The Most Important Things to Know Before Joining a Yoga Teacher Training

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By Rishikul Yogshala

August 21, 2019

Yoga Teacher training is obviously under the radar but in a good way. It has become a business of the modern era which was upgraded and picked from the lifestyle of the traditional era. The only concern which the enthusiasts of this establishing yogic culture face are the monotony of the corrupt ways which are being pulled off very subtly by breaking the trust of people and even the organization for money. To protect this elevating activity as a surviving masterpiece, people need to cherish the importance of keeping the ancient Vedic wisdom alive.

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Learn from the magnetic force of energy that the key to becoming a successful Yoga teacher is not the training, but rather the zeal to accept and learn. Find below the most important things every aspiring yogi needs to know before they join any Yoga Teacher Training.

The most important things to know before joining any Yoga Teacher Training

  • Is the center Yoga Alliance certified or not?
    The first thing to consider is the reliability and legitimacy of the teaching program that you have shortlisted for the enrollment. Yoga Alliance certification is the spine of every Yoga teacher training program, no matter which part of the world you are in. It is not a mystery that India tops the list of the favorite Yoga destinations in the world because of the authentic teachings, the historical significance, and also due to the obvious factor that it is the ‘birthplace of Yoga’.
  • Have you picked the right ambiance?
    Please do not be a bore when it comes to picking a spot you would like to be in! After all, why do you have to compromise when this time you have thought about putting your self-worth and healthcare forward? Make your heart happy, and blossom during your Yoga teacher training course in the perfect surroundings that you wanted to be in, whether it’s the mountains or the ocean, the choice remains yours!
    Let the atmosphere bring out the best in you, so that you can nurture-well while Meditating and become fully conscious during the hardcore Pranayama activities. A right ambiance adds up to the personality, so if you are looking forward to coming out as a changed person, you better listen to yourself.
  • How much experience your Yoga Gurus have?
    The quality of any Yoga teacher is backed by the experience of their teachers. Make your research count and be sure of your Yoga gurus as they are the foundation of you and your yoga career. Use your Gurus wisdom to become a learned and successful Yoga teacher.
    Yoga Gurus or Acharyas have blessed the lives of many, so go through the reviews and pick yourself a dedicated guru who can teach you how to achieve mental stability and complete balance along with the flexibility during the asanas.
  • Is the location situated in an isolated place?
    An appealing location to rejuvenate your soul is the ultimate dream of any aspiring yogi. So, move away from the chaos and find a location which shouts spirituality in a blissful atmosphere, where you can only hang out with your soul. Nurture the suppressed energies and let them flow like water through your body and mind in a clean environment. Perform yoga asanas like Suryanamaskar outdoors and enhance your self-practice to come out as a changed individual because isolation gives you motivation towards self-growth and improvement.
    Rishikesh in India is known for spreading a yogic culture as it is the hub of the “seekers of the truth”. In addition to that Nepal, Thailand is also famous for providing transformative yogi sessions in their exotic lands.
  • Have you checked the curriculum and the daily schedule?
    Make sure that you have checked the syllabus of the yoga center since it will shape you up as a human being and as a guide in the future. The curriculum includes a lot of topics like Hatha and Ashtanga yoga, Meditation practice, Pranayama activities, Adjustment and Alignment techniques, Karma Yoga, the opening of seven chakras, Yoga philosophy, and so on. Try to go for a program which serves more in a lesser time frame.
    The daily schedule teaches you to live like a yogi, to eat the right food like following a vegetarian, sattvic diet. The overall purpose of the center during the training has to be the cleansing process, followed by the learning process, and then the demonstrating process.
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Although the most important thing to know before joining any yoga teacher training program is to ask yourself one question “How much will-power, and patience you have to become victorious?”.

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