How Yoga Helps You To Embrace Your Dark Parts

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By Rishikul Yogshala

November 2, 2019

In the modern world, where almost every other person sits behind a screen for more than 7 to 8hours a day, it becomes difficult to chalk out time for oneself. While there is no “me-time” in the schedule, the isolated hours are often spent doubting oneself. We flip through the magazines and watch things on the television and set unrealistic expectations from oneself failing to meet which, the self-worth goes extremely low. There is no harm in wanting to do something, but know that you may have flaws, and you may have a few hidden dark parts which may restrict you to reach your full potential. The need of the hour is to realize this, accept it and move on to greater things. There are a great many ways to embrace your dark parts and yoga is one of the most efficient ones. We will discuss below how yoga helps a person embrace their shortcomings and flaws only to bloom better.

  1. Relieves anxiety and stress
    When you perform certain yogic exercises and carry out deep and slow breathing, your body starts relieving all the tension that it has accumulated during the course of the day. While it starts liberating your body, it also helps your mind attain a state of freedom. A level of tranquillity and quiet is achieved by your mind which allows it to shed out all the thoughts that have been causing you anxiety or stress. When you get rid of that, you are in better position to think practically and act efficiently without overthinking or being hard on yourself.
  2. Boosts self esteem
    When you start practicing yoga on a regular basis, it obviously has an impact on your body making it fit and fine. Every time you practice yoga, when you perform asanas, it fills you with a level of achievement and a sense of accomplishment. These little accomplishments add on to the bigger picture where you realise you are so much more than what you always thought yourself to be. All of us have a fragile self-esteem and very little things can also have a negative impact on it. Yoga prepares you to fight against these little things that create a chaos in your head, it keeps you physically as well mentally fit to fight away anything that makes you doubt yourself.
  3. Creates self-awareness
    While we all strive to be flawless people with all the perfect things in place, the bitter truth is that it’s not possible to be flawless. We all have flaws and we all have our own shortcomings, and as they say “to err is human”. It’s okay for you to find it difficult to do something. When you practice yoga, it helps you realise and makes you aware of your flaws. It makes you understand your mind and body better. This way, you become aware of your own limitations while you also explore the areas of your potential. Once you start getting aware of what you can do, the idea of what you can’t do is erased from your mind. Yoga will help you realize that having limitations is a very normal things and it calls for acceptance rather than self-doubt. This balanced out thought helps you gain confidence in yourself.
  4. Improves posture
    We all know how yoga helps in improving your posture. While a body with a straight posture does look beautiful, an improved posture’s benefit isn’t limited to that. When your body has a good posture, the organs within are spread out nicely to carry out their function efficiently. Poor posture restricts the efficient and smooth functioning of the internal organs. With the efficiency comes the production of good amount of energy. Therefore, a good posture helps in keeping your body energized, always ready to work or do something. This keeps you pumped up and confident, always.
  5. Instils self-care
    Yoga is often considered to be one of the best ways for self-care. When you practice yoga, you start seeing the benefits it has on your body. It makes you physically fit by improving your immune system, fighting so many ailments, increases your stamina while it also helps in maintaining a good mental health. These benefits are good enough incentives to carry out the process on a regular basis. It makes you want to pamper your body and keep it in a good shape and condition. It makes you realise that your mind and body are worthy of all things nice and you owe this to yourself.
  6. Makes you happy and content
    It can’t be emphasised enough that one of the first benefits of yoga that you would immediately feel is that the practice will always leave you happy and content. A regular practice makes you aware of your breath, of your mind and of your body. This awareness brings down the stress level. Not just breathing but even sitting in a straight posture has an impact on your mood. It helps in strengthening your mind body coordination, making you think of only positive things in life and sheds away any kind of negativity that you might have acquired.

These are a few out of the million ways yoga can help you accept yourself fully and wholeheartedly. Remember, it is okay to not be able to do something, it is okay to have flaws and shortcomings, and it is okay to not be perfect. The key is to accept and move on to better things!

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