What is the Best Yoga Instructor Certification for You?

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By Rishikul Yogshala

July 15, 2024

To become a Yoga Instructor sounds easy, but to live up to that, you must explore the field, and learn how important it is to be consistent, disciplined, patient, and also giving. Whether you are a beginner in the yoga journey or a teacher who wants to expand the skills drastically with the valuable usage of time, yoga teacher training can benefit your personal and professional growth strongly and rather efficiently.

“Teach what is inside you,
Not as it applies to you,
To yourself,
But as it applies to the other”

Tirumalai Krishnamacharya

To choose what’s right for you, you must know that a Yoga Alliance certificate plays the most important role in shaping up your career in Yoga. If the certificate does not hold this advantage of being a Yoga Alliance certified program, then a sincere suggestion would be to avoid taking that course, since it won’t add value to your stagnant growth.

The best yoga certification course should guarantee you transformation, a life-altering experience, a positive boost to your energies. Yoga teacher training is a detoxifying program which promises purification, but demands self-practice, and hard-work.

How to Choose the best Yoga Certification?

Certain steps need to be considered before you begin your yogic journey, like the duration of the professional course, the ambiance, the teachers and more. The quality of the YTT program is of utmost importance. Make sure that the curriculum covers all the aspects that are required to be on the list like Hatha and Ashtanga Yoga, theoretical study, Meditation and sadhana practices, Pranayama activities, and so on.

Other than that, choosing a relevant location tops the priority list as yogis, travelers, tourists often go by a location they already have in their checklist. Little do they know that the best yoga instructor certification is received in the Yoga country of India, followed by Nepal, Thailand, etc.

Now, moving to the crux of the discussion, pick the most relevant YTT program.

  • 100-hour Yoga Teacher Training Course:
    If you have no experience in Yoga and are thinking to start from the most “basic level” of Yoga to understand the dynamics of it, then this 100-hour YTT certification course will be the best bet for you. Age-groups do not matter when it comes down to Yoga, as all kinds of basic practices are a part of Yoga Teacher Training.
    100-hour Yoga Teacher Training Course will give you an idea of what constitutes Yoga and help you to build the foundation required to enhance your practice in the future.
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  • 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training Certification Course:
    A 200-hour TTC is a “beginner level” Yoga program, which calls for spiritual enhancement in a peaceful environment. This a professional course designed specifically for people who have either stayed out of Yoga practice and wants to start afresh, or are beginning their ventures with a new chapter of Yoga. It is also open to an advanced level Yogi who is looking forward to furnishing the basic skills, before jumping on to the higher level directly.
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  • 300-hour Yoga Teacher Training Certification Course:
    To do a 300-hour YTTC, you must be eligible with the successful completion of a 200-hour YTTC, as this is an “intermediate level” course. If you are looking forward to leveling up your game, then without any second thoughts, take a step further by enrolling into a 300-hour YTTC.
    Get to learn the advance Hatha and Ashtanga asanas, fix your postures with Adjustment and Alignment techniques, dwell into intense Meditation sessions, take a demonstration class under the guidance of the Yoga gurus, practice Shat-kriya activities, and also engage into Karma Yoga by doing good deeds.
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  • 500-hour Yoga Teacher Training Certification Course:
    This is an “advanced level” yoga program which is usually an amalgamation of 200-hour and 300-hour YTT course. 200-hour or the beginner stage is covered in the first month as a sort of revision, while the 300-hour or the intermediate stage is the preparatory stage to warm up for advanced learning under the 500-hour YTT.
    So, if you want to nurture and garden your yogic learnings, then 500-hour is the best and the last resort for polishing your skills. Bring forth the dedication, discipline, a bundle of patience, and learn from a recognized source to become an accomplished Yoga teacher. This particular course could be challenging with advanced Vinyasa postures, dhyana sessions, Yoga and all things very fulfilling.
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Balance your mental, physical, and spiritual health by connecting your energies with the cosmic forces to align your mind, body, and soul. With the help of Yoga Instructor Training, you can elevate your aura, and become a rejuvenated soul to spread love, peace, and joy with the help of absolute yogic wisdom.

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