200 Hour YTTC Scholarship Program in Kerala

  • Since its foundation, Rishikul Yogshala has been an active supporter and a reformist in promoting yoga education to various parts of the globe. Taking an initiative further to support this divine cause, the Yogshala has designed 200 Hour YTTC scholarship program for its Kerala location. The scholarship is meant for those aspiring yogis who share the same mission and vision towards yogic science– to spread knowledge of this divine art and complete its attainment in the most authentic form.

Why is 200 Hour YTTC Scholarship in Kerala Offered?

Kerala, the birth land and the goddess of Ayurveda science has been eminent as one of the most revered destinations for undergoing a Yoga and Ayurveda program.

The place represents signature elements of astounding natural beauty with its breath taking lush green ambience, prolific rainforests that are streamlined with glistening back waters, decked with beautiful boat houses and a pampered wild life.

Not to mention this emerald gem is also the mother land of venerated Yoga and Ayurveda gurus. Receiving a chance to learn this deep rooted art from in the lap of magnificent Kerala is nothing less than mentally, physically and spiritually rewarding. Missing an opportunity to live this program due to lack of financial resources is not advisable.

With the vision of extending strenuous support to all those aspiring yogis who are passionate about yoga, but cannot afford to pursue it due to monetary barriers -- the school has taken a step ahead with this scholarship program.

Scholarship granted applicants shall learn: Ashtanga yoga, Hatha yoga, meditation techniques, transforming breath work and theoretical knowledge related to yoga

Who is Eligible?

The 200 Hour Yoga TTC Scholarship in Kerala applications is open for all, irrespective of their background, education, occupation or experience in yoga. An entity that is a passionate yogi and has the required dedication to attain this majestic art and possesses the zeal to further share this knowledge with others, is eligible to apply for this program.

  • Have been practicing yoga for a minimum of two years
  • Commit to 90% attendance
  • Are able to involve in karma yoga projects
  • Send us an application stating their experiences with us in written and pictorial form (if available)
  • Are in need of financial assistance and showcase so in their application along with enough evidence supporting the same (we request you to be genuine and honest when writing about this).

If you are interested to apply for the 200 Hour YTTC Scholarship program in Kerala, then please write to us: info@rishikulyogshala.org

The mail should clearly explain, “why do you consider yourself suitable for a scholarship with Rishikul Yogshala?’ For more weight age in your application, please share images, documentaries, videos of your experiences as an aspiring yogi so far.

Your application shall be reviewed by a panel of honored yoga gurus and highly-qualified yoga teachers. Kindly understand that due to high traffic of applications we receive, it takes up to 7 working days in communicating our decision to you.

If you are unable to receive the scholarship grant, then do not let this restrain you. You may apply again for the next upcoming batch.

What is Included?

  • Students selected for 200 Hour YTTC Scholarship program shall undergo the same curriculum as a regular student of a 200 Hour YTTC program. We do not differentiate between a regular and a scholarship student.
  • USD 850 for 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Scholarship Program
  • Tuition fee shall be completely covered by the school. However, the scholarship students are required to pay a titular amount to cover their food and accommodation costs. The total fee paid by a scholarship student amounts to:
  • Food provided is holistic and 100% Ayurveda, pertaining to the well-being of our aspiring yogis. Additionally, the students are offered spacious and hygienic rooms with all modern amenities, for a comfortable stay at the school during the tenure of the yoga program.

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Terms & Conditions

  • completion of the course you will receive a Yoga Teacher Training certification from the Yoga Alliance.
  • The cost for food, accommodation and excursions remains as mentioned for the entirety of the course. No further discounts can be made.
  • All bookings should be made in advance and secured with a deposit of $200 (non-refundable and deductible from the final amount).
  • Classes, study material and Yoga Certification are supplied free of charge.
  • Accommodation will be a spacious on-site room shared with one other person (of the same gender). As part of the course, you are required to take this accommodation.
  • Participants will be tasked with Karma Yoga duties during their stay (helping with the upkeep of the school and local community projects).
  • A visa for India is required to enter the country.
  • Flights, transportation charges and bookings are the responsibility of the student.
  • Our standard Terms & Conditions also apply.

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student testimonial

Peter Murray

The no-brainer choice for western yoga students looking to study close to the 'root' while getting YTT certified. The course / teachers: During my 500 hour training (200hr + 300hr back to back) in Rishikesh the team at Rishikul quickly became family, helping me reach new levels in my personal practice physically, mentally and spiritually. These aren't just teachers but are awesome human beings who don't just talk the talk, but also walk the walk. Truly, new lifelong friends. While intense, the knowledge, support and abilities of all the teachers is truly exceptional and students genuinely open to ways of thinking/being will be glad they choose to spend this time at Rishikul.

Daria Shiels

I have just completed the 200hours yoga teacher training with these guys and absolutely loved every minute of it. The course was thought by people who were not only excellent teachers but also amazing human beings who share they knowledge and space with joy. The atmosphere created during these experience allows you to learn without feeling under pressure. There is an abounded amount off information given, so keep your eyes and ears opened smile emoticon. I highly recommend this school, I loved it