Yoga Teacher Training in South Africa


OVERVIEW:         200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Course Certified by the Yoga Alliance

DATE:                   07th September - 27th October, 2017

LOCATION:          Cape Town, South Africa

Price:                    750 USD
                                   *Without accommodation, food and excursion

REGISTRATION:   Secure your spot with a 200 USD deposit via our payment page.


Rejoice in the art of yoga at the port city of Cape town, as you experience the bountiful of nature and soak in the enigmatic view of the soaring mountain tables. We are proud to add international destination like South Africa, in our list of countries at which our yoga teacher training services are offered. This metropolis will be a perfect stage for exploring both inner peace and outer extremes.
The Atlantic Green Point Bowling Club is the place where our classes will be held. Adding to the esteem enigma of our yoga teacher training course in South Africa is the fact that the program offered is a Scholarship Program. It means that genuine teaching from traditional teachers of India will now be available at much discounted prices to allow more and more people to witness the benefits of yoga. Now, ward off all the negativity by allowing yourself to indulge in the richness of yoga teacher training with the financial aid from the Yoga Alliance approved school of Rishikul Yogshala.


A 21 day program designed to impart the yogic wisdom on varied aspects of yoga, our 200 hour yoga teacher training program is the best option for those looking to become yoga teachers.
A comprehensive program will offer information at the hands of genuine and traditional yoga teachers from the motherland of yoga, India itself. Offering Yoga Alliance certification to the students, it is a well-structured program dedicated to creating proper awareness required for spiritual growth.


Integrating all aspects of yoga, the program covers Ashtanga Yoga Primacy series and Hatha Yoga series along with theoretical guidance on Yoga philosophy and Human anatomy. Meditation and Pranayama becomes an integral part of the program and offer an insight into merging the self with the universal consciousness.
The knowledge and wisdom offered by the program will help the students progress quickly both physically and mentally preparing them for the higher challenges faced in their yogic journey. Teaching skills are focused upon with emphasis on adjustment and alignment classes as the students learn the asanas in the practical classes. We focus on cohesive growth at all levels to achieve equilibrium in the learning process.


  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Open green spaces for inner exploration
  • Peaceful atmosphere for meditation
  • Short excursion trips in and around the city
  • Pick and drop facilities form nearby airport


As the program is a scholarship one, we offer yoga school facilities but request our students to arrange for their own accommodation. The school is centrally located and is surrounded by many hotels and motels for people to rent in rooms with prices ranging from high to low. In case our students find it difficult to arrange for their accommodation, we have our representatives who can help them find location most suitable for their preferences. One of the hotels we recommend is Circa On the Sqaure Hotel in the vicinity. The Food facilities will also have to be taken care of by the students themselves. In case of any help, our students can contact us any time.


  • Airways: There are many international direct flights to the town of Cape Town while the domestic flights also can be booked on the Internet before hand.
  • Roadways: Many car hire companies are located within the airport for hire. Those who wish to hire cars for going around the city can do the same. Bus services & taxi are also available within the town every hour and can be easily taken to go from one place to another.
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