7 Epic Destinations for 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in India

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The Spiritual Power Of Chanting Gayatri Mantra (गायत्री मंत्र)

By Rishikul Yogshala

July 15, 2024

It’s time to finish your search and finally get engaged in the practice of Yoga. Get this wholesome experience, and give a boost to your personal and professional growth. The 200-hour yoga teacher training is an opportunistic program that shapes you skillfully to become an established yoga teacher. If you are willing to take your yoga practice to a higher level, then it’s important to find the best destination where all the original teachings are being distributed. Since India is the birth land of Yoga, it has legitimate knowledge straight from the Vedas.

Take the Wellness Program at any of these 7 Best Destinations for 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in India.


The most loved and famous yoga destination in the world! At the yoga capital, you will find plenty of benefitting reasons to visit this location like natural ambiance, highly experienced yoga gurus, a spiritual environment, and also the like-minded people. It is also considered a holy land since ancient times and has the sacred river, Ganga. This peaceful place has many historic sites and is religiously active. Rishikesh is located beautifully in the lap of the Himalayas in the northern part of India in the state of Uttarakhand. There are various yoga centers and ashrams here, where you can expand your knowledge of yoga, learn the physical forms like Hatha Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga under good expertise.

Rishikesh has all the rewarding elements that reform an individual with the practice of Yoga. Other than the 200 hour yoga teacher training in Rishikesh, there are intermediate and advanced courses of 300 hours and 500-hours too. In the divinity of Rishikesh, you can create a balanced and harmonized self.



Kerala is the home of Ayurvedic science and herbal medicine. The lush greenery and beautiful houseboats in the backwaters add more life to this city. People call it ‘God’s own abode’. It is an ideal destination for those who are seeking peace and healing. Some of the popular activities in Kerala are Ayurvedic retreats, treatments, therapies, massages, and Yoga. It is the perfect place to maintain mental and physical health. What else does a yogi need?

Kerala is situated in Malabar Coast and is also known for its tea and coffee plantations. So, there are a lot of things and places to explore while you are in Kerala. The most useful and valuable activity would certainly be the Yoga teacher training as Kerala has something more to offer in its YTT, the practice of Kalaripayattu – the ancient form of martial art in India.  



Well, we are sure you have heard about this gorgeous tourist destination in India. It is undoubtedly the most happening place in the country, famous for its beach life, cafes, beach parties, and festivals. What most people aren’t aware of is that there is a completely different side to Goa – the one that takes you to a journey of self-discovery. Yoga in Goa is a unique opportunity to indulge in the practice of this ancient art under the guidance of some of the best teachers. Over the past few years, Goa has witnessed the emergence of numerous yoga teacher training centers and yoga retreats attracting people from different parts of the globe. The Portuguese style houses and landscape gardens of palm trees make the experience even more beautiful. Here, you can have the best of both worlds.

Goa has plenty of Yoga schools and retreat centers which are also focused on Ayurvedic practices. When monsoon season is over, the institutes are opened again for the yogi practitioners to enroll in.



Auroville is located in Puducherry, South India. This place is driven towards spiritual awakening and deep relaxation. It is home for integral yoga practices like Hatha Yoga, intense Meditation, dhyana, and sadhanas, and Pranayama activities. Teachings of Sri Aurobindo are still being taught in the city to share the ancient wisdom for mental peace, and maintenance of overall health. Yogis are naturally attracted to this peaceful place for its vibrant energy and spiritual vision.

It is a popular destination amongst the masses and seekers, especially for Matrimandir – a magnificent structure that symbolizes and encourages consciousness. Auroville is not a tourist destination, but rather a silent place towards spiritual discovery. Cut out from the world, just for a few days and live a simple life of a yogi here.



If you are a trekker and also a yogi, then there is nothing better than Dharamshala to bring back the lost Zen into your life. Here you can go for short or long treks in your day time and camp under the stars, and on the other hand you can practice and (maybe pose) on the top of the mountains. Travelers love McLeodganj which is in Dharamshala where you can find beautiful earthy cafes and libraries. This place is also cherished for its adapted Tibetan culture, brought up by his holiness, the Dalai Lama, as he chose to take refuge in Dharamshala out of all the places in the world. The elevated practice of Buddhism, yoga, meditation and mantra chanting in this quaint location, transfers the spiritual energy to the rest of the world in a joyful manner.

You can stay in budget as the place is comparatively cheaper, and still gain the optimum knowledge of Yoga. You will get to come across many monks who can share their personal way of inviting peace and happiness, which you can implement in your yogic practices. In the ‘land of Gods’ or Himachal Pradesh, one can really feel the pure vibe in the clean air.



Varanasi is about 3000 years old when it comes to Indian tradition or history. It is a pilgrimage location where the intensity towards puja’s and aarti’s is highly energizing. Varanasi or Banaras is the holiest city of India for the Hindus and the sacred river Ganga flows by it. Varanasi is also the most-loved center for spiritualism, Yoga, mysticism, Ayurveda, and more. At this place, one can get rid of their negative energies, by purifying themselves with detoxification methods and cleansing operations under the specialized yoga gurus.

Varanasi has a variety of holy sites, temples like Shakti Peethas, Kashi Vishwanath temple, which are mostly dedicated to Lord Shiva. This place has housed many yoga schools over the years for yoga enthusiasts to flourish in a divine setting. Gain the traditional knowledge here, learn and master yoga by polishing your techniques and skills in an ambient environment.



Mysore is a part of South India and is considered as the birthplace of modern or 20th century Yoga. Mysore is one of the best destinations to learn 200-hour yoga teacher training because of its rich yogic lineage and in-depth understanding of ancient and modern Yoga. The globally recognized teachings of Sri Krishnamacharya and his students, more specifically Sri K. Pattabhi Jois and Sri BKS Iyengar have helped tremendously to shape the yogic practice in this beautiful city. They have been the root cause through which the yogic knowledge has gained the attention of the Western world. Ashtanga Yoga was founded by Sri K. Pattabhi Jois which has gained popularity worldwide.

There are beautiful palaces and temples in the city including the Mysore Palace. Chamundi Hill is another hill that is famous for its reflecting views. So, you can enjoy the surroundings while finessing your art of Yoga at this knowledgeable city of Ashtanga Yoga. Learn the various authentic forms and asanas directly under the lineage of the creators, as they are not commercially driven, but rather passionate to keep alive the true art of yoga.

Final Words

All of these destinations are highly appreciated by the people of India and western countries for the amount of wisdom they shower with the use of Yoga to make the lives of people better. The 200 hour Yoga teacher training is just a tool that harnesses your mental, physical, and spiritual being. This alignment is necessary for people to function in a more productive way. This training comes with certification, the most reputable one is the Yoga Alliance certificate because of its unbelievable push to kick-start your professional career in Yoga.

You may not realize the importance of destinations until you start your yoga practice and start craving for a quiet or isolated place with no disturbances whatsoever. Especially for beginners, the practice of Yoga should be done in a more peaceful region to nurture self-awareness and self-consciousness, which is the first step of Yoga. After they get the hang of it on how to control the mind, they can build the power to do yoga at any place regardless of noises and population. The benefits and rewards of Yoga come with patience and consistent practice. So, don’t lose hope in the middle, and keep exploring yourself and the spiritual world to magnify your potential, inner-power by bridging it with the universal force.   Unlock your potential with advanced Yoga techniques, join yoga teacher training in India.

Pick your favorite destination, and start today!

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