What Are the Top Five Things to Take to a Yoga Class?

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By Rishikul Yogshala

May 18, 2019

Whether you are a fitness enthusiast who wants to become a yoga teacher, a housewife taking care of her health, or even a man breaking the stigma’s attached to yoga in order to adopt a yogic lifestyle or just a seeker of mental peace and physical activities, there are a few things which needs your attention before you go to your yoga class.

How can you avoid taking the basic essentials, when you prefer Zen over Zumba? The first class in itself will make you realize the mandatory need of the top 5 things you need to carry to a yoga class:-

Top Five Things to Take to a Yoga Class:

  1. Yoga Mat With The Bag
    Carry your own carpet!
    A comfortable yoga mat of good quality (of your favorite color), is a ‘must-have’ in your yoga class. So, if you don’t want to look like a fool on the first day, better carry your own stock, rather than dividing time to share a mat with your fellow yogis.
    Don’t lose your bag as it can be a really awkward situation, to carry a yoga mat on the streets.
  2. Mat Towel
    Let those toxins fade away, by using an anti-slip yoga mat towel. You don’t want to do a moon-walk when you are deeply engaged in an Anjaneyasana pose.
    Since yoga is all about balance, you want to keep your yoga essentials-game strong, and not let it hinder your physical practice in any way. So, to reduce slip and slide, consider a self-absorbent mat towel. It is extremely beneficial during your 100 degrees hot yoga sessions.
  3. Water Bottles
    Keep yourself hydrated!
    Even though you don’t want to go to the yoga class with a bloated belly, but if there is something you cannot ignore, that is water. Yoga doesn’t look like an intense activity, but say hello to spinal twists! It will for sure make you sweat all your fat and negative energies within minutes. So beginners, buck-up for a good workout.
    Tote along- a bottle of coconut water to recover, and restore the electrolytes lost from sweating.
  4. Tank Top and Yoga Pants
    It is better to carry sweat-proof yoga leggings to perfect your alignment techniques, although many yogis go for the comfort of loose yoga pants too, the choice is yours! Go for whatever makes you feel comfortable.
    A fitted tank top is equally desired so that yoga teachers can really focus on perfecting your postures, analyze your movements and make you a deserving member of the yoga community.
  5. Blocks, Straps, and Bolsters
    Props aren’t just for beginners!
    Blocks are significantly used especially at the beginning of your yogic journey when you are new to the flexible world since blocks will help you make many difficult poses easy by becoming your extended arms.
    Bolsters is like a body pillow, but firmer which aids in opening the body.


  • Other than that, go for slip-on rather than shoes as you wouldn’t be needing shoes at all for any of the yogic exercises from Hatha to Ashtanga Yoga, Iyengar, or other forms, as Yoga is all about activating all your senses to re-energize yourself. Therefore, barefoot practices make you feel more grounded, and the ankle-twists and stands make it even more evident for all the newbies to not carry the load of flexible shoes.
  • The headbands, scrunchies, and also low-impact sports bra for women (since there is no running, or jumping involved) are the chief requirements for the ladies to carry if they want to look like a fitness model, because why not?

This is the compressed form of a yoga kit, which will benefit you massively, to make your mental, physical, and spiritual journey more enchanting. Start counting your days to attend your first, life-changing class because it’s time for some shopping before you crown yourself with the eternal blessing of Yoga.

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