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November 28, 2018
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Top 7 Health Benefits Of Mandukasana (Frog Pose)


In this age and time, yoga is something that can retain the draining health of people. The hustled up sedentary lifestyle, stress, hectic schedule, and unhealthy eating habits, together take a toll on our health. Yoga today is the popular most healthcare regime that not only benefits the body but also restores the mental health and puts the soul at peace. Yoga indeed is the dire need of the hour, crediting to its natural and effective method of healing that science also agrees upon.

Yoga is a wider concept, yoga is not only about physical training, but it is a perfect amalgamation of body, mind, spirit, and emotion wellness. Popular today like never before, yoga’s three major aspects are asana, pranayama, and dhyana- where asana is the initial or foremost one to start the practice.

Like the various aspects, the styles of yoga also vary that includes sitting, standing, reclining, bending, and lying down poses. The perfect sequel builds amazing session and wonderful health, and for the beginners sitting poses are best to start with.

Amidst of all the amazingly sitting poses, Mandukasana or frog pose is one of the easiest yet extremely effective yoga asana to practice for good health and lifestyle. So here is the list of amazinghealth benefits of frog pose.

Mandukasana (Frog Pose)

Mandukasana is a Sanskrit word whereManduk means frog and at the final stage of this asana you attain a pose that makes you look like a frog. Great for the abdominal organs, and is highly recommended for someone who wants to reduce belly fat.

Health Benefits of Mandukasana

1. Prevent Diabetes

Practicing this asana daily and regularly helps to prevent chronic incurable disease like diabetes. Many studies have proven that the frog pose improves insulin production in the body. Researches also recommended the pose for those who are already suffering from the issue, as it helps controlling diabetes.

2. Improve Digestive System

While doing the asana the pressure build-up in the abdominal region that massages the internal organs hence improve digestive health. As per many studies, with the regular practice the asana aids digestive health and enhances the functioning of it which improves bowel moment, promotes digestive juices and enzymes (good for metabolism), releases trapped gasses, and prevents constipation and other digestion related issues.

3. Relieve Stress and Anxiety

Yoga indeed is the best way of reducing stress and anxiety, with daily practice of the frog pose one can improve blood circulation to the brain, and this helps to relieve anxiety and stress. The practice also enhances the oxygen supply and other vital nutrients to the body that proves beneficial for stress and anxiety reduction.

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4. Strengthen the Back, Hips, Knees, and Ankles

When we practice the pose it stretches the muscles of the back, hips, knees, and ankles, and the stretch improves blood flow to these areas, prevent injury risk, and make it strong and tone. Practicing Madukasana also reduces back pain.

5. Improve Heart Health and Circulation

In today’s time, cardiovascular health is one of the issues people are facing a lot. On a regular basis when we practice frog pose, it improves cardiovascular health, and prevents heart-related problems likeheart attack, heart stroke, high cholesterol, artery blockage, and more. Practicing the asana imposes pressure on the chest hence it helps to open the chest muscles, improves circulation, reduces strain from the blood vessel, and more.

6. Reduce Fat from Belly, Hips, and Abdomen

One of the amazing yoga poses to reduce fat from the abdomen and lower body region, especially from the belly. The pressure created on the belly region, massage organs that helps to lose and to control the fat. The asana also sheds pounds from the hip region, and also corrects the dislocated naval.

7. Enhance Kidney and Liver Functioning

Madukasana is also very beneficial for the health of your kidney and liver. When we perform the pose, we impose pressure on the abdomen region and produce stress hormone, which stimulates the organs and enhances their functioning.

Others- The asana is also amazing while treating menstrual cramps, good for chest and shoulders, makes you feel relaxed, calms the mind, therapeutic for asthmatics, awakens the Kundalini, and also improves sexual health by stimulating the sexual organs and enhances sexual performance.

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How to perform Mandukasana (Frog Pose)?

• Assume Vajrasana, and then lose the fits of both the hands by pressing the thumb inside with the help of fingers.
• Exhale and place the fist on your naval and gently press while bending the body forward.
• Inhale and hold the pose while looking forward, and ensure that your chest should touch the thighs.
• Stay in the pose for 30-60 seconds while breathing slowly, release, and repeat the same for 3-5 times.

The asana is a great way of dealing and preventing many of the common diseases we all are facing, so keep practicing yoga, and keep uplifting its benefits to the most throughout your life.

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