What Do You Need To Know About Yoga Teacher Training?

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By Rishikul Yogshala

September 9, 2019

Yoga teacher training is a committed course, and if you think you are ready to commit to teaching this year-old practice, you must be true to yourself. You must commit the energy and time it takes to be a good student. But, before starting with the program, there are things you need to know about and also things that need your confirmation that whether you are ready or not. So, read below to know all about yoga teacher training and who can take it.

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If you have gotten yourself into the habit of practicing yoga daily and want to go farther than just following regular yoga routine and occasional workshops, then you might want to think of going for a certified yoga teacher training course. Opposite to what the title indicates, you don’t need to teach once you complete the certification course, although many people get astonished to hear that they can and do get the urge to transform into a yoga teacher after practice. But it also expands your yogic wisdom and helps correct poor yoga practices early on.

What is Yoga Teacher Training?

Yoga teacher training is a course that prepares you to become a trained yogi. The packages of Yoga teacher training come in diverse forms such as 200-300-500 hours. The minimum is the 200-hour program, which delivers the foundational yogic knowledge one needs to become a successful yoga teacher. If you want to deepen your training, even more, you can go to the next level, which is the 500-hour program. Despite where you take your program, the sense of being closed off from the rest of the society is essential so that you can really concentrate on the training and yourself.

Yoga Teacher Training is for?

Yoga teacher training is for anyone and everyone, as you don’t even have to have years of experience in yoga. As long as you are in decent physical shape and spiritually defined, you are qualified to opt for a teacher training course, regardless of body type, age, or background. The only thing which needs to be kept in mind is that the course is amazingly intense, to the time that it actually becomes your life for the following month and so on. The challenging practice is definitely a combination of physical endurance as well as mental ability and in various cases, a mental collapse or two should not come as a wonder. So, it is beneficial to be faithful and dedicated in your beliefs that this is what you should go for.

Things You Need to Know About Yoga Teacher Training

  1. Do Your Research Properly
    Once you put a step into your yoga teacher training, then there is no turning back. So, before going for the training, know about little detail. Firstly, you need to select the training you are going to pursue, as there are several hours and types of training available. Secondly, If you have a sincere desire to teach yoga, then you need to make sure that you choose the best yoga institute, which is a yoga alliance registered. Taking a non-Yoga Alliance certified is not a mistake, but picking the right guaranteed program will make your teaching secured. 
  2. You Will Go Deep into Yoga
    The teacher training course will take you deep into its asanas and philosophies. So, think thoroughly before going for the program because then you have to completely give yourself to yoga. You will learn that yoga is not just about physical poses but much more. There are worlds and layers of history, anatomy, philosophy that forms a depth beyond what is commonly known as yoga. You will also come across a lot of Sanskrit terms and names, and at some time you will also feel that your head will be going to explode from the information-overloaded. But don’t worry, you don’t have to take it all as you will not be asked to memorize everything, so the only theory you need to focus upon is take on what you can relate to.
  3. Choose The Right Location
    If you are thinking of picking destination training, where you can completely give yourself to the program as well as you will also get to know the natives and their culture, then there are hundreds of yoga teacher training institutes overseas, which are placed at fascinating locations, and are very appealing. Some courses have the same schedule but are closer to your hometown that you might find more affordable as there will be no extra expenses like hotels, airfares, and so on. Yogis often prefer destination training to dodge the distractions of the external world and so that they can completely devote themselves to the training. So, picking an ideal location can be a task because you must go for a perfect yoga institute which suits your needs and lifestyle.
  4. Even After Your Course, You Will Not Feel 100% Ready to Train a Class
    Here is the primary aspect you need to know that regardless of having all the tools you need to teach a yoga class you will not feel fully prepared to teach a group of people even if you have completed your course. There is not a rule that you have to teach a group of 20 people right after your program completion because, after the practice, you will need some time, practice, and experience. But you can always start by teaching your family and friends and a smaller group. And if you really want to teach so before taking a class ask your teacher or mentor to guide or let you observe their classes.
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Have a life-changing experience by going for the best yoga teacher training program by keeping in mind all the details which are discussed above.

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