How Not To Embarrass Yourself in a Yoga Class?

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By Rishikul Yogshala

April 20, 2017

So, you have finally enrolled yourself into that yoga class you had been eyeing since a few months. For the beginning of a brand new yoga chapter, you decide to go for some shopping. You buy yourself a beautiful canary yoga mat, a pair of gorgeous yoga capris, sipper bottle, a couple of towels, a sporty duffle bag, etc.

And, now you are all set to take your very first class. You wish for it to be charming, fun and most of all not embarrassing. You have probably heard a lot of stories from your friends or peers about some of the most embarrassing moments they have countered during some of their yoga classes. And, you can only hope for it to be none of yours.

In this lieu, let us throw some light on the most embarrassing moments that can happen in a yoga class and what you can do to avoid them:

Ripping Crotch-lines


Okay! So, you put a lot of thought before you bought those lovely pair of Capri pants. The pants just looked soooo cute. Unfortunately, this is not the ideal criteria for a yoga bottom. While selecting bottom wear for a yoga session, you need to ensure its sturdiness first, esp. around the crotch area. There are several postures in yoga therapy which require a lot of stretching beyond the usual barriers of a fabric. This can and has lead to fraying of the inner seam or ripping of the crotch seam for a lot of yogis.  Hence, be careful before selecting a pair of bottoms. Choose from dual seams to sturdy stretch fits if you wish to avoid one of what could be your embarrassing moments.

Ewww! That B.O.


Our body profusely detoxifies itself during yoga practice. Hence, your body would not just sweat; it would get rid of various toxins as well, which would result in a really bad B.O. A place where yoga mats are lined next to each other within a few feet or a few inches of gap, aspiring space for any air to regulate freely is not manageable at all times. Hence, in order to avoid any embarrassment caused due to a bad body odor and also to avoid murdering your neighbor on account of this, always spray a good anti-perspirant deodorant on your areas before participating in a yoga session.

The Fall


When you are practicing a single legged pose like the tree pose or the eagle pose, there is a possibility that you might lose your balance and fall. For a yoga newbie, such postures can pose a challenge. However, the key to successful completion of these poses is to stay focused on your breath and to keep your feet firm and stagnant. Still, if you lose your balance and fall, respectfully ignore what just happened to you. Pick yourself up with a cold, stoic expression and continue.

Tring! Tring!


A beginner’s rules before commencing a yoga session – always put your phone on airplane mode or switch it off entirely. These sessions are conducted in a serene and poised environment, estranged away from the outside world. There is no space for one of your strappy booty ringtones to disrupt the rhythm of the whole class.

The Snooze


This one happens to nearly seventy five percent of yogis. When you are practicing the savasana or the corpse pose, your body tends to feel so relaxed that you can actually fall asleep in the middle of it. Keep the pose duration alert and short, while your attention should be focused on the rhythms of your breath.

The Ego devil


Especially, for a yoga newbie, there are a number of poses which require modification while they are being performed. Everybody is different and it is not necessary that you shall be able to perform each pose with rest of the class. Certain modifications might be required which your ego might not be willing to accept or adjust to. In this situation, you would have to stop listening to your ego and work according to the limitation of your body. Else, you might just be inviting yourself to another hall of the ‘fall’ fame with the on-going exercise.

The Sweat Liner Expose`


Bright, fruity colored bottoms sure are a delight. But unfortunately, they do not look good with visible pelvic sweat lines, butt crack sweat lines on them. Hence, choose a color which is dark and would not reveal any of these. Alternatively, you could choose between an all over print patterned capri to camouflage the sweat.

The big ole` GAG


Try not to over drink a night before your yoga practice. For what gave you a happy high the night before can actually make you puke or vomit when interlaced with the scrutiny of various yoga postures.

The Happy Baby Pose


Lying on your spine while spreading your legs and awkwardly reaching for your feet as if you are about to deliver a baby is surely not becoming (for self-image as well). Try the pigeon pose instead. This pose opens the hip-muscles while providing a deep stretch throughout the groin muscles and is less awkward too.

Cow Pose


This pose can be an uncomfortable pose to carry when someone is practicing this pose right behind you on their yoga mat. You butt would be facing their head. In this situation, try this pose in 45 degrees clockwise direction. You can rotate your mat along the same degree.

We hope the above information was helpful and you feel more confident for your upcoming yoga class. However, there is nothing that yoga instructors have not seen or countered. Hence, just be you and try to reap the maximum benefit for yourself from these sessions.

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