Yoga Teachers

A student is an empty vessel and a teacher is the source that fills this empty vessel with in-depth knowledge and wisdom. To be a great yogi, it is necessary to learn from the best yoga gurus and to gather information from the most authentic sources. Excellent teachers who can guide them and provide them with apt. knowledge are the ideal conduits that can lead a student towards becoming the best yoga practitioner and teacher. At Rishikul Yogshala, we believe in the same ideology and do not undermine the role of a good yoga teacher in achievement of desired outcome from a yoga teacher training program. Our entire team of yoga teachers and gurus are not just internationally recognized but also hold years of experience as yoga and spirituality educators.

The teachers recognize and analyze distinct aspects of each student on individual basis. With respect to their body type, requirement and level, the students are maneuvered as brilliant yogis with the help of specific training and learning methods. With this methodology, the students reap maximum benefits from the yoga teacher training program.Our teachers and gurus at Rishikul Yogshala ensure the students attain overall development along with a soulful yogic experience during the tenure of their entire program.

Our Yoga Acharyas are internationally certified and registered with Yoga Alliance. Along with exceptional teaching expertise, outstanding knowledge in the most authentic traditional forms of yoga and a distinct methodology has rendered them with the recognition of being some of the best yoga leaders in the globe. Yoga is not just a fitness tool; all our yoga teachers preach this majestic science as it originally is -- the eventual pathway to complete purification of mind, body and soul.

Swami Atmananada

Meditation, Inspirational and Spiritual Guide

Receiving the gift of Yoga from Kailash Ashram, Swami Atmananada Giri is a devotee of Guru Nutya Chaitanya Yati and has dedicated his life to the teaching of yoga and its facets. Swamiji met Guru Nitya in 1992 & his disciple, Sudhi Chaitanya in 1998 only to transgress above the everyday working of human life.

Born in Kerala, he was unaware of his spiritual capabilities but was humanitarian by nature, he wanted to help people and took up Homeopathy at Kerala and practiced Naturopathy for three years. Later on, he started in yogic practice in the year 2006 and since then there is no turning back for him.

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Religiously following the Indian Vedas and Upanishads, he received his education from at Shivananda Ashram from Swami Adyatamanandaji only to become more devoted. He carried his meditation practices for four years at multiple places as a Sanyasa-mendicant. He is currently living in Rishikesh to offer the magic of light he has learnt in his due course of practice.

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Annamalai Prana Ji (Swami Thiyagaranjan)

Trained in the principles of the well recognized Swami Sivananda-Swami Vignanananda tradition of Tamil Nadu, the land of the Sidhhas, Annamalai Prana Ji is one of the most regarded masters of the yogic art. In Rishikesh, Prana Ji is recognized widely as the most experienced yoga master. Pranayama and yoga philosophy are his specialized fields of teaching. His classes are a syncretism of Indian and Western thought and could be highly interesting for a sincere learner. Meditation, Kundalini Yoga and Ayurveda are among the other aspects of yoga learning that Prana Ji’s vast field of knowledge covers.

Gangesha Chaitanya

Meditation, Inspirational and Spiritual Guide

An expert in the yoga philosophy, Gangesha was introduced to the field of spirituality at a young age. Receiving his teachings from the great saint Swami Rama, this yoga guru dedicated his life in the up liftment of humanity.

An E-RYT and gaining an extensive experience in the field of yoga, he is successfully taking classes at various schools of Rishikul Yogshala. Bringing forth newness and variety to his classes, he is a master of meditation, Kundalini yoga and pranayama. A Naga Guru once, he has been in a pursuit to unlock the gateways of mystical realm only accessible by the adepts.

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He inspires his student to tap this mystic kundalini energy lying inside them and reach higher realms. Focusing on the final assimilation, he is a grounded soul and a true nature lover.

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Bipin Baloni

“Knowing the self is important, the teacher cannot show you who you are, you have to know yourself...The teacher is only the mirror which will show you how you look.”
Qus. When is your birthday and star sign?
Ans. March 14th and I am a Pisces.
Qus. As a teacher what do you focus on most?
Ans. Ashtanga Vinyasa, Hatha and Teaching Methodology.
Qus. What Yoga teacher training course do you teach and for how long have you been with Rishikul Yogshala?
Ans. I teach students both in the 200hr and the 300hr yoga teacher training course and I have been officially working with Rishikul Yogshala since 2010, so nearly 6 years. However, I have been practicing consistently since 2009.

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Qus. When did you first start practicing the physical aspect, Asanas, of yoga?
Ans. I started practicing during my childhood at school but only at a physical level because I liked sports and my physique was very good. Around 2000 my family left Delhi and moved to Rishikesh but I left home and decided for the next 6 years not to join them. This of course meant that I couldn’t attend school because I had to take care of myself.
Qus. You practiced as a child but stopped because you left home, what made you return to this path?
Ans. In 2006, when I was about 17, I realized that I had certain responsibilities and that to live and work in this modern society, in any field, I would need a higher education. So I moved to Rishikesh to be with my family and help with their pharmaceutical business for the next 3 years. But during this time, a lot happened within me, I felt imbalanced and that I wasn’t made to work in a building selling medicine! I wanted to do something for society and for myself but due to lack of education I couldn’t and that depressed me. My cousin suggested that it wasn’t too late and that I could still get back into education or even start practicing yoga again for myself. I went to an Ashram and practiced Asanas and learned more about other parts of yoga until I met Yogi Mahesh who I later asked to become his student for the next 2 and a half years.
Qus. It’s a huge topic but what is spirituality for you as Bipin?
Ans. Spirituality for me is to know yourself. I consider it very important and I think it is lacking from a lot of yoga practice today but at the same time you can’t teach spirituality. It comes from self practice, devotion and will power. Knowing the self is important, the teacher cannot show you who you are, you have to know yourself. Because they cannot look within you. The teacher is only the mirror which will show you how you look and how you should be. In summary, spirituality is when you apply what you have learned and have a self practice.

Qus. You seem like a very confident individual, some might even say ‘scary’, but what would you say?
Ans. I have not seen the world but I know a bit from yoga of how it should be. I am trying to save this tradition by creating myself in a way that will change others to save it for the next generation and the following. Now regarding the people being scared [smiles softly] I take my subject very seriously. I don’t want to just watch time pass, so when I see people just passing time in class I don’t argue with them any more or try to change their mind. I just focus on those who know what they want and are serious about yoga. If people spend time with me outside of class they will see another side of me as well.

Qus. How can someone become focused and disciplined?
Ans. Patience. You cannot expect to learn everything at once. Focus on one thing and keep practicing until you feel all the pain and the joy from the Asana. Make it a daily task because only that way can you truly focus and become disciplined. You will learn a lot on this course but that is only the beginning because yoga is a continuous life process. Hari Om!

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Gurmeet Singh

Asana, Adjustment & Anatomy

Gurmeet Singh was born and raised in the spiritual capital of India – Rishikesh. He teaches Asana, Adjustment & Anatomy at Rishikul Yogshala. Gurmeet Ji holds a Post Graduate degree in Yoga from Uttarakhand Sanskrit University and is a Yoga Alliance certified E-RYT 500 yoga teacher. He has been teaching yoga since 2007.

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Gurmeet Ji started his yoga journey with Ved Niketan ashram under the supreme guidance and blessings of Swami Dharma Nanda. During his journey as a yoga professional, he was rewarded with an opportunity to be associated with a German organization where he worked closely with several renowned Physiotherapists for over 6 years.

His time with them earned him an in-depth knowledge of adjustment and alignment and of various safe practice techniques. He also acquired knowledge regarding yoga science and modern science of Human Anatomy.

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Kavitha Hangargi

HathaYoga, Pranayama

Being born and raised in a spiritually well-established family in Karnataka, KavithaJi’s upbringing was instilled with all the values and teachings of Basavanna (one ofthe greatest saints in 12th-century and a highly-distinguished Hindu philosopher,statesman, Kannada poet). She spent most of her early days in her hometown. Thespiritual environment of her surroundings helped her in her spiritual studies and wasthe greatest motivation behind her pursuing the path of spirituality at such a juvenilephase of her life.

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Our beloved Kavitha Ji began her real flight into the world of yoga and spirituality inthe year 2006. She first practiced pranayama under the guidance of Sri GaneshwerAvadhut in Srisailam forest. She then went on to practicing under another greatmaster of Yoga and Spirituality, Swami Veda Bharthi, a disciple of Swami Rama. Shemastered the art of meditation and philosophy in Swami Rama Sadak Gram underthe careful guidance of Swami Veda Bharthi.

After successful completion of her practice, Kavitha Ji started serving in an ashramwhere she took charge to spread her knowledge to common people in Karnataka andshe was very successful in spreading the teaching of her master to more than 42villages. She was highly instrumental in transforming the life of common peoplethrough the sharing of her knowledge and wisdom.In 2015, she moved to Rishikesh and started working with Rishikul Yogshala and herjourney with us continues to grow with every passing day.

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Nisha Ahya

HathaYoga, Pranayama, Anatomy & Physiology

Nisha is a professional yoga instructor (200 E-RYT and 500 RYT with Yoga Alliance USA) with expertise in Vinyasa Flow, Hatha/Hatha Flow Yoga, Pre-Natal Yoga, Kids Yoga, Yoga Anatomy, Yoga Therapy, Yoga Nidra and Pranayama. A certified prenatal yoga teacher, she finds it of immense pleasure to guide pregnant women in the beautiful journey of motherhood as well as help them with postpartum recovery. She loves her Hatha sessions but teaching prenatal yoga and postnatal yoga is what fills her heart with joy and warmth. She started yoga when she was 13 and since then she has never looked back.

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She has obtained her yoga education from different places like Madurai, Rishikesh, Mysore and Chennai and also happens to be an Anti-Gravity fitness trainer. She hopes to inspire people through her teaching and motivate them to live a life of positivity, confidence, creativity, joy and peace.

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Suraj Choudhary

HathaYoga, Pranayama

Born in the blessed land of Rishikesh, also known as the ‘yoga capital of the world’,Suraj Choudhary is majorly known for his calmness, patience, and strength. Hestarted pursuing his yoga studies at a tender age under the supervision and guidanceof Narendra Gussain, one of the most revered teacher of modern and traditionalyoga. Suraj Ji holds a Master’s degree in Yoga Science and is a Yoga Alliance certifiedRYT500 teacher. With yoga in his blood, he is one of the very few yoga professionalsin the country who have mastered the genre of yoga teaching known as the ‘modernyoga with traditional values”.


Asana, Anatomy

We can see science and relate it to yoga. Science is a part of yoga and yoga is a part of nature. We cannot say that yoga and science are separate.”- REMOVE THISA Master’s degree in Yogic Science and an experience of working with the Indian army as a yoga trainer, Kushal has explored the complicated aspects of yoga through the scientific perspective.With a belief that Yoga and science are deeply connected and complement each other, his motive is to discover the spiritual aspects of this science and enhance the anatomical/physiological awareness of each of his apprentices.Spreading the yogic wisdom, Kushal has helped thousands of souls in relieving stress and enhancing their physical strength. He doesn't leave any chance, when it comes to yoga and loves to volunteer at several yoga camps in Uttarakhand.

Vimal Sharma

Yoga Philosophy

“Immersed in yogic practices from an early age of 11, Aacharya Vimal has been on the path of Yoga and Spirituality since childhood. Born and brought up in a traditional North Indian family, he spent his entire childhood amidst the sublime beauty of enthralling Himalayas. In the pursuit of deeper and authentic knowledge of yoga, curious Vimal devoted his entire life to the yogic science and expanded his knowledge and wisdom by earning various degrees including Bachelor’s degree in Sanskrit, a Master’s Degree in Philosophy and a PG diploma in Yogic Science.

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The most enlightening moment of his life came in 2005, when Mahamandaleshwar Sri Swami Veda Bharati- a disciple of Swami Rama, under his profound guidance helped Vimal discover his ‘true-being’. Curious Vimal transformed himself into Acharya Vimal by learning yoga, mantra and other mystic methods with best of his efforts, will, commitment and dedication.

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Kushvendra Singh

Yoga & Meditation Teacher

Kush originally comes from Varanasi in India and he has been living in Nepal since 2015. Kush has become interested in yoga after his father passed away, this is when he started pondering the questions of life and death and came across yoga philosophy. Kush says that ever since he began his yoga practice he developed a sense of calmness, contentment, lightness of spirit and intuition. He says that he now has the energy to seek the truth, and living in the state of happiness and love has become the essence of his life. Besides the spiritual benefits, he has also experienced some physical benefits of yoga as his ailing lungs have healed since he started his practice.

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Kush has completed his Yoga Teacher Training from Parimukti Academy in India in 2015. In early 2018, he underwent a Yoga Therapy Course with Yoga Vidya Gurukul and Iyengar Yoga course. Kush has been teaching Hatha yoga, Ashtanga yoga, and Meditation with Purna Yoga Retreat since 2016. In his free time, Kush likes to cook, go for long walks with no destination, travel, meet people and share his knowledge, trek in the mountains, and enjoy the silence.

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Dipika Gauchan

Mantra & Ashtanga vinyasa

A Rishikul Yogshala alumna, Dipika Gauchan completed her Yoga TTC from Rishikul Yogshala a few years back. And since then she has been connected to Rishikul Yogshala at her heart and body both. Originally from Pokhara, Nepal, Yoga is not just a science for her, it is much beyond it. The art is so natural for her that it cannot be explained with words. She believes that each and every practitioner has to go through the path and with the help of the instrument (physical body, mind, and breath) it can be realized that you are already in the Truth and that truth is 'Yoga'.


I have a total experience of 9 years in this field with a Registered Yoga Teacher Certification (RYT) from a Yoga Alliance (YA) recognized institute. Hatha , Power Yoga ,Yoga Therapy are the yoga types that I've have specialized in. I possess sound knowledge about yoga movements such as asanas and other postures. Moreover, I am well versed with the relaxation and breathing methodologies and their principles.

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I believe that my extensive knowledge, proficiency, and broad experience in this sector will ensure development in the business of your organization

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Natasha Kochan

Natasha was born and raised in small-town Canada. She has spent the past three years traveling the world; exploring, learning, and connecting with others through the practice of yoga, meditation, and pranayama. She has received over 500hours of teacher training under Rishikul Yogshala in both Nepal and India, and has completed internship placements at world-renowned yoga and meditation centers throughout the globe. .

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Currently, Natasha resides in Southeast Asia where she divides her time between developing and hosting mindfulness retreats, and completing further training under her beloved gurus.

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Yoga Philosophy, Psychology

Our teacher Salini is a passionate yoga patron and a firm believer in the truth that the science of yoga has the mystical powers to positively transform the health and well-being of a person. A Post Graduate Degree holder in Yoga Therapy, Memory Development, Psychoneurotics, and a Ph.D. Degree holder in the Yoga Science, Salini has extensively devoted her life to mastering the concepts of the ancient wisdom and its relevance in the contemporary times. She has a professional experience of six years and has prudently worked for Indian council for cultural .

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relations as a yoga expert and Kayashree clinic where she assisted students in dealing with their life problems. Committed to making a difference in the education field by applying the sacred knowledge of Yoga Philosophy and scientific wisdom of psychology, she started working with Rishikul Yogshala as a Yoga Philosophy and a Psychology teacher. Her perfection in the subjects outshines in her meticulous teachings.

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Yoga Anatomy and Meditation

Our teacher Sanathanan is a trained ‘Yogasiromany’ from the International Sivananda College in Canada. Following his urge to deepen the practice led him to Bangalore where he successfully completed his Advanced Yoga Teacher Training. On the path of learning the art of yoga, there was no looking back for Sanathanan as he continued to expand his wisdom in Yoga by undergoing Advanced Learning in Yoga Therapy, Reiki, Ayurveda, and various healing techniques. Further, he imbibed the techniques of personality development .

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and stress management from renowned Sadhguru Sri. Ravi Shankar and also completed a teacher training course from The Art Of Living Foundation. Sanathan has always been attracted to the ancient science and its ability to promote healthy living and therefore, he also holds a diploma degree in Naturopathy and Yogic Science. He is a certified yoga teacher from Yoga Alliance and QCI Government of India. Living true to his purpose in life, he is now associated with Rishikul Yogshala as an Anatomy and Meditation teacher.

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Siddharth Bannerjee

Hatha and Ashtanga Yoga, Yoga Philosophy, Meditation, and Ayurvedic Lifestyle

A scholar turned mystic, Yogi Siddharth holds a Masters Degree in Forestry from FRI and is a Gold Medalist. He served SPIC MACAY (Society for the promotion of Indian classical music and culture) as its National Joint Secretary during which he attended many discourses by Ram Krishna Mission, Chinmaya mission, and YSS (Yogada Satsang Sangh) / Anand Sangha and further participated in the Gurukul held in Dharamshala with HH 'the Dalai Lama'. From here, there was no looking back for him.

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Treading the path of Yoga and Spirituality, he completed 500 Hour Yoga Teacher Training course in Dharamshala under the mentorship of Yogi Shivadas Ji to became an ace-level Yoga Alliance recognized Yoga Teacher. His emergence as a Jnana yogi who is single-handedly capable of spiritually healing others and spread traditional authentic knowledge of Ayurveda and Yoga sciences has been a source of inspiration for several yogis, especially his students.

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Mohit Bhandari

Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga, Hatha Yoga

Mohit Bhandari is a young, dynamic, and disciplined teacher. Born in Rishikesh, Yoga is part of his lifestyle and soul. He has learned and practiced Yoga under the mentorship of experienced yogis and teachers in Rishikesh and also completed his study in Yoga at one of the most famous Ashrams in the town called ‘Jai Ram Ashram’. He has been dedicated to his own learning and discovery of Yoga and feels truly blessed for all the valuable learning experiences he has gained from the inspiring teachers. He teaches Ashtanga Vinyasa and Hatha Yoga Asana. He also has in-depth knowledge of Yoga Anatomy and Physiology, and Yoga Philosophy, along with other aspects of the science. He brings a warm and sincere energy to his classes. To this day, Yogi Mohit continues to engage, motivate, and empower people towards the path of health and wellness through Yoga.

Abhishek Negi

Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga, Hatha Yoga

Abhishek Negi started his yoga journey in 2011 when he set foot on the pious land of Rishikesh, the global yoga capital for the first time. He went on to study Yoga from Uttarakhand Sanskrit University Haridwar, India where he earned Post-Graduate Diploma in the Science. He started studying and practicing yoga under some of the most influential and well-known yoga teachers. After observing his dedication and dexterity, the renowned teachers allowed him to assist them with their classes.

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For last few years, Abhishek is now mostly involved in the “Yoga Teacher Training” programs with Rishikul Yogshala and various other yoga schools in Rishikesh, India. His teachings primarily focus on exploring and refining natural movement and alignment principles in Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga, traditional Hatha Yoga.

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Mahendra ji

Pranayama, Mudra, Shatkriya , Ayurveda

Born in Etah (U.P.), a town close to Shankasya (now Shakisha), a popular Buddhist place, Yogi Mahendra Ji heard his calling for Yoga during his schooling in Gautam Buddha Inter College. Breaking away from the initial plans of completing graduation and further running the family business, Mahendra Ji left home and traveled to Haridwar to respond to his calling. He remained under the shadow of Gayatri Pariwar at Shanti Kunj for four years during which he completed Post Graduate Diploma in Yoga Science from Deva Sanskrati University. Soon after, he did his Masters in Yoga Science from Uttarakhand Sanskrit University in 2016. His inclination to specialize in Ayurveda brought him to complete 6 months certificate course in Ayurveda.

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After completing education, he acquired the badge of recognition and genuineness by qualifying the QCI (Quality Council of India) from the Department of AYUSH in June 2017. Ever since July 2016, Mahendra Ji has been actively associated with Rishikul Yogshala in Rishikesh. His specialized subjects include Pranayama, traditional Hatha yoga, Mudra, and Ayurveda. In his own words, “One drop of experience/ feeling is better than a hundred words of theory."

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Vijith Pavi

Ashtanga Vinyasa, Hatha Yoga, Acroyoga, Ayurveda

Yogacharya Vijith is an advanced level Yoga Alliance certified 500 RYT (Registered Yoga Teacher). Born and nurtured in Kerala, the land of Ayurveda, Yoga and Ayurveda has been his way of life since he was 14 years old. At the very age, he began Kalari Yoga, Kalari Marma Chikitsa, and Kalaripayattu. Vijith completed Ayurveda Panchakarma Spa Diploma course and Yoga TTC under the tutelage of his Guru RR Rajeev Gurukkal (CVN Kalari Kaduthuruthi). He has trained at Sivananda, Pattabhi Jois, and Shanti Yoga. He has been teaching various subjects pertaining to Yoga and Ayurveda for 9 years now. His core specialization lies in Ashtanga Vinyasa, Hatha Yoga, Acroyoga, and Ayurveda.

Sri Abhinava Siddharoodha Swamiji

Hatha Yoga, Yoga Philosophy

Sri Abhinava Siddharoodha Swamiji is a spiritual leader and also specializes in the Vedic, Tantric, and Yogic Traditions. Belonging to the Siddha Heritage himself, he is the successor of the revered master, His Holiness Sri. Shivaputra Siddharoodha Swamiji. He studied yoga at the Rishikesh Yogashala after which he went onto explore more about the traditions and philosophy of Yoga and Ayurveda. He specializes in Buddhist Yoga tradition and is also a scholar in Bhagavad Gita. Further, he has gained mastery over the Hatha Yoga style and the third-eye Awakening technique. He is lauded for this wisdom and mastery over the spiritual as well as the practical aspects of Yoga.


Hatha Yoga,Adjustment and Alingment,Yin,Meditation

Since 1998, Urashima has been dedicated to practicing and teaching yoga. He fulfilled his yoga training from Sivananda Ashram, Neyyar Dam and Yoga Darsanam, Mysore. He has spread the light of yoga across India and to farthest places of Europe, Denmark and Russia. At these foreign locations, he teaches yoga at yoga festivals. He runs a Yogshala in Kovalam, Kerala, where he was a yoga teacher under Dr. Unni’s Agastyaa’s Heritage Ayurvedic center for four years. He now teaches yoga as a yoga teacher in Varkala.

Ratheesh Kochukattil

Pranayama, Philosophy, and Meditation

Ratheesh was born in Kerala, where he studied Vedanta Philosophy for five years in Shivagiri Ashram. During his teenage years, he undertook a monastery life, and since then, he has been committed to the science of yoga. After the completion of 5 years in the ashram with Vedanta study, he felt the earnest desire to pilgrim in the Himalayas. As an ascetic, he has roamed around the Himalayas barefoot to places like Amarnath, Badrinath, and all over India. During his odyssey, he met many adepts and sadhus in the Himalayas who have inspired him spiritually. He reached Rishikesh, where he met His Holiness Swami Veda Bharti and he began his spiritual journey.

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He is a trained professional under His Holiness Swami Veda Bharathi of Himalayan tradition. During the training, he was indulged into stringent spiritual vows along with the study of yoga, meditation and Yoga Philosophy for five years. At the age of 29 following the instructions of his revered master, he began sharing the wisdom of eternal yoga to true seekers. Since then, he has been on the path of spreading yoga knowledge to all those who come in contact. He has been a yoga teacher and spiritual motivator in vatious schools of Rishikesh as well all over the country.

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Anil Kumar

Hatha yoga, Ashtanga Vinyasa, Alignment, and Adjustment

Our teacher, Anil Kumar belongs to the Shantikunj Ashram, Haridwar -- the divine land where the sacred Ganges exists the Himalayas. He is guided and trained by professor Dr. Sunil Yadav. Anil Ji has devoted his life to unearthing the gems of Yoga and Ayurveda and has earned various degrees including a Master’s Degree in yogic science, a Diploma degree in yoga and naturopathy, and a certification in Ayurveda and health conservation from reputed institutes.

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He teaches Hatha yoga, Ashtanga Vinyasa, Alignment, and Adjustment with an incredible efficiency and simplicity to the students. Compassion, calmness, and patience are his biggest attributes that perfectly compliment his skilled yogic teachings.

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Rajat Purwal

Yoga and Naturopathy

After completing his higher studies, he started his search for the right direction which ended with the science of yoga. Innately motivated to bring mankind closer to the natural system of healing, Rajat completed a diploma in yoga and naturopathy in the same year.

Sahish Krishna Sharma

Philosophy, Pranayam and Meditation

An IT Professional turned spiritual aspirant, Krishna Sharma was born in a traditional and spiritual environment. With the quest of understanding the purpose of life, he quit the corporate world and set forth on a spiritual path, seeking bhiksha and staying in various ashrams of India from Rishikesh to Coimbatore; managing the spiritual and administration quotient of the Ashram.With his guru’s blessings, he has adopted a life to teach and spread yoga; by way of combining Yoga Philosophy with Scientific reasoning. His teachings combine the essence of the yogic world through the eyes of Bihar School of Yoga combined with the scientific reasoning of Isha Yoga Foundation. He teaches Philosophy, Pranayam and Meditation.

Monika Singh

Hatha-Yoga, Yoga-Anatomy and Mantra

She is a motivated individual from a spiritual environment who is always forthcoming to inspire others to improve their spiritual, mental and physical well-being through the teachings of Yoga. Lived in Rikhiapeeth Ashram for 8 years and managed the administration and spiritual quotient of the Ashram along with Swamiji. To contribute towards her Guru’s mission, started disseminating the teachings of her Guru through Classical Hatha-Yoga and Anatomy. Before Ashram life, she taught Yoga for 3 Years using APMB as a module along with correct postures and positional adjustments to channelize the right energy flow. She is adept in conducting havans including Maha Mritunjay Havan for student’s well-being.

Lalit Godiyal

Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga, Yoga Anatomy, Pranayama, Yoga Props, Multi-Style Yoga

An expert in his field holding an experience of more than three years, Lalit Godiyal is a young yogi who dedicated his life to this ancient science. Apart from a 500-hour YTT in Yoga therapy, he is also a diploma holder in yoga training. A well-versed instructor, Lalit’s teaching includes personalized guidance that helps students to push their edges. He teaches basic open and flow classes, Multi-style yoga, gives knowledge of yoga props and importance of their usage, breath control techniques, and guides students to modify poses, challenging them while avoiding any anatomical problem.

Moujhuri Biswas Majumdar

Weaving a life of exploration, study, and living close to the heart, Moujhuri Biswas Majumdar is inspired to share the beliefs of Ayurveda and yoga.

Moujhuri Biswas, born and brought up in West Bengal, embarked on her journey of yoga at the age of 5 under the guidance of his father, who was also a yogi and while growing up, he drew inspiration from a variety of traditions and teachers like he learned Ravindra sangeet and Indian classical music for more than 20 years. But it was just a beginning as after completing her graduation in English Literature she came to Kolkata for higher studies where she came into direct touch of Belur Math and found her teacher, who encouraged him to find the essence of his precious life. Under the guidance of her teacher, she further started expanding his knowledge by pursuing a Master's degree in Yoga from Uttarakhand Sanskrit University. Most importantly, she has experienced a major transition in her well being and now finds herself in more peace. The Ayurveda and yoga practices have also alleviated her tonsillitis allergy.

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