10 Things To Do After Finishing Your Yoga Teacher Training

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By Rishikul Yogshala

September 5, 2019

Yoga Teacher Training is an incredible opportunity to seep into the ancient and divine teachings of Yoga. It teaches you valuable fine skills such as patient listening, developing integrity, building compassion, efficiently self-analyzing, and molding you into a better human being altogether. The course not only teaches Yoga but radically transforms one’s lifestyle in a positive way, bringing in mindfulness, spiritual enlightenment, and mental equilibrium. 

As you near the end of your course, you will stumble upon various questions – What do I do after this? How do I pursue a career in this field? What are the steps? And so on. 

But don’t worry, take a deep breath and relax because we have got your back! Here is a list of the ten most obvious and basic things you can do after finishing the Yoga Teacher Training course.

Get Registered With The Yoga Alliance 

Every Yoga School is registered with the Yoga Alliance, the largest nonprofit organization that strives to support high-quality, secure, and easily accessible teachings of Yoga. Having pursued a Yoga Teacher Training Course from one of these schools, the next step you need to do is to obtain your certification from the school. These certifications act as a portfolio for when you desire to get into a registered Yoga school as a Yoga trainer or as proof, allowing you access to opening your very own registered Yoga institution and providing your own Yoga training services. 

Move Ahead In Taking Further Education

Everyone has room for improvement, whether you have pursued a beginner course or are done with the advanced levels. Fundamentally, there are four levels in a Yoga training program: the 100, 200, 300, and 500 hours of Teacher Training. After pursuing the initial courses, you can move further into more advanced levels or consider taking specialization courses to expand your abilities. 

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Get CPR/EFAC Certification

Getting CPR/EFAC training is highly recommended to ensure your pupils are in safe hands. Being equipped with experience and knowledge of executing the right protocol in a medical emergency not only upgrades your professionalism but also makes your students feel secure. They would be more relaxed and carefree in pursuing their Yoga Journey without stressing about injuries or problems that may come their way.

A yoga instructor with CPR training has lifesaving abilities that hold precious value extending beyond the mat.

Gain Experience

Once you finish your Yogic studies, it is vital to gain more experience in this field by assisting in Yoga classes. Consider this a form of an internship, where you can learn, network with people, observe experienced Yoga Teachers, and understand the groundwork. The more experience you gain, the more confident you become in imparting your knowledge to others. 

Purchase Liability Insurance

Most Yoga studios cover your liability insurance when they hire you. But, if that’s not the case, purchasing one is critical, especially when planning on starting your own venture or a home yoga studio. Liability insurance is a small investment that is beneficial in the long term.

Create Yoga Resume

After completing your Yoga Teacher Training and acquiring all the necessary documents, the next step is to prepare a professional resume. A good resume comprehensively enlists: 

  • All your education qualifications, 
  • Professional teaching experience
  • Work history in chronological order. 
  • The list of certifications you hold, and 
  • The liability insurance you’ve purchased

Most Yoga professionals also add a section where they flaunt their specializations and the style of Yoga they’re into, their missions, and overall objectives. It creates an impressive overview of your personality as a Yoga instructor.

Make Yourself Visible

Finding information and connecting with different services that attract us has become effortless in the modern world. A social presence has become invaluable in promoting a broader reach to the right audience.

Hence, creating a website or a social account like Facebook and sharing your valuable thoughts and insights about your Yoga training can help in building an authentic account of yours. 

Word of mouth has a strong influence in this field. Therefore, you can upload instructional Yoga videos or write blogs or other online content revolving around the knowledge you received about Yoga to engage your audience. 

Expand your visibility in the Yoga community. You never know who can find you their inspiration and aspire to seek training under your guidance. 

Widen Your Network

Keep in touch with the Yoga community by attending local workshops, searching for new studios to visit, participating in Yoga events, and welcoming opportunities to connect with other Yoga instructors and professionals. It will make you known in the community, and you will get to meet and learn a lot from the experience of some great Yogis along the way.

Fix Your Pricing

Once you’ve understood the basics of the Yoga industry, you can think about calculating your financial worth in teaching. Start by researching the range of pricing in other institutions for the type of training you want to provide. Since you are just starting, your services may cost low, but as you gain experience, your prices may upgrade, too. Determining your charges will also help you manage your financial aid and cover the costs of your education and venture set-up. 

Keep Practicing

Obtaining a Yoga Teacher Training Certification is not the end. You need to continue practicing and seeking experience. Losing track of consistent practice may show in your Yoga training and performing abilities. Your mind and body need daily fuel of movement to stay in sync. 

Stay with a beginner mindset and keep exploring areas where you lack and improvise in them because there is always something we can learn, and that wisdom can come from anywhere, be it from a veteran or your own pupil. 

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Final Words

Completing a course is a significant milestone in life. All your hard work will eventually pay off if you stay patient and embrace this journey of perpetual growth toward physical and spiritual harmony. With love and reverence in your heart for what you do, you can fulfill all your dreams.


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