Student Testimonials

Anna PB

Choosing a yoga school in Rishikesh is a difficult task as there is an incredible offer. Rishikul Yogshala was recommended to me by a yoga teacher with whom I was going to drop in classes in Rishikesh and it was a great recommendation! Their curriculum is well developed, I loved all subjects, the place is quiet, clean and cosy, the food is delicious… But I especially liked Rishikul Yogshala because of their teachers. All of them were very knowledgeable and dedicated to their job and shared and transmitted to the students their love and passion for yoga. I can’t wait to get back and do the 300h TTC with them!

Daria Shiels

I have just completed the 200hours yoga teacher training with these guys and absolutely loved every minute of it. The course was thought by people who were not only excellent teachers but also amazing human beings who share they knowledge and space with joy. The atmosphere created during these experience allows you to learn without feeling under pressure. There is an abounded amount off information given, so keep your eyes and ears opened smile emoticon. I highly recommend this school, I loved it

Gwynneth Oceana Dreaming

A fantastic course with wonderful teachers and a mix of students from all over the globe (in the 200hr YTT course I did). In this course you receive teachings in many areas of Yoga - Asanas, Pranayama, Philosophy, Meditation, adjustment and alignment of postures, teacher methodology, Mudras, a little Mantra and even chair Yoga! (for people less mobile). I loved everything about this course and I am still feeling the ripple effect of the philosophical teachings in my life.

I highly recommend this course to anyone wanting to learn Yoga teaching in India. India is the birth place of Yoga and the teachers at this school are world class. This school is managing to bridge the gap between the traditional Yogic mind and manner and the Western world, in a way which honours tradition, gives deep insight and amazing practical teachings whislt maintaining the wonderful Indian charm, but also allows a western student to go home with all the tools as a teacher for a western market and much much more! I could not have asked for a better Yoga teacher course as this nurtures and inspires body, mind and soul. One day I hope to return to do their 300YTT smile emoticon. Thank you to a wonderful team and students, who are now part of my Yogic family.

Luis Aguilar

Has been a great experience, I special like the balance in the professors of the school. The curriculum is well planned. I like the yoga asana and alignment classes. I enjoyed hatha and vinyasa class and also feeling happy to learn well related to anatomy and philosophy, culture of yoga in India. Besides great experience with the teachers and classes, the staff was helpful. Due to small group, I get good time to ask personal questions. The accommodation is nice with privacy. The food is delicious. Thank you so much, everyone.

Tessa Carole

I was a beginner in Yoga and was looking for a program that can enhance my personal yoga skills. I appreciate the Rishikul Teachers for enlightening me with the exceptional knowledge of ashtanga yoga, hatha yoga, yoga philosophy, pranayama, anatomy and mantras. The course schedule was well planned. The accommodations facilities and food was very nice. The management and the kitchen staff were so helpful and sweet. If you are looking for real studies of yoga and a wonderful Indian hospitality, go for Rishikul Yogshala.

Lucínia Oliveira

Arriving a week later than the course, i was worried to miss out on a lot of information and teachings. But all my worries flew away as all the teachers were so helpful that they helped me to cope with the missed out information. Furthermore, the group of students were very welcoming and entertaining at the same time. The view from my private room and the food prepared by the chefs was mouth-watering. Not spicy at all. We were brought to many small trips around the city with a guide. The classes flow into each other without any difficulty and everything has been paced out after close consideration. I am really lucky to be a part of this amazing course.

Elsa Demers

My journey at Rishikul Yogshala was wonderful. The group of instructors is amazing and under their guidance, I got a complete knowledge of yoga, philosophy, meditation and teaching skills. They pay attention to each student and are always ready to answer all your question, even to your personal problems. The place with mountains looks awesome. The accommodation and food was good and the entire staff was very helpful.


I highly recommend Rishikul Yogshala to everyone practicing all levels of yoga. I attended the 200 hour TTC July 2015 and I still glow every time I think about my experience. The curriculum is just amazing and well designed. The course is very intense and it covers deeply lots of subject. The day starts at 5.30 in the morning with Hatha classes, followed by pranayama and mantra or yoga nidra. After breakfast, there are yoga philosophy classes followed by anatomy classes.

After lunch, adjustment and alignment classes are really interesting and important (to be able to know how to correct your own asanas and your future students' too). I was also able to deepen my practice in ashtanga day by day as each posture is taught one by one. And after ashtanga the day finishes with meditation at 18:00. So a very intense day covering all kind of yoga aspects to give you a better understanding of yoga. Teachers are outstanding, extremely professional and enthusiastic, you can't get enough of their wisdom. I learned important lessons about yoga and the yogic life and the course gave me a solid foundation to continue exploring and expanding my knowledge in yoga. I had a wonderful experience at Rishikul yogshala. The school met all my expectations and in some cases were exceeded. And the food is delicious organic vegetarian food from the Himalayas. Don't miss this amazing experience!!


The teachers are incredible and share their wisdom generously and with compassion. The venue (Nepal Sept 2015) is comfortable enough and staffed by warm, welcoming people who will do anything within their power to make you feel at home (like, literally tore down a wall for me -- long story, but seriously--untold hospitality).

If you are looking for a Western YTT experience, you may want to stay in the West. Yes--the cushions are old and lumpy, the wifi is spotty, you may be awoken by the sounds of construction (i.e. "development") on your rare day off, grow tired of the rotating menu, or find yourself frustrated with ways of being or perceiving that seem unfamiliar...but aren't you here for the yoga? If you embrace the quirks and surprises of international travel, the challenges that come with intercultural exchange, and the growing pains of an expanding comfort zone, the rewards will not disappoint.

If yoga is expansion, the last month has been a magnificent explosion. I am eternally grateful to all of the amazing people who helped shape my journey. Nepal is safe and breathtaking in form and spirit. Pokhara was not affected by the earthquake, and things seemed to be returning to normal in Kathmandu. The economy, and thus the recovery, depends heavily on tourism--come support this beautiful place and its beautiful people!


Pokhara is stunning and it's situated right in the heart of Nepal, surrounded by Himalayas. Tulsi Hotel is great, very central and all staff is friendly and super accommodating. The course itself is one of the beast treats I could ever given to myself, for sure. Vast variety of subjects from Hatha and Ashtanga through all sorts of pranayamas, krijas, alignment, therapy, anatomy, mantra classes ending every school day on a wonderful meditation. I've learned heaps from the best teachers on earth. They are all very different but all equally inspiring. I can definitely recommend it to everyone, no matter what path of their life they're on. Thank you Rishikul!!!!

kamingkho Netherlands

Inspiring, life-changing and unforgettable! Rishikul has filled 4 weeks with something to suit every type of yogi: physically intensive, deeply spiritual or curiously theoretical. They have have gone above and beyond to ensure this course is well worth your while: food to cater to very specific diets (varied and very delicious!), mini field trips that were the highlight of the course and always making sure to be available to you. My training was in Lakeside Pokhara, Nepal. It's setup in a hotel and it worked surprisingly well: central location, great facilities and amazing staff. Be prepared for long days but, if you keep an open mind, Rishikul's YTT is bound to change you.


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