Cool Poses To Fight The Heat This Summer

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The Spiritual Power Of Chanting Gayatri Mantra (गायत्री मंत्र)

By Rishikul Yogshala

May 20, 2016

As the summer sets in everyone yearns for ways to keep themselves chilled.  Yoga could be one of the interesting ways to keep your body cool.  Check out some of these poses to fight the heat of the summer:

cool-poses-to-fight-the-heat-this-summer-sitali-breathSitali Breath:
The Sanskrit word “Sitali” means “Cooling”. Experience the immediate cooling effect of the “Sitali” breath. Chose a comfortable position and sit with a tall spine. Now inhale and exhale while paying attention to your breath flowing at your nose tip. Stick out your tongue and keep the outer edges rolled together such that it resembles a hot dog bun! Now breathe in for a long while till you count three via the tube of your tongue. Now hold your breath for one beat. After breathing in, the tongue should be drawn back into your mouth while closing your lips and then exhaling smoothly through your nose for a long while till the count of three. This should be tried for a minimum of 10 rounds, while repeating around 50 breaths for a greater complete cooling effect.

Savasana –Corpse Pose:
When it gets really hot, your body demands extra rest to get itself rejuvenated along with your brain. Savasana could be difficult to perform if you are finding it hard to relax. So you may need to take about 10 minutes to get into this asana. It provides some cooling effect to your body . To make your experience more special, just keep a cooled face towel or wash cloth over your head. You may optionally add some eucalyptus oil to the cloth. Now just keep yourself in a lying down position on your back on a mat in such a way that you are totally comfortable. Your toes should be turned out to the sides while keeping your arms down at the sides and palms faced up. Now keep your eyes closed and your jaws, eyes and forehead relaxed. Keep resting. Release your breath and let go off all your thoughts through your mind just like the fish which swim past you through a lake. Now stay in this position for 10 to 20 minutes. You may add soft music that would keep you relaxed. Now come out gradually and keep yourself cool for the entire day.


Sun Breaths:
The “Surya Namaskar’’ or “Sun Salutation” creates heat in the body. Try the Sun breath for calming your mind without any sweat being created ! From the Tadasanaa full Sun Salutation will create heat in the body, so try this Sun breath to calm the mind without creating much sweat instead.

From Tadasana, or mountain pose, breathe in while raising your hands up over your head and folding your palms in prayer.  Now as you breathe out , just bring back your hands down while praying and connect at the hips and then fold over your legs.  Now breathe in and keep your spine lengthened to life halfway.  Now breathe out and fold back down.  Now inhale, rise up and stand as you reach out your hands to the sides  and  find a prayer overhead.  Now get back to your Tadasana with your hands by your sides.  Repeat this for five times.


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