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About Rishikul Yogashala

For more than a decade, Rishikul Yogashala has been guiding and nurturing students to unfold their spiritual self through a life led by simplicity, compassion and service. We are a team of spiritually focused individuals holding deep respect and admiration for the timeless practice of yoga. Focused on its authentic propagation, our programs are meticulously crafted to give you the authentic taste of yoga.

We have an inspiring team of yoga teachers, ever-willing to share their vast pool of knowledge and unique viewpoints with our students. Apart from the theoretical and practical teachings, our teachers will guide you to open up fully to life on all levels – mental, physical, spiritual and emotional. Our education model is hands on, deeply experiential and cooperative. It would be a comprehensive learning experience that will turn you into a proper yoga practitioner and not just a yoga teacher.

For years, we have been making impactful changes in the lives of people through our programs like yoga teacher training in India, yoga TTC in Kerala, etc. We feel honored and grateful as we continue to support people on their quest for true liberation and realization. We welcome all to bring their unabashed, true self to us and leave the school with practical tools to balance their lives as well as the lives of others.

Special Offers for Yoga Teacher Training

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Our Yoga Teachers

For several years, our exceptionally skilled instructors have been guiding and influencing the students to become the ruler of their own lives and to awaken their own inner sacredness. The yogic philosophy, empowering experiences, and immense knowledge of our teachers will encourage you to create an impactful change in your community.


Swami Atmananda

Kavitha Hangargi

Kavitha Hangargi


Gangesha Chaitanya

The Unique Facets of our Yoga Teacher Training Programs

Yoga Teacher Training Student Testimonials

Why Yoga Teacher Training in India

There’s hardly any place in the world like India where you can truly experience the depth of this ancient wisdom and learn it from the core. If you’re committed to unraveling the secrets of this age-old science eventually you’ll end up enrolling for yoga teacher training in India because that’s where you will learn its true essence.

Here in India, you will experience a life-transforming journey as you discover the ancient wisdom of yoga from the true yoga masters. Our yoga programs are for everyone, those who are looking to apply the teachings of yoga to every aspect of their life, not just teach the masses. Here you will not only gain a strong base in various asanas or physical activities, but also go deep into the spiritual aspects that form the core of yoga. Every asana and its philosophy will give you deep insights into your body and how it works. We will also offer insights into the different dimensions of yogic lifestyle for you to explore that will eventually help you observe the world from a different perspective.

If you really feel the urge to immerse in the learning of yoga then yoga teacher training in India will be an eye-opening experience for you. The spiritual vibe of this mystique town coupled with the yogic practices will allow you to find the ‘disconnection’ and work on it to unite with the dehi or atma and find liberation.

Highlights of Yoga Teacher Training at Rishikul Yogashala

  • All our yoga programs offer a deeper insight into the yogic culture.
  • Daily yogic practices will help you get better understanding of your body.
  • Yoga and mindfulness practices in outdoor settings will help you reconnect with nature.
  • Our daily schedule will help you develop a healthy lifestyle which you can continue post training as well.
  • All our Yoga TTCs in India as well as abroad are Yoga Alliance International and Yoga Alliance USA approved.
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