• Spreading the art of ancient wellness in the splendid Nepal, Rishikul Yogshala has brought the traditional yoga with 200 hour yoga teacher training to the town of Pokhara, Nepal. We are focused on imparting unadulterated techniques of yoga at the hands of certified yoga teachers and gurus from India.

Why Go For Yoga Teacher Training IN NEPAL?

Eminent for pastoral galore and snow-capped beauty, the town of Pokhara in Nepal is a perfect blend of traditional heritage and nature-oriented resplendence. Traditionally the birthplace of Gautam Buddha and home to meditation gurus like Rishi Nemi, Nepal has reaped several yogis and spiritualists since its origin.

The country replenishes the yogi and the adventurer in you with the most boastful trekking sites and sports activities. Practice yoga by the side of a river stream or meditate on a glorious hill top, go for mid-night boat ride or explore distinct meditation techniques in the most ancient Gompas, the beautiful country of Nepal has truly inspired us to conduct our Yoga programs in its embrace.

The whole process of reformation in the scenic beauty of Pokhara is amplified and the benefits of Meditation and Pranayama unfold with ease. A holistic destination for practicing the art of rejuvenation in the midst of Annapurna Range, Phewa Lake and bucolic scenery, 200 hour yoga teacher training leads to complete relaxation and peace of mind. Indeed the ideal destination for Yoga Training program.

200 Hour Yoga TTC In Nepal: Curriculum Overview

Whether you are an aspiring yoga teacher or a yogi striving for deepening their learning and practice of the traditional science, 200 Hour Yoga Training program marks the ideal first step towards these divine aims. In our 200 Hour Yoga TTC program, we aim to lead all the aspiring yogis towards their set goals in a refined and equally invigorating manner. Here are some of the highlights you shall undergo during the course of 200 Hour Yoga TTC in Pokhara with us:

Teachings of the most traditional and purest forms of yoga primarily Ashtanga Vinyasa and Hatha Yoga. These two styles of yoga mark the origin of yogic practices. Ever since several styles have emerged from these very forms. Study of these two ancient styles puts you on the pedestal of achieving the science with traditional authenticity and originality.

Study of Human Anatomy and its effects on yoga practice. The body science requires an intense understanding of each and every limb and element that make up a human body. In order to imbibe and further teach the art with perfection, it is imperative to study various elements of Human Anatomy for the ideal observation of yogic theory into a rightful practice.

Perfecting the asanas and deepening the pose through the study of various Adjustment and Alignment techniques. Learn how to avoid injuries during yoga practice through the study of proper alignment techniques. Getting into a yoga asana is equally rigorous and deep as it is visually appealing. There are various levels and layers of performing a yoga asana. In order to reach into deeper layers of the pose, study and in-depth practice of various Adjustment and Alignment techniques are conducted.

Study of Yoga Philosophy (the yogic way of life) in context of the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali. Get introduced to the theoretical aspects of yoga science with extensive insights into yogic literature that form the very niche` of yoga and spirituality. Imbibe the true yogic lifestyle with the study and practice of the five yoga Yamas and Niyamas. Observe the true implications of practicum by understanding the manifestations of the yogic lifestyle.

Reaching mental oneness & peace with intense meditation practices. Meditation is a primary element of a quality yoga program as it opens internal communication linkages through which the mind, body, and soul unite. The practice also aids in mental upheaval and physical rejuvenation so the practitioner can reap more intense benefits from the program.

Study and use of various props in perfecting the pose and for practicing various yoga asanas for restorative and healing purposes.

Breath-based training.

Healing by way of yoga. Learn the art of physical and mental healing practices through various yoga techniques, breath work, meditation practices and more.

Solving everyday mental & physical disorders.

Learning modules on how to conduct classes. Becoming a yoga teacher requires practice and demonstrations, guidance from senior teachers just as much as receiving education about the practices of the majestic art form. During this segment, you get the opportunity to conduct and undergo practical demonstrations on conducting yoga classes in the most efficient manner.

Self Practice of all the lessons learned during the sessions. Wednesdays and Sundays are reserved for self-practice. Self-practice is more than crucial for a deeper understanding of the art. Conducted under the guidance of certified yoga teachers and traditional yogis from Rishikesh and Kerala, self-practice forms a major core of the curriculum as it aids in analysis and further improvisation.

Study of Ayurveda science and food and understanding its role in human life. Ayurveda, the most ancient medical science that utilizes a blend of natural ingredients and organic therapy for healing the most rigorous ailments is something every yogi is advised to understand and imbibe in order to become a well-developed yoga practitioner and teacher.

Learn to prepare the body for intense yoga practice and meditation through specific yogic cleansing techniques known as the Shatkarmas or the six yogic works.

Learn the art of cooking nutritious yogic meals with our Ayurveda cooking classes. As an essential part of our program, the classes are designed to promote healthier diet and lifestyle where the yogis learn about preparing wholesome meal choices in their everyday life. Understanding the art of self-healing through Laughter Yoga Therapy. A contemporary technique based on scientifically proven theory that psychological effects of induced laughter are akin to a spontaneous one, Laughter Yoga has gained tremendous recognition across the globe. Easy to imbibe, this art can be performed by everyone irrespective of age or body type and, so it is recognized as one of the best methods for delivering a soul into a more blissful state. Indulge in spiritual proliferation and discussion in the presence of a spiritual guide by participating in soulful Satsang sessions.


Hatha Yoga – Beginner series

  • What is Hatha yoga?
  • Surya Namaskar with mantra awareness
  • Sukshma Vyama ( joints and glands exercise)
  • Standing series of asana
  • Kneeling series of asana
  • Sitting series of asana
  • Lying on stomach series of Asana
  • Supine series of asana
  • Inversion series of asana
  • Importance of sequence of asana
  • Asana benefits and its contra-indications

Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Primary Series

  • Primary Series
  • What is Vinyasa?
  • 9 Drishti in Ashtanga series
  • Importance of Ujjai and Bandha in series


  • Chest breathing v/s diaphragmatic breathings
  • What are Prana and Pranayama mean?
  • Types of Pranayama practices
  • What is Nadi?
  • What are Ida and Pingala?
  • Seven main practices of Pranayama

Yoga Philosophy -1

  • What is Darshanam?
  • What is Yoga?
  • History of Yoga
  • The four Yuga in Yogic Tradition
  • The five Kosha (bodies)
  • What is Self-Realization & Liberation? Why?
  • What is consciousness?
  • The four faculties of mind –field
  • Five Stages of Mind -Field
  • The four foundational Pillars of life
  • Intro to Ayurvedic life style
  • Intro to Yogic sleeping life style
  • Intro to Kama Sutra
  • Eight limbs of Yoga of Patanjali
  • What is waking state in Yogic Science?
  • What is dreaming state in Yogic Science?
  • What is Deep sleep state in Yogic Science?
  • What is Meditation and Yoga Nidra?

Yogic Anatomy

  • What is Yogic Anatomy and physiology?
  • Introduction of the respiratory system and yogic breathing
  • How shat kriya practices give benefits to a body?
  • How Pranayama practices give connection to a digestive and immune system?
  • How asana practices give various effects on joints, spine and muscular system?
  • The structure of the spine and its movement in yoga
  • Types of contraction in the muscular system
  • Know the basic studies and types of joints to avoid injury during Asana classes
  • Studies and discussion about spine according to a yogic point of view

Meditation -1

  • What is Meditation?
  • What is the difference between Dharna and Dhyana?
  • What are types of Meditation?
  • Breath Awareness Meditation
  • Contemplative Walking Meditation
  • Mantra Awareness Meditation
  • Inner Light Meditation
  • Full Moon Meditation

Yoga Nidra-1

  • What is sleep?
  • Three states of consciousness
  • Benefits of deep sleep
  • What is Yoga Nidra?
  • Yoga Nidra practices from Satyananda tradition
  • How Yoga Nidra practices cure insomnia problem?

Adjustment and Alignment Class-level 1

  • Six steps of doing Asana correctly
  • Workshop on side bending and front & back bending
  • How to make mind flexible by making body flexible?
  • How to use of props for protection?
  • Alternative style of Asana for various benefits
  • Various limitations and contra-indications of specific yoga practices

Shat Kriya –level 1

  • Introduction of Shat Kriyas according to classical Hatha Yoga
  • Practicum of Jal Neti and Sutra Neti (Cleansing Mucus or blockages from nasal passages and sinus)
  • Practicum of Kunjal (Cleansing the excessive mucus from the digestive tract)

Mantra -1

  • Introduction of Mantra yoga
  • Importance of (OM)-AUM
  • Mantra for Meal Purification
  • Mantra for Obstacles
  • Mantra for universal masters to bless
  • Mantra for Realization
  • Mantra for well being

Mudra -1

  • Importance of Mudra according to Hatha Yoga
  • Types of Mudra
  • Practicum of Gyana & Chin Mudra
  • Practicum of Ashwini Mudra
  • Physical, Mental and Spiritual Benefits of Mudra

Teaching Methodology-1

  • Disciplines of yoga teachers and students
  • The scope of listening, presence, directive and non-directive dialogue
  • How important is a demonstration?
  • What are the preparations for a classroom?
  • How to describe the practice, techniques, and delivery in teaching a class?
  • What are the seven steps to becoming a great Yoga teacher?


  • Nine Main Doors in Human Body
  • What & why are Yogic locks?
  • What are its preparation & its benefits?
  • Three Main Bandha
  • Moola Bandha-Root Lock

Intro to Ayurveda

  • What is Ayurveda?
  • How Ayurvedic science helps in Yogic life?
  • How six tastes can balance the mind and body?
  • What are three main mind-body constitutions?
  • What is health mean in Ayurveda?

Yogic Cooking

    • Yogic healthy Kichadi
    • Yogic herbal Tea

Practicum -1

  • How to sit for Meditation?
  • How to breathe for Yogic practices?
  • How to do digestive breathing?

Group Discussion

  • Group Discussion
  • Root cause of all pain and suffering is ignorance, how?

Yoga Dance

    Laughing Yoga



      sample daily schedule
      • 05.00 AM - 6 AM
      • .......................
      • Morning Tea
      • 06:00 AM - 07:30 AM
      • .......................
      • Hatha Yoga
      • 07:45 AM - 08:45 AM
      • .......................
      • Pranayama
      • 09:00 AM - 10:00 AM
      • .......................
      • Breakfast
      • 10:30 AM - 11:30 AM
      • .......................
      • Yoga Philosophy
      • 11:30 AM - 12:00 PM
      • .......................
      • Tea Break
      • 12:00 PM - 01:00 PM
      • .......................
      • MantraYoga/Teaching methodology
      • 01:00 PM - 01:45 PM
      • .......................
      • Lunch
      • 03:00 PM - 04:00 PM
      • .......................
      • Yoga Anatomy/Alignment Class
      • 04:00 PM - 04:15 PM
      • .......................
      • Tea Break
      • 04:15 PM - 05:45 PM
      • .......................
      • Ashtanga Yoga
      • 06:00 PM - 07:00 PM
      • .......................
      • Meditation/Yoga Nidra
      • 07.00 PM - 07:45 PM
      • .......................
      • Dinner
      schedule on sunday

      Whole day is Rest/Holiday/Field Visits

      Includes Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner in Campus

      our teacher

      In addition, we also have a team of Assistant Yoga Teachers assigned during the course of the yoga program who take you through a safe and enlightening journey of yoga and spirituality.

      Recognized Certification In 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

      Being a premium-category yoga alliance approved yoga school; we are dedicated to providing our students with the best yoga education and some of the finest resources for ideal evolution into a yoga practitioner and teacher. Of course, for any program to be successful, we expect each of our students to represent just as much will and devotion while undergoing the program. Upon successful completion of which, you shall be rewarded with 200 Hour YTTC. This shall globally validate you as 200 Hour Yoga Teacher and Practitioner exhibiting the finest standards, duly authorized by the prestigious Yoga Alliance. ​


      Imagine dwelling comfortably amidst a giant panorama of snow-laden mountains and beautiful lake side scenery. This is exactly how we accommodate our students of Rishikul Yogshala in Nepal. Furnished with all the modern amenities for a homely yogic stay, our venue in Pokhara exudes pragmatic excellence at its best. Clean, hygienic rooms with attached washrooms, twin beds, TV, light, geyser, etc. are offered to our students with the grand Annapurna landscapes in the backdrop.

      Wide and spacious rooms, plush garden area for leisure, the silent sound of the lake at the outline make up for an ideal stay for the budding yogis and provide the perfect solace for rest and self-reflection. The rooms can be availed on both single and private basis. The charges may vary according to the allotted room or suite.

      Food At Center

      The valley of Pokhara is not just eminent as the yoga and spiritual hub, it is also known for its resplendent agriculture and bountiful vegetation. We, at Rishikul Yogshala in Pokhara, Nepal utilize this wonderful feature of the place towards providing balanced nourishment of our students. Prepared by professional chefs, we serve highly palatable and wholesome organic meals, completely ‘sattvic’ in nature to our students. Owing to the rigorous demands of the program, the intent is to nourish and pamper each of our students with fresh, balanced and delectable yogic food to the utter contentment of their mind, body, and spirit.



      • Yoga in the mountains at sunrise the next day
      • Phewa lake visit with the guide
      • Cleaning of Lakeside as a part of Karma Yoga
      • Planning of trekking activities to Annapurna range
      • A glorious night’s stay in Sarangkot on full moon day. A panorama that drifts an entity into a magical outer space, a place secluded from rest of the civilization that is eminent for its enchanting beauty and serene environment looks exceptionally magical on a full moon day. Spending a night at this place on a full moon marks an experience of a lifetime which can only be cherished like an immortal memory in the heart and soul of an entity.


      By Airway : Connected internationally, the closest airport would be Tribhuvan airport is Kathmandu. Multiple flights from various destinations run to and from Kathmandu. One can land at the international airport in Kathmandu and take a bus or car ride to Pokhara.

      By Land : If you are coming to Pokhara from India, you will find multiple points of entry into Pokhara, Nepal. Some of the entry points are Kakkarbhitta (West Bengal), Biratnagar (Bihar), Birgunj (Bihar), Sunauli, Nepalgunj, Dhanagadi and Mahendranagar (all across the border from Uttar Pradesh). Take a bus and reach the destination with ease.


      • Detailed study and practice of yoga curriculum
      • 28 -Nights Comfortable accommodation
      • 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Certificate
      • Detailed teaching on Ayurveda, Pranayama, Meditation, Asanas, Sadhana, Mudras, and Mantras.
      • Nasal wash pot for Ayurvedic therapies
      • Outdoor Ayurveda therapies, dhyana and meditation
      • Ayurvedic therapies like Shirodhara, Panchakarma, Rejuvenation and Spa Therapies
      • Weekend cultural, social, and recreational activities
      • Yogic food provided for the duration of the program three times a day
      • Group discussions intended to build up your essential skills

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      • Acquire the finest and the most comprehensive education of yoga and build a lasting foundation of the science as a sincere yoga practitioner and teacher.
      • Upon successful graduation from the program, get rewarded with the global recognition status of 200 RYT (by Yoga Alliance) along with the liberty to preach the art form anywhere across the globe.
      • Gain theoretical and practical insight into the much refined and traditional practices of yoga along with its system and discipline.
      • Get rewarded with the privilege of acquiring the ideal yogic step under the expert guidance of highly evolved yoga teachers and mentors.
      • Gain the ability to undergo serious yoga practices safely and, learn to drive it towards optimum benefit.
      • Engage in spiritual or friendly exchanges with various yoga enthusiasts from across the globe. Establish bonds of a lifetime!
      • Take back a refined body, mind, soul as acquired and deserved souvenirs from the program.

      student testimonial

      Daria Shiels

      I have just completed the 200hours yoga teacher training with these guys and absolutely loved every minute of it. The course was taught by people who were not only excellent teachers but also amazing human beings who share their knowledge and space with joy.

      Gwynneth Oceana Dreaming

      A fantastic course with wonderful teachers and a mix of students from all over the globe (in the 200hr YTT course I did). In this course you receive teachings in many areas of Yoga - Asanas, Pranayama, Philosophy, Meditation, adjustment and alignment of postures, teacher methodology, Mudras, a little Mantra and even chair Yoga! (for people less mobile).