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Top 10 Health Benefits of Bhujangasana (Cobra pose)

A member of the Surya Namaskar family and a mild backbend, Bhujangasana (Cobra Pose) offers a wealth of benefits to the body, mind, and soul.

The Cobra Pose and its variations physically impact the frontal and posterior planes from the chin to the toes along with positive changes in the functioning of the internal organs while adding benefits to the emotional wellbeing.

Step-by-step instructions for doing the Cobra Pose with correct alignment:

1. Lie with your face facing a yoga mat, legs extended behind and arms by your side.
2. Rest the top of the feet on the mat and spread the legs a few inches apart.
3. Hug the elbows to the sides, place the wrists under the shoulders, and point the fingers towards the top of the yoga mat.
4. Press the feet and hands into the ground. Inhale and gently lift up the head and chest.
5. Keep the lower ribs on the floor.
6. Drop the shoulder blades away from the ear and look straight ahead.

Variation: Low Cobra Pose

1. Lie on your stomach on the ground.
2. Place the palms next to your chest with the fingertips aligned to the front of your shoulders.
3. Press the hands into the floor and begin to lift the chest into a backbend.
4. Gently straighten your arms, pull your heart forward, and press the thighs firmly into the floor.

Tips for the pose:

1. Do not curl the toes to avoid crunching of the spine
2. Strongly engage and firmly press the legs into the yoga mat for lifting the chest higher in the pose
3. There should be even distribution of the curve.
4. As you practice the cobra pose with right techniques, you learn how to work with your legs, pelvis, and stomach thus preparing for deeper backbends.

Take a glance at the 10 benefits of Cobra Pose

1. Anxiety Relief: As the chest is lifted in the pose, the cobra pose opens the heart for stress reduction and anxiety relief by aiding in the release of the negative feelings and frustrations. Also, the lungs expand resulting in more oxygenation within the body that nourishes the brain.

2. Eases Asthma: By opening the chest cavity and making space for the lungs to expand, the practitioners can reap the health benefits of Bhujangasana such as relief from asthma, dissipating allergy symptoms, and other respiratory problems.

3. Good Digestion: The Cobra Pose is done in a prone position that gives a gentle massage to the digestive tract and stretching of the frontal plane encourages optimal working abdominal organs and compressing of the lower back invigorates the kidneys, resulting in an enhanced gastrointestinal functioning.

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4. Strength and Flexibility: In the Bhujangasana, as you arch your back, the spine gets a good stretch helping in strengthening the spinal column. And, the pose tones the legs, shoulders, gluteal muscles providing you a robust body and perky bottom.

5. Reduces a Backache: The benefits of cobra pose are many, especially for the modern lives. One is a relief from a backache and pain in the neck. The stretching effect loosens and opens the shoulders, chest, and neck that alleviates tightness in the upper body.

6. Minimizes Injury: The runners and cyclists can prevent injury in the hip flexors with the practice of cobra pose. The Bhujangasana stretches the front area of the hips and increases blood circulation in that area ensuring suppleness that helps in minimizing the risk of getting injured.

7. Soothes Sciatic Pain: The impingement sciatic nerve causes a shooting pain down the leg. The solution is a safe spinal stretching and an increased flexibility of the tissues which can be achieved through the performance of Bhujangasana. Also, the Low Cobra Pose softens the spinal impingement and relieves discomfort.

8. Awakens the Kundalini: The Cobra Pose awakens the Kundalini– the divine cosmic energy that fosters self-realization, increase in creativity, charisma, internal peace, and spiritual enlightenment. Physically, the Kundalini awakening leads to greater body strength and relief from kidney stones, stomach and liver problems.

9. Chakra Balancing: As the Kundalini is ignited, the seven chakras of the body get balanced and coordinated bringing noticeable transformations in the body, psyche, and attitude of the individual.

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10. Optimal Wellbeing: In the cobra pose, magnify the physical, mental, and spiritual benefits. The pose effectively works on every aspect of the body and provides satisfactory results.

Listen to your body, pay attention to the depth, and follow the instructions for savoring more and more health benefits of Bhujangasana.

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