Mindful Living Retreat In India

  • A life lived mindfully is a life destined for enlightenment. With a focus on this divine thought, Rishikul Yogshala organizes a life-enhancing retreat with revered yoga and spiritual guru Sri Vachananand Swamiji. Yoga enthusiasts, travelers, wanderers, and seekers are all welcome to join this magnificent retreat program.

Mindful Living Retreat With Shwaasa Guru Shri Swami Vachananandji

Discover the shadow and secrets of an enlightened soul by sinking into the layers of Mindful Living. A directive tool, an elemental pathway towards the inner liberation of the mind, body, and soul, Mindful Living is an art that pans out of the basic parameters of subjectivity. It is a doorway that leads to mental salvation and physical rejuvenation. Self-awareness and self-realization are the impending elements of this miraculous practice that delivers a soul towards purification and enlightenment.

Mindful Living is a much-unexplored way of life for it takes right guidance, innate dedication to decipher it and even remotely adapt to its revelations. With the blessing of Shwaasa Guru and under his esteemed guidance, we conduct the much-acclaimed Mindful Living Retreat with the purpose of helping all the seeking souls acquire spiritual illumination and internal bliss. Swami Vachananandji, our guru, and an honored yoga luminary shall take you through the core facets of ‘Mindful’ experiences with his unparalleled knowledge and wisdom. Swamiji has dedicated his life to unearthing the treasures of yoga and spirituality and finds immense gratification in imparting some of his knowledge to various entities seeking contentment in life. During the retreat program, Swamiji shall take the participants on a soulful journey of self-realization and refinement.


A Sample Day At Retreat With Shwaasa Guru In Rishikesh, India

5.30 am: Wake as the sun starts to rise over the Himalayan panorama. Prepare yourself for the day with the alluring sound of temple bells, traditional conch horns and melodious mantra chanting in the backdrop, followed by a purification ritual (kriya) using Jala Netti. Jala Netti is one of the six shat kriyas or deep yogic cleansing practices conducted in order to purify the body and mind and prepare it for asana and meditation.

06.00 am: Start the metabolic flow of your body with an herbal tea and set for morning meditation practice and mantra chanting. This is done in order to assimilate the core of your mind for the upcoming yoga practice. Summon the strength of nature to balance your chakras with soulful mantra chanting. Let your inner pathways open with the balanced chakras so it can allow smooth flow of prana (breath and energy).

7:30 am: Commence the yogic regime with Surya Namaskar (Sun Salutations) and effortless yet highly effective yoga postures. Surya Namaskar is performed outdoors with the purpose to pay homage to the glory and power of the sun while it revitalizes your body and soul. This practice opens your heart, flexes your body and allows you to absorb all the vital elements of the program for complete upheaval.

8:45 am: Breakfast is the highlight and the demand of this hour. Appetizing and equally nourishing wholesome Vedic food flavored with healing traditional Indian herbs and spices such as fennel, turmeric, gingers, etc is served. You can choose from a traditional assortment including traditional pancakes such as cheela, Indian bread such as rotis, paranthas, delectable fresh vegetables, homemade pickles, fresh fruits, porridge, etc. The diet is prepared with the aim to fill your stomach and satiate your taste buds in the most ravishing and nourishing manner. Those who have any particular aversions or allergies can choose from a variety of vegan options that can be availed upon request.

10.30 am: Post breakfast; reach the teaching hall where an invigorating session on ancient yogic philosophies that form the very core of yoga science awaits you.

The class shall focus mainly on the ‘Tri Gunas’ (Three attributes of all existence) scribed and explained in detail in the divine book of Bhagavad Gita. The ‘Tri Gunas’ are the foundations on which life exists. It is observed that an entity is a carnation of any one or a combination of these three gunas (values) namely Sattva, Raja, and Tama.

Sattva Guna is present in a person closer to the divine, a soul who is happy, content and spiritually active in life.

Raja Guna signifies passion, fire, and zeal, while the predominating factor in Tama Guna is lethargy, greed, and materialism.

It is widely observed that each entity has one of these three gunas as the predominating factors in their personality. However, the course of these gunas can be altered through spiritual practice and yogic healing. Swami Vachananandji shares far-reaching insights into the fabric of human creation in his light hearted, yet intense style of preaching.

Mindful Meditation practice takes the foremost role when the participants indulge in connecting with the five elements (Panchtattva) within themselves. These five elements (Earth, Fire, Air, Water, and Ether) are the ones which a human nature is composed of (according to traditional yogic literature). During the practice, you shall adapt and learn to observe and connect with things around you with the help of mindful walking in natural surrounds, purposeful eating, observing the breath, and slow observant movements during asanas practice. Everything single element shall lead you to form a stronger connection between your soul and the celestial powers around you.

Post-luncheon where you shall relish another delectable assortment of nutritious foods, you will have a few hours to yourself where you can spend some quiet time in the tranquil ambiance of the town, or indulge in reading, writing, and sleeping in order to rejuvenate for the evening ahead. You can also go for Ayurveda spa treatment or massage if the thought appeals to you within the facility of the Ashram. It is entirely up to you what you do in your free time.

04.00 pm: A healthy cup of evening chai (tea) awaits you before you gear up for the evening’s program. Indulge in an invigorating session on Yoga Nidra (or yogic sleep) during which you shall learn to channel your energy into a balanced rhythm for mental and spiritual liberation. The soothing voice of Shwaasa Guru takes you to a journey of self-exploration while you comfortably lie on the floor

06.30 pm: A delicious supper is served. Dinner is followed by traditional Satsang during which you assemble around a campfire and share insights of the day, rejoice over some music and singing, and indulge in spiritual exchange and internal reflection. This spiritual interaction followed by meditation of the day is a perfect way to conclude the day before sinking into a deep and peaceful sleep.

Accommodation and Food for Retreat in Rishikesh

At Rishikul Yogshala, we believe that in order to reap complete benefits of a yoga program, a place to rest the head is of significant importance. Airy, spacious rooms with all modern amenities, including attached washrooms, water geyser for 25*7 hot and cold water supply, comfortable bed and clean, fresh linens and a sofa set for you to enjoy some reading while overlooking the Himalayan splendor in the backdrop. The rooms are neat, cozy and make up for an idyllic homely stay.

We cannot undermine the importance of healthy food in the successful accomplishment of any heath program. Pure vegetarian food prepared in Ayurvedic herbs and freshly ground spices with vegetables extracted from fresh produce is sure to replenish your belly with its highly nutritious content and appetizing flavor. The food served during the retreat program is not just wholesome but is also customized according to the health requirements of the participants.


Rewards Of Mindful Living Retreat Program

Undergoing the Mindful Living retreat program is an exceptionally rewarding experience in itself. Here are some of the exclusive advantages of this unique retreat program:

A divine opportunity to explore the yogic science under the esteemed guidance of yoga lineage Shwaasa Guru Vachananand Swamiji.

Mental and physical transportation into a life beyond superficial barriers and social commonalities.

Insight into spiritual enlightenment.

Heightened mental strength and cognitive capacity.

Empowered with empathy, compassion, perseverance, and focus

Devour anxiety, stress, pain, confusion, and ignorance.

Live a true yogic experience while incorporating life’s teachings, yoga asanas, philosophy and Pranayama therapy.

Undergo mental purification and spiritual awakening.

A quaint escapade into more balanced and reformed life that leaves beautiful traces in your heart forever.


How To Reach The Ashram in Rishikesh?

By Air: The nearest International Airport is Indira Gandhi New Delhi Airport (approximately 250 kms from Rishikesh). The nearest domestic airport is Jolly Grant airport situated at a distance of 20 kms (approximately). Upon landing at either airport, you can easily hail a direct cab to the ashram. Alternatively, you can also ask the ashram for a pickup.

By Railway: Rishikesh is well connected to train route. There are four daily trains, three of which are slow moving ones and the other one is an express train through Haridwar. You may take any of these trains. Upon reaching the station in Rishikesh, you can easily avail a taxi to the ashram or get into an auto rickshaw to the market area. Alternatively, you can also ask the ashram for a pickup.

By Bus: The town is well connected to bus services every day from major cities. De-board the bus at Rishikesh bus stand and take an auto-rickshaw, get down in the market area to take the ferry and walk to the Ashram or take the Ram Jhula Bridge to reach the Ashram.

Taxi Pick Up: You can avail pick up from the ashram from all airports, bus stands, and railway stations at additional cost.

Join Yoga Retreat program in Rishikesh

Live a healthier life gifted with internal bliss and contentment.

Attain a rejuvenated spirit and a refined physical form with teaching and practice of specific yoga asanas

Find the eventual pathway to self-realization and complete liberation of the mind, body, and spirit .

Live life mindfully and reach spiritual enlightenment. Ability to grasp and imbibe the true purpose of life and its existence.

Mindfully reconnect with the celestial presence both internally and externally, with this unique retreat program in Rishikesh, India.

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