal Facilities
    To make the yoga training more worthy, make sure the school offers comfortable accommodation and healthy meal facilities. A calm and quiet place to stay is vital for resting along with nutritious Ayurvedic meals for restoring health and energy.
  6. Excursions and Visits are Must
    A month or two long yoga program can be monotonous and gets boring if you have to practice yoga all day long. To make the course more enticing, the inclusion of excursions, visits to famous places and other activities are required. Make sure the program you select includes all and lets you have a life-changing experience.
  7. Measure the Class Size
    For availing an amazing experience of yoga training, choosing the best yoga courses in India is not enough. Along with that you need to consider the student-teacher ratio for better practice and learning sessions. Your class size should be a maximum of 12-18 people and this way you get personalized attention from the instructor and build a great student-teacher relationship.
  8. Favorable Training Result
    Yoga enthusiasts take up yoga training course with a motive of gaining desired results whether, they want to be a skilled teacher or an evolved practitioner or yoga erudite, or just want to enhance the practice with gaining a lifetime experience. Whatever the motive is, the best training course leads you towards accomplishing the goals imparting the favorable results with heightened knowledge.
  9. Don’t Break your Bank
    It is recommended to choose an affordable yoga teacher training course for an amazing transformative experience without being hard on your pocket. India is not that expensive and you can find budget yoga programs easily. You can choose an all-inclusive yoga training course or travel during off season or travel to less expensive places, etc. to incur fewer expenses.

Experience the transformation at the best yoga teacher training in India and with the consideration to the above pointers find the right one for a fascinating yogic expedition.

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