An ideal form of exercise and environment are crucial for savoring a healthy body and mind. Likewise, an accommodation is also a crucial component in making the experience of Yoga more comforting and worthwhile. Living in the close embrace of nature in itself is a refreshing experience. The guests and students are warmly welcomed into the humble abode of Rishikul Yogshala. Enjoy stunning views from the windows spanning from the majestic Himalayas to the Holy Ganges at our School. The rooms offer panoramic views of the town with lush green glimpses of the misty Himalayas. The participants are accommodated in hygienic and comfortable rooms on a private and sharing basis. All the rooms are well-facilitated with contemporary facilities such as twin beds, lights, television, private and clean washrooms with 24*7 hot running shower facilities, etc., for an optimal convenience of our students. Each room also has a study area, coffee table, and a chair, including free Wi-Fi access for our students and guests. Most rooms have a private balcony to immerse in the beauty of Rishikesh and to spend some leisure time in Self-reflection. The beds of the rooms have comfortable mattresses ensuring peaceful nights and window drapes for a restful slumber. A tranquil location for inspiration and a cozy accommodation for a peaceful stay is what we have here for our Rishikul Yogis.



Our exquisite facility features elegant cocoon styled cottages, constructed with wooden furniture amidst the tropical land of Varkala. The rooms boast big windows that are specially installed to provide an incredible view of the lush green surroundings. To minimize the inconvenience and maximize comfort for guests, the rooms are equipped with numerous modern facilities. The resort sits peacefully away from the beach and is surrounded by 1500 palm trees to maintain a sense of serenity. A magnificent lake runs alongside the boundary of the resort that adds up to the elegance and sophistication of the location.