500 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Certification

  • Immerse into a complete transformation of the mind, body, and spirit. Take the first step towards self-discovery and internal evolution with detailed teachings and practice of the science of yoga. Emerge as an evolved yoga practitioner and teacher with Rishikul Yogshala’s 500 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Certification.


Pave your own way towards contentment, self-realization and internal bliss with the enhanced yoga practice and learning under the 500 Hour Yoga TTC. Fulfill your journey of yoga from a dedicated yogi to a serious practitioner into an evolved yoga teacher with our highly authentic and prestigiously recognized 500 Hour Yoga Teacher Training program in the most soulful destinations on the globe. Here are some of the reasons why 500 Hour YTTC is so highly recommended to each and every yogi aiming to become a refined yoga instructor:

  • Develop personal growth along with the priceless satisfaction of being an authentic yoga professional with advanced skills and knowledge of the science.
  • Discover the importance of yoga-centric life and imbibe it towards holistic well-being and internal evolution.
  • Get rewarded with the tools and resources for an optimistic lifestyle no matter what career path you choose to pursue.
  • Gain immense yogic knowledge as well develop confidence and self-love.

HIGHLIGHTS: 500 HOUR YOGA TTC At Rishikul Yogshala

During the 500 Hour Yoga program at Rishikul Yogshala, you shall acquire the learning and practice of Intermediate series of Ashtanga and advanced studies of Hatha Yoga postures, Meditation, Pranayama, Yoga philosophy, Yoga Anatomy, Adjustment & Alignment, Yoga Lifestyle, Teaching Methodology, and many more. Additionally, you will improve physically, mentally and spiritually as well as transform and become an inspiring yoga teacher equipped with the right tools to gain confidence to teach advanced yoga classes.

The curriculum is set in line with Yoga Alliance USA and Yoga Alliance International standards, to which the school is credited. Which means you will be an internationally recognized Yoga Teacher with the most advanced qualification as recognized by Yoga Alliance. But even if you aren’t taking the course to become certified, the 500 hour yoga teacher training course will deepen your personal practice and facilitate a wonderful environment for personal growth!

Core Subjects Undertaken During 500 Hour YTTC

Hatha Yoga

Acquire the intricacies of the traditional Hatha style as mentioned in the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali. From Hatha Yoga Primary Series to Advanced Series, our teachers shall walk you through a complete journey of mental, physical, and spiritual transformation through the classical learning and practices of Hatha Yoga.

Ashtanga Yoga (in-depth study and practice)

Master the Vinyasa Primary Series under the guidance of our esteemed teachers and further get trained in the intermediate series. Your body and mind shall be developed to adapt to this highly reformative traditional style of yoga during our 500 Hour YTTC program.

Yoga Philosophy

Lead towards the path of self-realization, inner liberation as our teachers shall further take you towards a detailed understanding of the various stages in the attainment of Samadhi. References from the great book of Bhagavad Gita along with the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali are undertaken during the Yoga Philosophy sessions.


During our 500 Hour YTTC, progress through various stages of distinct meditation techniques during the program -- from Breath Awareness, Mindfulness, Full Moon towards Chakra Awareness, Third Eye, Yantra Mediation for complete attainment of peace, contentment, self-realization, and love.


Acquire the understanding and the innate ability to channel your breath in order to bring about great inner transformation and healing. During the 500 Hour Yoga TTC at Rishikul, you shall be taken through the complete understanding of breath work and its relevance to the yogic science including the understanding of Panch Prana and the awakening of Sushumna Energy.

Yoga Nidra

Discover the cure for insomnia through the practice of Yoga Nidra Meditation, traditionally discussed in the Satyananda tradition. Grasp a thorough understanding of Lucid Dreams and Intuitive Dreams, achievement of the complete restful state through the deep internal practices of Yogic Sleep as studied in the Himalayan tradition.

Yogic Anatomy

During the Yoga Anatomy sessions under 500 Hour YTTC, you shall acquire in-depth understanding of the relevance of Pranayama, Shatkriya practices with respect to the body’s anatomical composition in amplifying the practices of yoga. Understand the human anatomy and its relation with the chakras along with thorough study of the Nadi and Pranic Currents in the Nervous System.

Adjustment and Alignment Class

From working the various steps to performing asanas correctly without posing the risk of injury, progress towards modifying the practice sessions according to the requirements and limitations during the Adjustment and Alignment classes of the 500 hour Yoga TTC at Rishikul Yogshala. Adapt to the science of balancing the body weight towards feeling infinity within. Gain a detailed understanding of the body on mental, physical, and emotional levels.


During the 500 Hour Yoga program, our teachers and experts shall take you through the practical applications and complete theoretical implications of the six yogic purification techniques in the science of Yoga.

Mantra Yoga

Journey through various stages of Mantra Yoga from achieving the Mantra for holistic well-being to acquiring the Mantra for purification and creating an eternal bond between a teacher and a student.

Teaching Methodology

There is an entire learning process involved in the evolution of becoming a great yoga teacher of the sacred science of yoga. During our 500 Hour Yoga program, you shall walk through various stages of emergence and evolution into a full-fledged yoga teacher exhibiting the finest skills, confidence, discipline, and ethics of imparting the art to others.


Hatha Yoga (Beginner Level – Advanced Level)

Part -1

  • What is Hatha yoga?
  • Surya Namaskar with mantra awareness
  • Sukshma Vyama ( joints and glands exercise)
  • Standing series of asana
  • Kneeling series of asana
  • Sitting series of asana
  • Lying on stomach series of Asana
  • Supine series of asana
  • Inversion series of asana
  • Importance of sequence of asana
  • Asana benefits and its contra-indications

Part -2

  • Hatha Yoga – Advance Classical And Traditional Style
  • Chandra Namaskar With Chakra Awareness
  • Primary + Advance Series Of Joints And Glands Exercise
  • Balancing Series Of Asana
  • Core Practices Of Asana
  • Difference B/W Hatha And Ashtanga Yoga
  • Twisting Series Of Asana
  • 4 Important Meditative Postures
  • Study of Asana as more than a Physical Exercise
  • Shankprashalana Asana Series For Cleaning Abdomen
  • Asana according to Patanjali

Ashtanga Yoga (Beginner Level – Advanced Level)

Part -1

  • Primary Series
  • What is Vinyasa?
  • 9 Drishti in Ashtanga series
  • Importance of Ujjai and Bandha in series

Part 2-

  • Primary and Intermediate Series
  • Flexibility And Strength For Series
  • Importance To Have Much Water In Body To Do Series
  • Importance Of Sequence And Systematic Flow

Yoga Philosophy/ Yoga Lifestyle (Beginner Level – Advanced Level)

Part -1

  • What is Darshanam?
  • What is Yoga?
  • History of Yoga
  • The four Yuga in Yogic Tradition
  • The five Kosha (bodies)
  • What is Self-Realization & Liberation? Why?
  • What is consciousness?
  • The four faculties of mind –field
  • Five Stages of Mind -Field
  • The four foundational Pillars of life
  • Intro to Ayurvedic life style
  • Intro to Yogic sleeping life style
  • Intro to Kama Sutra
  • Eight limbs of Yoga of Patanjali
  • What is waking state in Yogic Science?
  • What is dreaming state in Yogic Science?
  • What is Deep sleep state in Yogic Science?
  • What is Meditation and Yoga Nidra?

Part -2

  • Study of Kundalini and Chakra
  • Study of Karma Yoga, Bhakti Yoga, Raja Yoga, Swara Yoga and Tantra Yoga
  • Study of Yoga in connection with Gita
  • Health Maintenance and Benefits of Yoga
  • Study of Nourishing the Body
  • Karma And Non-Attachment In Yogic Dimensions
  • Four Level Of Consciousness
  • Kundalini Awakening
  • Keys to Successful Living In Yogic Science
  • Meditation And The Spiritual Heart
  • Intuitive Dream and Lucid Dream
  • Meaning of Birth And Death In Yogic Science
  • Reincarnation In Spiritual Science
  • 6 Main Obstacles In The Path Of Yoga
  • Samadhi and Its Study

Levels of Concentration and Meditation (Beginner Level – Advanced Level)

Part -1

  • What is Meditation?
  • What is difference the between Dharna and Dhyana?
  • What are types of Meditation?
  • Breath Awareness Meditation
  • Contemplative Walking Meditation
  • Mantra Awareness Meditation
  • Inner Light Meditation
  • Full Moon Meditation

Part -2

  • Obstacles to Meditation
  • Witnessing Meditation
  • Chakra Awareness Meditation
  • Yantra Awareness Meditation
  • Root Mantra Awareness Meditation
  • Non Duality Awareness Meditation
  • Open Eye Meditation
  • Third Eye Meditation

Pranayama – Swara Yoga (Beginner Level – Advanced Level)

Part -1

  • Chest breathing v/s Diaphragmatic breathings
  • What are Prana and Pranayama mean?
  • Types of Pranayama practices
  • What is Nadi?
  • What are Ida and Pingala?
  • Seven main practices of Pranayama

Part -2

  • Pancha Prana( The Five Vital Force)
  • Kumbhaka (Retention )
  • Importance Of Sushumna
  • Nature And Activities Of Ida, Pingala & Sushumna
  • Awakening Of Sushumna Energy
  • Tuning Of Nadi By Nadi Shodhanam

Yoga Anatomy and Physiology (Beginner Level – Advanced Level)

Part -1

  • What is Yogic Anatomy and Physiology?
  • Introduction of respiratory system and yogic breathing
  • How Shat kriya practices benefit the body?
  • How Pranayama practices are connected to the digestive and immune system?
  • How asana practices give various effects on joints, spine, and muscular system?
  • The structure of spine and its movement in Yoga
  • Types of contraction in muscular system
  • Know the basic studies and types of joints to avoid injury during asana classes
  • Studies and discussion about spine according to yogic point of view

Part -2

  • Familiarity With Major Systems In The Body
  • Review Of Yogic Digestive System And Respiratory System
  • Shankprashalana Effective Practice In Upper And Lower Abdomen
  • Effects Of Pranayama On Cardio-Vascular System
  • Benefits Of Asana On Muscular System
  • Anatomy Of Glands And Its Connections To Chakras
  • Importance Of Master Gland To Know The Value Of Third Eye In Yoga
  • Anatomy Of Nervous System With Understanding Nadi And Pranic Currents
  • Chakra Meditation for the Glands

Adjustment and Alignment (Beginner Level – Advanced Level)

Part -1

  • Six steps of doing Asana correctly
  • Workshop on side bending and front & back bending
  • How to make mind flexible by making body flexible?
  • How to use props for protection?
  • Alternative style of Asana for various benefits
  • Various limitations and contra-indications of specific yoga practices

Part -2

  • Art Of Adjustment Yoga For Daily Life
  • Workshop On Twisting Postures
  • Understanding each and every detail of the whole Body, its Emotions, and Vibrations while doing Asana
  • Balancing the Body Weight to Feel the Infinity Within
  • Modifying the Asana practice according to individual’s Limitations

Mantra (Beginner Level – Advanced Level)

Part -1

  • Introduction to Mantra yoga
  • Importance of (OM)-AUM
  • Mantra for Meal Purification
  • Mantra for Obstacles
  • Mantra for Universal Masters to Bless
  • Mantra for Realization
  • Mantra for Well being

Part -2

  • Introduction Of Ajapa Japa
  • Importance Of So-HUM
  • Invocation Mantra For Patanjali
  • Mantra For Completeness
  • Mantra For Awakening Wisdom
  • Mantra For Fearlessness Life
  • Mantra For Divine Love Between Teacher & Student

Mudra (Beginner Level – Advanced Level)

Part -1

  • Importance of Mudra according to Hatha Yoga
  • Types of Mudra
  • Practicum of Gyana & Chin Mudra
  • Practicum of Ashwini Mudra
  • Physical, Mental and Spiritual Benefits of Mudra

Part -2

  • Practicum of Asana Mudra
  • Practicum of Prana Mudra
  • Practicum of Psychic Mudra
  • Preparation of Mudra for Bandha
  • Meaning of Yoga Mudra

Yoga Nidra (Beginner Level – Advanced Level)

Part -1

  • What is sleep?
  • Three states of consciousness
  • Benefits of deep sleep
  • What is Yoga Nidra?
  • Yoga Nidra practices from Satyananda tradition
  • How Yoga Nidra practices cure insomnia problem?

Part -2

  • Study of Lucid Dreams
  • Study of Intuitive Dreams
  • Role of Yoga Nidra in Developing Intuition
  • Yoga Nidra Practices From Himalayan Tradition
  • Implications of Resting The Mind in Heart Center
  • Yoga Nidra and Its Common Assumptions
  • Shatkriya (Beginner Level – Advanced Level)

    Part -1

    • Introduction to Shat Kriyas according to classical Hatha Yoga
    • Practicum of Jal Neti and Sutra Neti (Cleansing Mucus or blockages from nasal passages and sinus)
    • Practicum of Kunjal (Cleansing the excessive mucus from the digestive track)

    Part -2

    • Practicum Of Trataka (Cleansing And Preparation For Concentration And Improves Eye Sight Through Candle Light)
    • Practicum Of Shankaprashalana For Cleaning Of Lower Abdomen
    • Practicum Of Herbal Steam Inhalation For Sinus And Migraine Issues

    Bandhas (Beginner Level – Advanced Level)

    Part -1

    • Nine Main Doors in Human Body
    • Why and what are Yogic locks?
    • What are the preparation & its benefits?
    • Three Main Bandha
    • Moola Bandha-Root Lock

    Part -2

    • Uddyana Bandha
    • Jalandhar Bandha
    • Maha Bandha
    • Importance of Maha Bandha
    • Benefits and contra-indications


    Part -1

    • Workshop
    • Sushumna Application

    Practicum (Beginner Level – Advanced Level)

    Part -1

    • How to sit for Meditation?
    • How to breathe for Yogic practices?
    • How to do digestive breathing?

    Part -2

    • Adjusting in Shavasana
    • Diagnosing the blood pressure system
    • 1:4 breathing for emotion purification

    Group Discussion

    Part -1

    • The Root cause of all pain and suffering is ignorance, how?

    Teaching Methodology (Beginner Level – Advanced Level)

    Part -1

    • Disciplines of yoga teachers and students
    • The scope of listening, presence, directive and non-directive dialogue
    • How important is a demonstration?
    • What are the preparations for a class room?
    • How to describe the practice, techniques, and delivery in teaching a class?
    • What are the seven steps to becoming a great Yoga teacher?

    Part -2

    • Building A Social Relationship Between Teachers And Students
    • Inspiring And Motivating In Difficult Situation
    • Developing confidence while Teaching and sharing the Yogic Practices
    • Inculpating a Multi Style Lesson Plan And Instructing Skills
    • Benefits And Limitations
    • Delivering an Effective Feedback to Aspirants
    • Workshop On Inversion Postures

    Intro to Ayurveda

    Intro to Ayurveda

    • What is Ayurveda?
    • How Ayurvedic science helps in Yogic life?
    • How six tastes can balance the mind and body?
    • What are three main mind body constitutions?
    • What does health mean in Ayurveda?

    Yogic Cooking

    Yogic Cooking

    • Yogic healthy Kichadi
    • Yogic herbal Tea
    • Group Discussion

    Where To Earn 500 Hour YTTC?


    From breathtaking scenery to the most holistic spaces for a binding yoga practice, Rishikul Yogshala takes special care to provide its students with the best of ambiance, destination and facilities for undergoing highly invigorating program. Depending on your feasibility and comfort, you may choose to go for 500 Hour Yoga TTC at any of our following locations:

    500 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh, India

    The holy capital of yoga, Rishikesh in India puts forth truly soul-triggering yogic experiences for its yogis. Situated by the bank of the sacred river Ganges, in the panoramic embrace of the Himalayas, snuggled away on a quaint hill top, the town continues to inspire some of the most revered yogis, gurus, spiritualists into its lap. Owing to its traditional yogic heritage, we offer 500 Hour Yoga TTC program at our very headquarters in Rishikesh, India.

    500 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Varkala, Kerala, India

    Travel to the treasure land of healing sciences, breath taking flora, to the most mesmerizing wildlife, and the land where the traditional spirit of Ayurveda lies. Kerala in India is another one of our chosen destinations for 500 Hour YTTC program. The 2-Month Yoga Training is conducted by the most gorgeous and crystal clear beaches of Varkala at our center in Kerala. Globally renowned as one of the top ten locations for immersing in natural beauty, the country of Kerala awaits you to come explore its Yogic and Ayurveda treasures under the shadow of highly acclaimed yoga teachers of Rishikul Yogshala.

    500 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Pokhara, Nepal

    Immerse in in-depth learning and practice of yoga in the salubrious environment of Nepal. The snow-capped mountains, the gently flowing river streams, the traditional culture of the country, its amicable people, the lush green agricultural fields, all put together in harmony take you through a highly meditative experience in the country. Not only that, the country is also symbolic of being the ancient land of learning and preaching the science of meditation owing to its history and heritage. We conduct the much-detailed 500 Hour Yoga TTC in Pokhara region, the lustrous valley of Nepal

    Why Enroll Into 500 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Program With Us?

    Rishikul Yogshala is certified by Yoga Alliance USA and Yoga Alliance International.

    Our dedicated instructors continuously work to add a deeper meaning to their student’s relationship with a yogic lifestyle.

    The entire course is conducted seamlessly and aimed at improving yogis from all walks of life.

    The teachers are extremely experienced, deeply love their respected field and they know how to share that with the students.

    We provide our students “MORE THAN JUST A TEACHER TRAINING”. We provide them an experience they shall cherish for a lifetime. We help them undergo an evolution from an aspiring yogi to a great yoga teacher and practitioner. Additionally, we create a balanced multi-ethnic environment for our students, who hail from various corners of the globe. Along with comfortable accommodation furnished with all the modern amenities, we also ensure that each of our student is well fed with wholesome yogic meals served at our ashram.

    Our course aims to craft a confident and refined yoga teacher in each student so that you are able to spread an authentic view of yogic sciences across the globe. If you are self-motivated and passionate about yogic science you will find a welcoming home at Rishikul Yogshala.

    Food And Accommodation

    Accommodation For the next two months, your life is going to change and manifest itself in unimaginable and truly optimistic ways. We, at Rishikul Yogshala, recognize the vitality of a peaceful resting place where an aspirant can deeply immerse themselves in the sacred teachings of yoga. And so, each of our students is accommodated in a quaint, hygienic, and cozy room set within the premises of the school. The rooms are well-facilitated with the basic amenities for a comfortable stay including lights, TV, fan, geyser, attached washroom, private seating area, etc. The rooms are available on both sharing and private basis. Air conditioned rooms are also available on request. Extra charges applicable to the same.

    Accommodation For the next two months, your life is going to change and manifest itself in unimaginable and truly optimistic ways. We, at Rishikul Yogshala, recognize the vitality of a peaceful resting place where an aspirant can deeply immerse themselves in the sacred teachings of yoga. And so, each of our students is accommodated in a quaint, hygienic, and cozy room set within the premises of the school. The rooms are well-facilitated with the basic amenities for a comfortable stay including lights, TV, fan, geyser, attached washroom, private seating area, etc. The rooms are available on both sharing and private basis. Air conditioned rooms are also available on request. Extra charges applicable to the same.
    Food Feed your body and heart with our freshly-prepared delectable yogic food served thrice a day at the school. The food is prepared in healing herbs by our professional chefs who specialize in the science of Ayurvedic Cooking. Along with an assortment of wholesome Vedic meal choices, we also serve replenishing herbal drinks. If you have any particular aversion to vegetarian food may let us know in prior. We would love to serve some of our most amazing vegan meals choices to you.

    Food Feed your body and heart with our freshly-prepared delectable yogic food served thrice a day at the school. The food is prepared in healing herbs by our professional chefs who specialize in the science of Ayurvedic Cooking. Along with an assortment of wholesome Vedic meal choices, we also serve replenishing herbal drinks. If you have any particular aversion to vegetarian food may let us know in prior. We would love to serve some of our most amazing vegan meals choices to you.

    Who Is The Program Ideal For?


    The 500 hour yoga teacher training course is a combination of the 200 hour YTTC during the first month and the 300 hour YTTC during the second month.

    Spreading the traditions of yoga to students across the globe, the 500 hour yoga teacher training is designed for those wishing for a deeper more intense life-changing experience.

    Perfect for those:
    • Who are entirely dedicated and focused on becoming Yoga teachers of the finest standards.
    • Looking for a complete detoxification from their existing lives and want to emerge in yogic science.
    • Intermediate practitioners who want to advance and deepen their knowledge.
    • Aspiring to acquire the highest level of the Yoga Alliance teaching certificate.
    • Willing to take the course there is a need for a prior base of yogic learning, along with a dedication to study and participate in all classes as per the schedule. A dedication to enhancing standards of teaching to a higher level and deepen a true yogic knowledge, in a safe and authentic environment is required. The course is intense as it is covered over 2 months with few days off and students must understand that prior to attending

    What To Do After 500 Hour Yoga TTC?

    Upon earning the highly recognized and cherished title of being a 500 Hour Yoga Teacher, the sky is the limit. You may continue the divine path of yoga as a crucial messenger and preacher of its healing treasures to the world. Or, you can venture even further and enroll in specialized yoga programs. Our 500 Hour YTT certification also validates your credentials as an evolved yoga teacher and practitioner exhibiting the finest standards of the art on a global spectrum. This validation awards you the privilege of getting the prestigious title and recognition under Yoga Alliance as the 500 RYT (Registered Yoga Teacher).

    Rewards Of 500 Hour Yoga Instructor Training CERTIFICATION

    • Earn the credentials of a 500 Hour Yoga Teacher exhibiting the highest trademark of yoga education.
    • Gain validation of being a globally-recognized Yoga Teacher and preach the message of yoga across the globe
    • Acquire Basic – Intermediate- Advanced techniques of the traditional forms of yoga under the esteemed shadow of highly experienced teachers of Rishikul Yogshala.
    • Acquire the ability to conduct and mold your yoga practices for procuring unique benefits.
    • Develop the skill, expertise, and confidence of conducting yoga classes of various levels – from basic to advance.
    • Adapt to the craft and finesse of performing and successfully transitioning through the most complex postures with ease, safety, and confidence.
    • Become a crucial member of the Rishikul Yogshala family for life.
    • Evolve from a yogi to a recognized preacher of the art with this wonderful yoga program.
    • Undergo a spiritually elevating, physically reformative, and mentally aspiring journey of yoga in its purest form with us.

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    student testimonial

    Daria shiels

    I have just completed the 200hours yoga teacher training with these guys and absolutely loved every minute of it. The course was taught by people who were not only excellent teachers but also amazing human beings who share their knowledge and space with joy.

    Tanya Didovic

    We visited Rishikul Yogshala for the second time this February, the first was in July 2013. That visit changed my life so completely and in such a fulfilling way - I just felt drawn back to this school and their teachers. I am so happy I did return. Being around such inspiring, energetic and wise people, I feel truly blessed and moreover, I feel like it's more than I deserve. They are so full of life lessons I wouldn't have learnt at home, they inspire me to be a better person. Their warmth, energy and inspiration was like a recharge for me in such a way that upon returning, everyone told me I am glowing. I feel humble and grateful for this experience and I hope I will be able to give forth what they've given me, even if it's only a fraction; thank you for this amazing experience. I will be back!

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