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July 7, 2016
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July 14, 2016

Whole And Happily Ever After

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It’s true what they say, the best dreams happen when you’re wide awake! Endless gratitude to Rishikul Yogshala for not only providing me with the skills and knowledge to share my love of yoga with the world, but for making all my dreams come true. Here I share my yoga journey, one of love and success.

Graduating from a 200-hour YTT program in Nepal was just the beginning. I arrived to Pokhara, Nepal extremely fearful and uncertain of my future. Over the course of four weeks, I developed a deeper understanding of myself and began to unveil the layers of protection I had spent years building up in and around my heart. I was introduced to a group of strangers who have since become the most important beings in my world; providing unconditional love and support exactly in the moments I need it. I graduated with a certificate to instruct yoga, but what I was truly gifted was a better way of living.

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With a newfound courage and self-confidence, I set off from Nepal on a solo adventure to travel Southeast Asia. Like magic, doors continued to open for me as I kept the positive momentum of my yoga practice going. I began to trust so much in the notion that if I followed my heart, my deepest truth, I would always be looked after by a greater force.

My trusted path led me to Hariharalaya Yoga and Meditation Retreat Center in Cambodia where I was given the life-changing opportunity to share my teachings with hundreds of guests from around the world. For six months I taught and practiced alongside a team of the most inspiring people on the planet; further expanding my irreplaceable yoga family and intensifying my belief in the power of yoga to transform the mind, body and spirit first learnt with Rishikul Yogshala.

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Now, over a year later, and having recently completed a 300-hour yoga ttc course with the Rishikul Yogshala in Rishikesh, now meaning that I have a 500 hour yoga teacher training certification and the confidence to dedicate my passion and time to teaching others.  I am continuing on my beautiful yoga journey with a head full of wisdom and a heart full of love. The connections within my Rishukul community know no boundaries, and I feel blessed to have endless support from my yoga soulmates in my upcoming aspirations.

Theses aspirations and connections have led me to curate my own yoga retreat with a like minded soul in Thailand, where I will spread my passion and love for this art form as learnt from my gurus at Rishikul.

Join me for a 7 day all-inclusive yoga and meditation retreat at Faasai Resort and Spa in beautiful Chanthaburi, Thailand. Practice Yoga on the beach, connect with serene nature, surround yourself with an inspiring community of people, eat delicious vegetarian cuisine, laugh often and much, and (most importantly) fall in love with all the special parts about yourself to leave feeling happy and whole again.
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Faasai Resort and Spa


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About Natasha:

Natasha ThompsonNatasha was born and raised in Canada where she worked for more than ten years in the dental field. She set off in July 2015 from her hometown of Kelowna, British Columbia on an adventure to see and explore as much of the world as possible.

For as long as she can remember, Natasha has been involved in ballet and jazz dancing. Teaching syllabus and an active performer in annual recitals. It was through dance that Natasha discovered her love for yoga. In September 2015 she completed a 200-hour Ashtanga yoga teacher training program in Pokhara, Nepal. Immediately following her training, Natasha embarked on a one month trek through the Himalayan mountain range; spending invaluable time with herself in nature, and initiating a spiritual journey. Since this time, Natasha has completed another 300-hours of advanced training in the birthplace of yoga itself; Rishikesh, India both with Rishikul Yogshala.

Natasha believes that yoga is a practice both on and off the mat. She aims to cultivate an awareness of mindfulness, presence and gratitude through her yoga teachings and online blog posts.

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