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The Spiritual Power Of Chanting Gayatri Mantra (गायत्री मंत्र)

By Rishikul Yogshala

August 26, 2019

A yoga teacher training program is a life-transforming experience. Those who are of the belief that a yoga teacher training program is only for those who wish to be yoga teachers, are wrong. Yes, becoming a teacher is one of the facets of a yoga teacher training program, but there’s much more to it.

It is a journey of self-exploration where you get connected with your ‘true’ spiritual being. During the journey, you experience unforeseen benefits, self-transformation, and taste the flavors of awareness. The Yoga Teacher Training Program is an extensive course that imbibes the yogic principles, ethics, into your lifestyle to evolve you physically, mentally and spiritually.

Here are the five reasons that should inspire you to join a yoga teacher training program.

Opportunity to Explore ‘Self’

Yoga is a wonderful experience, and the training helps you to delve deeper into something you love and bring peace to you. Yoga Training brings awareness to the body and mind that gives a better understanding of the self. With the knowledge of the body and mind, we can explore it in ways both internally and externally, and attain consciousness of self. Awareness is the most powerful tool of self-transformation; hence lead you to build a stronger and deeper connection with the true being. The connection makes you accept yourself, which makes you feel comfortable in your skin and fall in love with your ‘self’ again.  

Connect with the Spiritual Being

The holistic healing practice of yoga aims at connecting the being with the universal conscience. During the yoga teacher training under the guidance of highly trained and experienced yoga masters, you work immensely on enhancing the spiritual practice. With the practice of meditation and Yoga Nidra, chanting mantras, and the study of Yoga Sutra, you gain the techniques to transform your spiritual practice. Use the same to connect with the inner-self in a much deeper way. In yoga teacher training, many of the sessions are focused completely on spiritual upliftment giving the students a better understanding of self.

Enhance Your Practice

Yoga Teacher Training is an excellent way to deepen the practice of the asanas and enhance the skills of the same. Yoga improves focus, concentration, and attention, and these tools help you to indulge in the practice for longer. During the training, you have time, space, and environment to pay attention to the details, and learn new techniques, postures, modifications, and right alignments to practice. The training helps you to learn a more and enhanced version of poses to keep practice enticing. It develops the skills and shapes the practice in the right direction to attain deeper and fuller benefits.

Yoga Boosts Confidence and Strengthens Relationships

When we start learning or do something new, we all make mistakes to acquire perfection, and this is how we grow and evolve. Sometimes we fear from challenges but overcoming the fear makes us confident. During yoga training, you learn numerous new things, face hardships attaining a particular pose or sit for hours in meditation, but once you overcome all these, you feel great, better, and confident inside out. The training enhances the practice, and fills you with gratitude, makes you kind, stabilizes the emotions, and makes you aware of the feelings. The changes impact and strengthen your relationships and overall life.

Become a Qualified Yoga Teacher

Yoga Teacher Training is an amazing way to deepen practice, to evolve, and to become a qualified teacher. YTT is the best way to establish a flourishing career in yoga and gives you an amazing opportunity to help others. During the training, you learn how to take a session with a detailed class on Yoga Methodology. You learn how to teach class asanas, pranayama, and more. Begin with self-practice, join the 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training program, and live your dream of being a yoga teacher. Keep on learning and enhancing your skills with 300 Hour YTT course or gain specializations in particular field.

Yoga is the way of living, and Yoga Training is the path that makes you learn how to live it. In the present day world, the importance of yoga has increased by leaps and bounds owing to increasing focus on physical and mental health. If you are aiming for a yoga teacher training, always make sure that it is certified by Yoga Alliance and the teaching is authentic where you get to learn about yoga in its truest essence.


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