Yoga Teacher Training Level 2 Course

Moving further on the karmic path as a premier education school of yoga, Rishikul Yogshala is soon going to take another leap in its journey.

The Yogshala is going to offer higher level of certification to all those yogis in India who have successfully completed their YTT Level 1.

With this program, the yoga teaching aspirants shall be able to establish themselves as well-developed yoga teachers and practitioners.

The course curriculum is set according to the standard guidelines, as established by the govt. of India (under ministry of AYUSH).

Yoga Teacher Training Teacher Level – Ii Curriculum


philosophy & teachings of Vedas, Principal Upanishads, Shad Darshana, Agama & Purana

4 schools of Yoga: Jnana, Bhakti, Karma & Raja Yoga.

Fundamental principles of Yoga Panchakosha, Panchabhutas, Panchapranas, Shad-Chakras

Concepts & models relevant to Yoga practice

Gurus / Masters, their contribution and traditionof Guru-shishya) - (Patanjali, Shankaracharya, Aurobindo,Swami Vivekananda)

Yoga Sutras of Patanjali - anushasana, vritti, cittaprasadana kleshas, ashtangas


Bhagvad Gita

Major physiological systems in human body

Effects, benefits and contra-indications of Yoga practice on various parts of the body

Obstacles on the path of Yoga; Triguna theory; Ayurvedic approach to diet

Teaching methodology


Sukshma Vyayama

Suryanamaskar (Sun Salutation) & Yogasana

Shat Kriya



Yoga Teacher Training ELIGIBILITY


18 years and above

Passed tenth standard (or equivalent)

Physically fit

Mentally stable to undergo training rigor


Introduction to yoga and yogic practices

Introduction to Hatha Yoga

Introduction Patanjali Yoga Sutras

Human Anatomy and Physiology


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