We, at Rishikul Yogshala, believe that celebrations and festivities is as much a part of life as receiving a good quality education. And, so we take specific initiatives in ensuring that all our students gain holistic experience of yoga and spirituality during their stay. We believe in cultivating beautiful memories which they can take back home to their country and cherish in their heart and soul forever.

And, hence, we celebrate each festival with vigor and love with all our students. India is eminent for its regal heritage that is further embellished with various festivities and traditional celebrations. Every year, tourists from various fragments of the globe travel to the lap of India with the divine intention to witness and join the mesmeric celebration of some of the much renowned festivitals. A student experience of yoga TTC is not limited to its study and practice; it is a blend of learning and participation in various excursions and festivities for an absolute fulfillment.

During their student life at Rishikul Yogshala, our students get the opportunity to be witness to some of the most glorious festivities depending upon the time during which they undertake the program. Take a glimpse into some of the most magnanimous festivals our students celebrate each year with eternal bliss and glory.

Holi – The Festival Of Colors

Also known as the ‘festival of love’, Holi symbolizes the victory of good over evil, love over hatred and happiness over sorrow. Originated in the state of Uttar Pradesh, India, the Holi festival has gained tremendous popularity in various parts of the globe owing to its colorful charm and a playful appeal. Each year, on its auspicious occasion, people gather with friends, family, acquaintance to greet each other with colors and, further shower their affection with delicious native savories. This is the day when past is let go of and present is welcomed with a new vigor. It marks a fresh new start for several souls. In certain provinces, the festival is celebrated with flowers festooned with blossoming buds dipped in beautiful colors.

The festival of Holi falls during spring season in the month of March. Dates vary according to Hindu calendar. If you wish to become a part of the fascinating festival of colors and love then joining YTTC program in March is highly advisable.

Torching The Evil On Dusshera

An ancient occasion that illustrates the mythology of Lord Rama and his battles with the evil Ravana, the occasion of Dusshera expresses the death of evil and, the conquest of the divine. A towering ten headed devil is burnt into flames on the night of Dusshera. Fairs and theatrics are organized that display and sell traditional memoirs depicting the mythological history of this grand carnival. Dusshera tentatively falls during the autumn months, usually between September and October. If you wish to witness the flaming celebration of this fascinating festival then enrolling for the yoga program in the months of September/October is recommended.

Diwali – Sparkle And Shine Under The Glimmer Of Diyas

Luminous ambiance on the darkest night symbolizing the triumph of light over darkness, the festival of Diwali is celebrated in the glimmer of diyas, flickering oil lamps and bundle of firecrackers that rejoice the festive spirit of the occasion it carries. People clad in beautiful traditional clothes pay homage to Hindu deities and celebrate the commencement of winters with this day. This day expresses the joy of Lord Rama’s return to his homeland by igniting the entire environment with diyas and incense sticks. They develop colorful floor art (Rangoli) to express their gratitude towards the almighty and towards the visiting guests for lending honor to serve them as their host. This festival displays the familial spirit of the people who welcome their guests with open arms. Even though the festivities of Diwali usually comprise of 5 days, its preparations begin months before. Shopping for brand new clothes, cleaning the house from inside out, getting married during the most sacred time of the year, the plans continue to blossom until the weeks after the occasion.

The festival of Deepawali usually arrives during the month of October and November. Those who wish to witness the grand celebration of Holi can plan for their Yoga Training in October or November.

Rejoice On The Birth Of Lord Krishna

Eminently known as ‘Janmashtami’, this day celebrates the auspicious birth of Lord Krishna. The festival of Janmashtami is celebrated all over the globe by millions of devotees of Lord Krishna. Temples are decorated in flowers, diyas, and lamps and a zealously festive spirit. The devotees gathered in long queues chant mantras and bhajans while awaiting the birth of Krishna in the avatar of a baby boy (Bal Gopal). The drapes are kept shut until midnight when the Lord is born. Upon taking birth, the sculpture of baby Krishna is bathed in milk, water, mint leaves, sugar and butter. There are various theatric performances where men get dressed as Lord Krishna and display dramatic moments from the famous Raas Leela, the act of devotion towards the Gopis (Lord Krishna’s admirers and lovers). Students at Rishikul participate in the celebration of Janmashtami with similar enthusiasm, vigor and joy.

A Yogic Christmas And New Year

Students at Rishikul celebrate the grand occasion of Christmas and New Year in true yogic style with sparkling tea lights, appetizing vedic food, yoga by the beach, fire place and music on the banks. They welcome the festival with a healthier body dipped in native essence, and a rejuvenated spirit. The country does not witness extreme cold which gives the students the liberty to rejoice in the festivities without worrying about the frost bites.

Local Festivities

India and its neighboring countries possess multi cultural facets symbolic of various regions, indicted with versatile religions, and unique festivals pertaining to the designated region. Those who travel to Kerala get to witness the famous Onam festival, a festival symbolic of New Year in Southern region is celebrated with joy for a period of 10 days. Those visiting the eastern region can become witness to the great Durga Puja while those sailing to Maharashtra get to explore the divine opportunity to celebrate festivities like Ganesh Chaturthi. No matter where you go, you find something exclusive to celebrate that is truly unique of the festive history of the place.

Participate In Soulful Satsang

Satsang is the spiritual transaction that happens between two or within a group of individuals as they gather and engage in spiritual discussions with the purpose of mental and spiritual liberation. This is conducted usually in the presence of someone, a supreme who acts as the guiding light as well as the key speaker during these spiritual exchanges. Citings from the great Bhagavad Geeta are usually taken as examples and references to lead towards the hidden meaning and life’s teachings. Our students participate in Satsang for a soulful experience. These Satsangs help them trace the right pathway towards inner peace and mental salvation.

Each festival has its own significance, history, traditional implications and splendor that is truly unique. The celebrations and festivities leave momentous traces on the heart and soul of the participating yogis as they reminisce some of the most blissful moments of their Yoga TTC in India.

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Daria shiels

I have just completed the 200hours yoga teacher training with these guys and absolutely loved every minute of it. The course was taught by people who were not only excellent teachers but also amazing human beings who share their knowledge and space with joy.

Gwynneth Oceana Dreaming

A fantastic course with wonderful teachers and a mix of students from all over the globe (in the 200hr YTT course I did). In this course you receive teachings in many areas of Yoga - Asanas, Pranayama, Philosophy, Meditation, adjustment and alignment of postures, teacher methodology, Mudras, a little Mantra and even chair Yoga! (for people less mobile).

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