Yoga Classes In India

  • Let time be your guide towards healing and rejuvenation. On your travel to India, welcome the holistic science of yoga into your life and take back a restored and enhanced mental, physical and spiritual self with Rishikul Yogshala’s Daily Yoga Classes in India.

Daily Yoga Classes At Rishikul Yogshala

Do not let time become a constraint in your expedition towards yoga. Instead, let it be your inspiration to make the best of it. Let it be the factor for bringing health and wellness into your life. Our intent behind these daily yoga classes is plain and simple—to help even the busiest souls lead a healthy and ailment-free life. With the selfless aim to reach out the healing benefits of yoga, let the science touch the lives of all those individuals who have been either too busy or could not find the opportunity to enroll for yoga teacher training program, we conduct these yoga classes.

These classes are designed for people, yogis, and individualists who are unable to make a long-term commitment towards its learning but are deeply inspired to acquire the benefits of the science. Our yoga classes are held throughout the year and are best suited for different segments of individuals, irrespective of age or body type.

Learn and practice yoga under the guidance of our Yoga Alliance certified teachers who, with their wisdom and expertise take you through a quality-oriented curriculum, akin to the full-time yoga teacher training certification programs. Apart from imparting teachings on traditional styles of Hatha and Ashtanga Yoga, we also offer daily exclusive classes on classical yogic subjects such as Yoga Philosophy, Mantra Chanting, Meditation, Yoga Nidra, Pranayama and Ayurveda. With these classes, you shall be able to independently manage various mental and physical ailments along with maintaining a robust lifestyle.


Whether you are a traveler visiting India or a seeker of wisdom, health, and mental peace, our daily yoga classes shall bring you to various stages of it. India is the mother land of the most ancient healing sciences-- Yoga and Ayurveda. Stepping foot on the country’s land gives you the divine opportunity and the privilege to glance into these ancient sciences and to get introduced to the nuances of these great art forms under the shadow of authentic and highly acclaimed yoga teachers and gurus.

The science of yoga lies in the very soul and soil of India and it would be a truly wasted opportunity if you missed catching its glimpse due to time or monetary constraints. Our yoga classes are the perfect routes to get introduced to the theoretical and practical aspects of the science for acquiring holistic advantages. On your travel to India, these yoga classes are the perfect rewards waiting to be reaped and discovered.


Ashtanga Yoga in India

One of the most traditional sciences of yoga has also been widely recognized as the most popular styles of yoga. Ashtanga Yoga has given birth to a number of sub-styles that are being co-created and followed in various ways across the globe. The style is performed in a series of asanas contemplated with each breath inhaled and exhaled. Ashtanga Yoga has been thoroughly and traditionally discussed as the 8-Limbed Yoga Style in the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali. Ashtanga Yoga is practiced in a continuous rhythm and a fluid motion like a gently flowing river stream. These Ashtanga Yoga asanas collectively work towards assimilating strength, harmony, balance of the mind, body, and spirit. During the Ashtanga Yoga classes, you shall learn to exercise the gaze (focus), bandhas (locks), prana (breath) and movement of a body and mind in a single continuous motion.

Our teachers shall also take you through a dedicated practice of adjustment and alignment techniques with the help of various yoga props for pose perfection and for acquiring optimum benefits from each asana. The alignment techniques taught during these classes also serve the purpose of enlightening the yogis on how to conduct a safe and injury-free practice.

  • Timings: 8:00 am to 9:30 am
  • Price: USD 5 per class
Hatha Yoga in India

Hatha Yoga is recognized as the most ancient traditional style of yoga. The form symbolizes the union of two halves on which human existence is based – the sun (ha) and the moon (tha), the power and the creation. This is the yoga of balance, focus, and unity. The style takes you towards spiritual bonding with the body and mind. It teaches how to work the force of body in order to bring out great transformation. Practice of Hatha Yoga takes you beyond asana practice. It helps you acknowledge the science as an eternal combination of Asanas (postures), Pranayama(breath work), and Samyama(mindfulness techniques).

The class concentrates on the following practices that form the core of Hatha Yoga:

The teachers conduct these classes in both verbal and practical form with the purpose of reinstating the spiritual and physical balance back into the entity’s life. These classes help a yogi transcend into a deeply grounded and aware human being and leads them towards a healthier version of their existing mental, physical and spiritual form.

  • Asana (postures)
  • Pranayama ( expansion of prana )
  • Mudras and Bandhas ( gesture and locks )
  • Shat Kriya ( six cleansing processes )
  • Nadausandhana ( Meditation on sound)
  • Timings: 4:30 pm to 6:30 pm
  • Price: USD 5 per class
Yoga Philosophy

Yoga is symbolic of a completely distinct and revered way of life. The science traces its roots back 5000 years when it first originated, studied, explored and practiced. The pragmatic way of life, as it is called, discusses the discipline and the deportment that a true yogi is expected to conduct. Yoga Philosophy reflects on the theoretical aspects of yoga, it discusses the yogic way of life comprising of the various niyamas and yamas which are to be diligently followed by a yogi exhibiting true love and compassion. The subject is thoroughly discussed in the famous compilation of the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali and Yoga Upanishads. During the yoga classes on Yoga Philosophy, our teachers shall throw light on the various rules, regulations, discipline and system that govern the life of a yogi to lead them towards mental, physical, and spiritual awakening. This marks the birth of a true yogi!

  • Timings: 11 am to 12:30 pm
  • Price: USD 5 per class

The ancient science that acknowledges the eternal union of the mind and spirit with the corporeal form is widely recognized as one of the finest scientific art forms for natural restoration of the internal balance. The science has deep implications in yoga to the extent that the latter is incomplete without the former. Even though, the art had evolved 5000 years back, it is still in the process of exploration and evolution. The science of meditation proposes holistic benefits to an entity’s mind and spirit that can only be felt. During the meditation classes, reestablish the lost ties and greet a whole new, replenished version of you.

  • Timings: 6:30 pm to 7:30 pm
  • Price: USD 5 per class
Other Classes

Apart from the above mentioned classes, you may enroll with us for target oriented classes on Yogic Cooking, Indian Cooking, Shatkriyas or Purification Techniques, Chair Yoga, Laughter Yoga, and many more. Check our website and social media portals for latest news and updates about our upcoming classes. We also offer customized options for those looking to enroll in a group of minimum five members.

For more information, kindly call or drop by at the front desk.
  • Timings: Arranged on special request
  • Price: USD 5 per class


Yoga Classes in Rishikesh

A soulful experience waiting to be discovered at the source of holy Ganges! Come and experience tranquility, solace, purity in the land of yoga, Rishikesh. Practice yoga by the river side. Meditate on a mountain top or in one of the most ancient caves where sages dwelled for centuries. Spend some quiet time full of love, healing and yoga in the sacred town of Rishikesh, India. Rishikesh welcomes yogis, yoginis, travelers, enthusiasts from all corners of the globe with open arms. It is your chance to be touched by the healing ambiance this beautiful town is a symbolic of. Nestled in the lap of Himalayas, the town of Rishikesh is recognized as one of the most ideal destinations for indulging in authentic yoga practices. Owing to the holy yogic spirit of this town, Rishikul Yogshala has set up its headquarters here.

Yoga Classes in Kerala

Kerala is globally renowned for its breathtaking nature’s reserves, exotic flora and fauna, and most importantly, as the motherland of the great healing science of Ayurveda. Those who admire the presence of the cleanest emerald green beaches, lustrous river streams leading to tranquilizing backwaters, gorgeous landscapes, natural medicinal gardens, can hail to the land of Kerala and experience the magic healing treasures of nature in its most revered form. Owing to its pristine beauty and healing powers, Kerala is another chosen destination in India where we offer daily yoga classes at our venue at the Varkala Beach in Kerala, India.

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  • Catch a glimpse of the traditional styles of yoga under the guidance of recognized yoga mentors.
  • Lead towards mental, physical, and spiritual wellness without compromising on your daily routine.
  • Acquire the ability to manage various mental and physical issues such as joint pain, depression, irregular blood pressure, diabetes, etc.
  • Adapt your body and mind to a healthy lifestyle that yoga is symbolic of.
  • Meet like-minded people during these classes and form inspiring liaisons.
  • Take back home a recuperated mind, body, and soul.

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