Yoga Retreat In Thailand

  • Rediscover yourself with renewed energies and a steadfast faith in the oneness of nature and you, in the deep forest niches of Thailand’s tropical paradise with this Yoga Retreat Thailand 2018. By committing yourself to a week-long discipline of yoga and meditation, nestled in the verdant lands, you will feel more aligned in your mind, body, soul, and nature around.

Yoga Holiday in Thailand

Thailand, renowned today for its year-long colorful festivities and gorgeous seaside parties, is also an important center of the Buddhist peace culture in the Far East. In Thailand, the fabled ‘land of smiles’, the cultural axioms of Buddhism blends seamlessly with the folkway of life that is definitive of a simple faith rooted in love and connection with mother earth, humanity, and non-violence. Yoga as a discipline and practice can find new dimensions in this land in contact with the ministerial life of the Buddhists, the colorful, festive life of the folk people, and the ecologic living in the rainforests. Our Hatha and Ashtanga Yoga Retreat in Thailand will help you actually live out the yogic ideals which you explore through the physical practice and abstract philosophical understandings. Experience the best of Ashtanga Yoga Thailand, Hatha Yoga Chiang Mai, and Chiang Mai Ashtanga Yoga with us.

Steeped at the heart of Thailand’s soul-enriching rainforests full of abundant green life, majestic waterfalls, sprightly streams and rapids, the monastic community, and an indigenous culture of sustenance and nature lovers, our humble yogic home will bring you in close contact with everything that Thailand stands for.

Highlights of the Yoga Retreat at Rishikul Yogshala in Thailand

A gentle introduction to the Hatha and Ashtanga styles of Asana, Pranayama, and Meditation, instructed by experienced teachers of the Indic Yogic origin.

A comprehensive program of the Yoga retreat in Chiang Mai with visits to picturesque natural sites and local centers of meditation and monastic practices included.

Establishes a much-required habit of a self-led practice of asana and meditation.

Detoxification to the core at the in-house facilities for Ayurveda and Naturopathy.

The enlivening treatment of Thai Yoga Massage by local experts with therapeutic benefits.

Thorough readings into the philosophy and history of yoga, administered by a faculty of Sanskrit-learned traditional teachers.

Counted among the best yoga retreats in Thailand for the amazing variety of local Thai food, Mediterranean, and Indian cuisines served by a team of talented chefs.

Deep inner cleansing with Yogic Shat Kriyas- a valuable method to eradicate a number of health issues.

Association with amazing individuals in the soulful environment of yoga and meditation retreat, Thailand.

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The Yoga Retreat Program in Thailand
  • Yoga and meditation sessions inside the community hall, twice every day
  • Yoga Therapy to cleanse and detoxify inside out
  • Ayurvedic Therapy for restoring and rebalancing body constitutions
  • Three Ayurvedic meals a day
  • Relaxation sessions with breath-intensive exercises
  • Therapy for spinal issues with asanas
  • Joints and glands invigorations with target asanas
  • Abhyanga massages with Ayurvedic herbal oils and decoctions
  • Consultation with in-house Ayurvedic experts on disease eradication and overall health
  • Cooking classes with the chefs in the house
  • Outdoor yoga on the beach
  • Monastery visits
  • Visits to elephant rescue parks


Situated in the close embrace of nature, our humble abode is simplicity personified. Pleasant and spacious rooms are available for both single and double occupants, with a view of greenery and the quaint village of Chiang Mai where we are located. Our property has a small ring of garden surrounding the house, invoking a mood of rustic charms where you can spend your lazy hours relaxing on a hammock or sit out for meals with your close people. We have equipped the rooms at this Chiang Mai yoga school with all the facilities you could need, from around the day Wi-Fi, hot shower facility, mosquito nets, twin beds, TV, and private washroom. Air-conditioned rooms are also available.


Our facility of best yoga in Chiang Mai, among other alluring highlights, boasts of finger-licking good food from our Ayurvedic kitchens. We believe in eclecticism, happily bringing you a large fare of Indian, Mediterranean, and Thai cuisines by chefs who actually know their food. From indulging curries, dumplings, spiced rice, noodles, and soups to luscious salads, sautés, cooling drinks and more, our food galore every day brings more joy to the practice.

This food is prepared for three servings a day at our facility of yoga Chiang Mai Thailand to cater to the yogi’s requirement for balance and sustenance during their days of peaceful retreat and practice.

When to Register for the Yoga Program in Chiang Mai Thailand?


The best time to visit yoga retreat Chiang Mai is from April to October when the weather is pleasant and cool. You will have a light breeze blowing through the day, making travels around the town a pleasant experience.

Our teachers

How to Reach Us in Chiang Mai, Thailand?

By Airways : The Chiang Mai International Airport is the main airport that connects to the world via both international and domestic flights. Taxis, buses, and local transports are available from here to our center.

Taxi Pickup: We can arrange convenient taxi pickups for you from the airport or from any other parts of the city, at a cost of extra charges.

By Road : You can find a lot of buses from the Arcade Bus Station at Chiang Mai, connecting with other destinations. Both government-run buses and privates are available.

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Outcomes of the Yoga Retreat Programs in Thailand at Rishikul Yogshala

  • Achieve mental equilibrium and a disease-free physical state with the rejuvenating touch of yoga holiday Thailand.
  • Reconfigure your ideas of Hatha and Ashtanga Yoga under the guidance of some keenly intelligent yoga teachers from India.
  • Enjoy the close camaraderie of like-minded, spiritually-inclined and health-aware people on this yoga meditation retreat in Thailand and experience the joy of intelligent company and rare connections thus made.
  • Adapt yourself to green living in the ecological stays of Thailand country and revel in the happiness of growing your own food and establishing a deep relationship with mother earth.
  • Get savvy with Ayurvedic herbal ingredients for culinary, beauty, healing, and wellness at this yoga retreat Thailand 2018.

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