Pranayama yoga retreat

Treating Yourself Completely – 5 Days Retreat Program

Time and again, we have been told ‘breathe-in’ and ‘breath-out’, ‘inhale’ and ‘exhale’ are the sure shot ways to let go off immediate stress, anger, depression, or any such negativity impacting the functioning of our mind, body, spirit. The technique of controlling our breath, Pranayama, is an age-old method for altering our breathing movements intentionally to yield specific results. Meaning “breath control” or “extension of the prana”, pranayama is an integral part of the yogic discipline that originated in India a few thousand years ago.

To give all spiritual souls an opportunity to learn the ancient technique of Pranayama and its correlation with other aspects of yoga and spirituality, Rishikul Yogshala organizes a 5-day pranayama retreat guided by one of our highly-prominent and distinguished yoga and meditation gurus, Annamalai Prana Ji.

The Program

The 5-day pranayama retreat program, supervised by Prana Ji and organized by Rishikul Yogshala, is aimed at highlighting the importance of pranayama in our daily lives and comprises the study of the various practical aspects of this discipline. The pranayama retreat program includes the study of the following subjects

  • What, why, when, how should practice Pranayama?
  • How is to refine life to awaken our true Personality?
  • 7 main important types of Pranayama
  • Understanding 5 pranic processes of circulations
  • Importance of Varma/Marma points to have deeper experience
  • Mudra and Bandha as a tool to practice Pranayama
  • How to understand and activate various Nadi’s in the path of Pranayama?
  • 1:1, 1:2 and 1:4 importance of exhalation to purify the emotions
  • How to integrate OM- So Hum with Breath?
  • How Mantra’s Filters the Life force to reach the source?
  • Science of Ida-Pingala-Sushumna Application
  • Brief Connections of Chakra System in the practice of Pranayama
  • Discipline’s Eating Lifestyle in treating yourself
  • How water and fire play an important Role to balance life?

The Teacher

Annamalai Prana Ji is regarded as one of the most revered gurus of the yogic art and community. Trained in the principles of the well-recognized Swami Sivananda-Swami Vignanananda tradition of Tamil Nadu, the land of the Siddhas, Prana Ji has been associated with Rishikul Yogshala since its inception. Regarded as a benchmark in the aspects of Pranayama and Yoga Philosophy, Prana Ji has travelled across the globe spreading the wisdom and practices of yoga, meditation, and spirituality. He is deemed to be the ‘most experienced yoga master’ in Rishikesh, India – the world capital of yoga. Learners find his style of teaching the ancient discipline of yoga with a contemporary approach extremely intriguing. Apart from the above-mentioned, Prana Ji is also highly well-versed with meditation, Kundalini yoga, and Ayurveda

The Location and Dates

The 5-day pranayama retreat program will be held across all our location in India and Nepal.

Rishikesh, Uttarakhand, India Popularly known as the yoga capital of the world, Rishikesh is a quaint hill town located on the foothills of the Shivalik Range and is surrounded by the river Ganges, the holiest river as per Hinduism. This small town is the epicentre of all yogic activities and trainings in the world. Every year, hundreds and thousands yoga enthusiasts from all over the world visit the town – some in search of the perfect yoga teacher training, some in search of a Guru, but mostly in search of their inner-self. The retreat will be held by the banks of River Ganga where you not only will experience the mesmerizing surroundings but will also be able to easily connect to your soul.

Varkala, Kerala, India The motherland of Ayurveda, Kerala is a beautiful, scenic coastal state in the southern part of India. Known for its backwaters, spices, coffee, and Ayurvedic courses and treatments, the town is highly admired by tourists and visitors who wish to practice the art and discipline of yoga and Ayurveda by the shoreline of some spectacular beaches the state has to offer. Among the many jewels of Kerala is the beach town of Varkala which is one of the most prominent places on the yoga and spirituality radar. The town has everything – world-class Ayurvedic schools, top yoga learning centers (including Rishikul Yogshala), abundance of healthy food and juices, perfect beachside location, and a great atmosphere. To ensure that you get the best out of your experience here, we organize the retreat by the coastline.

Pokhara, Nepal National geographic, one of the top-most magazine publication in the world since 1888, recently names Pokhara as one of the top destinations for the year 2017. Located amidst the lap of the Himalayas and amidst the dazzling Phewa Lake, Pokhara’s beauty is inexplicable. Also known as the gateway to Annapurna circuit, the location is perfect for mountain and nature lovers who not only seek to find their inner-self but to reconnect with Mother Nature. Rishikul Yogshala organizes the 5-day retreat in Pokhara, Nepal in the month of October which is one of the best suitable times for travellers to visit the country.

Daily Schedule*

6:00 AMPranayama Practical Depth
12:00 NoonSecret of hidden Life Force Tuning
5:00 PMPranayama As preparation for next level
6:30 PMStable and stillness of Meditation

*The above-mentioned schedule is subjected to change as per the school and teacher’s discretion, depending upon the curriculum plan.
Recommended Reading:
  • Asana-Pranayama-Mudra-Bandha by Swami Satyananda
  • Science of Breath by Swami Rama
  • Science of Pranayama by Swami Sivananda
  • Light on Pranayama by BKS Iyengar






Pranayama retreat

5 Days


300 USD
Excluding food and accommodation


Pranayama retreat

5 Days


500 USD
With food and accommodation


Maximum students per batch: 7
What is included: Note Book, Pen, Course Material in PDF format for further reference.
What to Bring: Yoga Mat, Cushion to sit, and Towels
Note: All attendees are request to arrange for their own accommodation and meals.
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