7 Excellent Health Benefits of Kapalbhati Pranayama

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The Spiritual Power Of Chanting Gayatri Mantra (गायत्री मंत्र)

By Rishikul Yogshala

June 3, 2019

Kapalbhati Pranayama is an effective Yoga practice which can give birth to a refreshing life. It is a Sanskrit word, where ‘Kapal’ means ‘forehead’ and ‘Bhati’ means ‘shining’, and Pranayama is the breathing technique. The regular practice Kapalbhati gives you a shining, illustrious forehead, and also a bright intellect.

Many years ago, breathing exercises were believed to help people in their daily lives, and overall well-being. It is a method of purification, and also a great detoxifying technique of ancient times. This practice of Yoga helps in oxygenating your mind by building smooth paths in your head and by fixing the broken edges. The brain needs rest, self-care, and a healthy environment to function in a proper manner. This can be achieved with the power of Yoga, and nourishing ingredients of Pranayama.

This is a Shat-Kriya process which helps to flush out the toxins from your body, by cleansing you entirely.  A tough day can make you frustrated, creating a dull and lifeless environment, oozing out tiredness, further making it difficult for you to relax at your own space.

Steps To Do Kapalbhati Pranayama

  • Sit in Sukhasana, and place each of your arms on both your knees.
  • Your palms should face up, and each of your thumbs should touch the index finger making a circle.
  • Now close your eyes, and inhale deeply by filling your lungs with the serene environment to rest within you, and a better life that awaits you.
  • Focus on the light coming in from the central point of your forehead.
  • Exhale the negativity, confusions, self-harming elements, toxic personalities from your life and mind.
  • Do repetitions for at least 15 minutes at the minimum to gain amazing results, and practice this more often if you feel stuck in life’s situations.

Types Of Kapalbhati Pranayama

There are three types of Kapalbhati Pranayama or three ways to perform this beneficial yogic practice.

  • Vatakrama Kapalbhati (active exhalation, passive inhalation).
  • Vyutkrama Kapalbhati (sniff in water with your nostrils, let it flow down your throat, and spit it out from your mouth)
  • Sheetkrama Kapalbhati (sip water from your mouth, and take it out with your nostrils- the opposite of the Vyutkrama Kapalbhati)

Practice it daily on an empty stomach in the morning, and make your day supremely energetic by making it count to experience the health benefits of Kapalbhati Pranayama.

Benefits Of Kapalbhati Pranayama

  • Weight Loss

    Tone your abdominal part and encourage weight loss with the efficient practices of Pranayama. It would be a disappointment if a literate person questions the possibilities of losing fat with the help of breathing exercises. Let the transfer of oxygen do the honors and you can maintain that by being self-disciplined.
    It handles and cuts down obesity.

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  • Mental Agility

    A healthy body is a reflection of a healthy mind. Kapalbhati plays an exclusive role when your mind has stopped humming songs, and your body has stopped jumping around. The soul of your life lies in every breath you take. Repeated circles will filter your brain with positive affirmations, focus, and confidence to embrace the lost compassion in you.

    This Pranayama activity will make your brain light, and heart blossom.
  • Blood Circulation and Digestion

    If you have a weak immune system, then try doing Kapalbhati to boost up your immunity. Not only will you be protected from illness, diseases, and minor sinus problems, but you will also have a good digestive system, good-riddance from the constipation problems.

    Oxygenating the body and mind bloom up the circulatory system in your veins and arteries.  It works as a moisturizer to your dry body and balances the high blood pressure.
  • Enhances Beauty

    Explore the subtle energies of life through Yoga, and gain the real perspective of beauty, which is to have a pure soul, and a hopeful heart. Things always get better for people who work hard upon themselves to make beautiful art out of the dark matter.

    This particular Pranayama activity brings the color into your life, just by sorting your mind. It enhances the beauty of not just your spirit, but also your face, hair, body, and every other thing that your breath touches.

    It slows down the aging process, gives shine to your hair along with good hair growth, further reducing the problem of hair fall. Also, allow your skin to glow when you shine from within.
  • Healthy Body Organs

    Cleanses the lungs from the dirt of pollution or smoke, prevent kidney disorders like kidney stones, and sanitize all the other parts of the body by nurturing it with an adequate amount of essential yogic elements. It activates your brain cells and improves memory power.

    It can also prevent menstrual cramps and can regularize women’s menstrual cycles.
  • Stress Relief

    Improve your perspective with the hidden treasures of Kapalbhati, and learn to let go of the past by accepting the truth. Who would have thought that a breath could nullify the tensions that have erupted like a volcano in our mind on an occasional basis? It’s not the first time we heard that Yoga can give you relief from stress, anxiety, depression as examined and proved by the neuroscientists in various reports and tests.
  • Relax and Rejuvenate

    Kapalbhati activates the chakras in your body like the Agnya chakra; it helps you open up the blockages by removing the clustered pain from the untouched parts of your body. Guide your spiritual self to “export the complications, and import the solutions”, so that you can balance a life of purpose with a healthy mind and body.

Make Yoga your new BFF who knows how to relax your body, calm your mind, and rejuvenate your soul. Stay connected, stay humble with the soft touches of Kapalbhati Pranayama as wisdom is not something you are rewarded with, rather it is something you gain.

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