Yoga And Ashram Facility

Nirvana Hall

Paved completely with high-quality wood signifying the earthy nurturing ambiance for practicing enhanced level of yoga and meditation, our Nirvana Hall is as inspiring from outside as it is from within. The glass windows that lace the entire hall offer a peaceful and mesmeric view of the Himalayan landscapes surrounding our ashram. The hall is wide and spacious to accommodate a class size of eighty students. However, since we believe in a limited number of students per batch so they can explore the intricacies of the science more than comfortably, this bountiful hall is not utilized for more than 30 students in a session. The hall is not a classroom; it is a resting place for the wanderers and a place of immense wisdom and learning for the practicing yogis.  

Gayatri Hall

The Gayatri Hall at our ashram is designated primarily for restorative yoga, adjustment and alignment sessions. Decked in earthy wooden floors, the classroom exudes sheer humbleness and discipline, the two core-values a true yogi signifies. Instigate the yogi in your heart, body, and spirit. Let go of the mental and physical ailments that have been ruling you conscious for too long at our facility. Meditate and rejuvenate or indulge in peaceful self-practice sessions here while observing the beautiful lush-green scenery of the Himalayas through the glazing glass windows. Enliven and create wonderful yogic moments in this beautiful hall.  

Moksha Hall

As its name suggests, this is the place of ‘Salvation’. Our Moksha Hall is designed to take you through innate meditation and restorative practices towards complete pacification of the mind, body, and spirit. The classroom radiates the heart-warming essence of the yoga with its quaint, laid-back interiors, clean carpeted floors and a small podium for the teacher and the guru to guide you towards mental and physical deliverance. The hall is also the epicenter of theoretical teachings and invigorating Satsang sessions. Ignite your heart and soul in the quiet embrace of our Moksha Hall.

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