Yoga Dance

Yoga Dance

Dance is the language of the soul and when combined with ancient wisdom of yoga, the whole process becomes enlightening, reviving and meditative. Yoga dance blends the intuitive flow of dance with correct asana (postures), bandhas (locks), mudras (hand gestures) and pranayama (breath work) to transform the practitioner into a beautiful soul with surrender at heart. The practice of yoga dance has led to creative embodiment of yoga and a means to explore one’s deeper reserves. Unlocking the artistic talents, the rhythmic movement of the body results in multiple benefits including the release of chained emotions, stress & anxiety.

Many have reported to partake in this form of arty yoga and have reaped enumerable benefits. Rishikul Yogshala is pleased to host an out of the box art form in its yoga teacher training course where the students learn how to dance their way through yoga apart from learning the rigorous forms of yoga like Ashtanga yoga and Hatha Yoga.

Yogi Sushil takes up the workshops on Yoga Dance and offers his expertise in the art form in the most effective & informative manner possible. He has been a patron of yoga since childhood and has studied yogic science as well Ayurveda for many years with varied top notch institutes, including a degree in Yogic Science from Haridwar, graduation degree in Ayurvedic Pharmacy and a masters in Panchkarma. He believes that the human body is a temple and in a temple there is no space for constrictions, blockages or illness. With the help of dancing yoga, all such problems can be eliminated and a new balance can be created in the life of the practitioner.

Following a complete structure an ideal yoga dance class lasts upto 60 to 90 minutes where around 3 to 5 mantric songs are played. The led class allows the students to not just focus on one modality, but mix the two to create harmony and joy while he/she is in the class. The body postures allow the practitioner to enjoy the benefits of the asanas whereasuse of pranayama or specific breathing techniques invokes a cohesive connection between the body, mind and soul. Many a times the class enfolds spontaneously allowing the practitioner to experience a state of liberation and empowerment. The energetic dance movements involvemudras, which activate the five elements: earth, fire, water, air and space. Based on the principles of balancing the five elements of the body to bring balance in one’s life this practice preaches multiple ways to bring harmony in no time.

Using the dance and yoga as a form of entertainment as well as transformation, different classes have different themes, which makes it possible for the dancer aka practitioner to surrender all of his/her fears to the Mother Earth and acknowledge the presence of divine energy in every fractal he/she witnesses. This practice is not limited to the studio, once learnt the students can take it with them wherever they go. Also, after successful completion of yoga teacher training course, they can easily teach the yoga dance to their students. This is the added advantage Rishikul Yogshala offers to the students because the school believes that this will deepen their practice of yoga.

Yoga Dance has many benefits, which include the following:

  • It brings a sense of balance in the practitioner’s body as the rhythmic movements are vigorous and with so much force it becomes necessary that the practitioner exercise caution while they enjoy moving in yogic postures.
  • Our body stores unreleased emotions in different parts, which makes them tighter and sometime even immobile. With the help of yoga dance a great range of flexibility can be achieved in one’s body and all the trapped emotions can be released, which will make the practitioner a calmer and a happier person.
  • It also instills self-confidence and clarity of mind as the movements clear all the blocked energy in the practitioner’s space.
  • A process of detoxification, yoga dance balances the chakras and removes all the blockages or negativity stuck in the energy wheels. Practitioner’s enjoy healthier auras and radiate joy along being more at ease within their own body.
  • It is also a part of meditation where the students are moving into the meditative state. Instead being a static or a still form of meditation, yoga dance opens innovative doors to the world of dhayana where the practitioners experience increased intuitive levels, connection to the self and increased ability to concentrate.
  • The rigorous movements are great for physical wellness as it increases the lung capacity, enhances strength in the body, adds to hip flexibility and release stress & tension.

With all these benefits, it becomes mandatory for every yoga lover to experience the richness of yoga dance.
Come and experience the ancient wisdom of yoga in the most innovative way possible free of cost,s as you become a certified yoga teacher with a yoga teacher-training course.

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