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The Spiritual Power Of Chanting Gayatri Mantra (गायत्री मंत्र)

By Rishikul Yogshala

August 12, 2016

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Let’s Go Traveling

Whether visiting a friend or family, heading to a business meeting, planning to witness a cricket match, resolving the arduous trek of Mount Fuji, or aiming for Disneyland, there could be several reasons for people to pack their luggage and travel. 

Whichever be your reason to travel, packing one’s bags and preparing for a trip is a delightful feeling infused with excitement and anticipation for the new experiences to arrive. 

Are you a wanderlust? Someone with a strong desire to travel and explore different places and cultures? If yes, our 7-day Pranayama Yoga Retreat In Kerala is the perfect destination for your next holiday travel! It will rejuvenate you with the healing powers of yoga, meditation, and sattvic food, and we also provide cultural experiences and tourist visits!

Have you decided your next destination? Hold tight before you begin your travel journey, as there is something you need to watch out for.

Travel Sickness

Although stimulating, traveling comes with several challenges. You may experience travel sickness in the form of intense exhaustion and tiredness from the long-drawn journey. The fatigue from the heavily loaded backpacks, delayed flights, or congested drives gets the good out of you. It leaves your entire body sore and creaking at the edges, depriving you of all the fun you could have on your trip.

Yoga: Your Traveling Sickness Medicine

You wouldn’t want a hectic traveling experience to steal your journey’s enjoyment from you. Right? Yoga while traveling can help rescue you from this suffering!

Bringing life back into your bones with the power asanas and nourishing poses, Yoga is like a medicine to your travel sickness that can revive your flexible spine and pull the searing pain out of your body, so you are all set for a trip you will never forget. 

And let us surprise you. You won’t even need a yoga mat to perform them! Don’t worry, they won’t be embarrassing if you mind doing one in public.

Ready? Set, Go.

Yoga And Travel

There are several sorts of journeys with varying traveling needs. So we have got you covered with the most suitable yoga poses ranging from standing and sitting to even lying down so you worry less about your aching and stressed out body and enjoy your journey more.

Standing Yoga Poses that look less awkward when you need to stretch out in public.

Standing Side Bend

Isn’t the name ‘standing’ so relieving after a long, arduous journey on your hips and back? We can feel you.

  • Pull yourself up in mountain pose.
  •  Take a long inhale and stretch your arms overhead. Aah… don’t be shy, and sigh it all out.
  •  Now, Grab your right wrist with your left hand and tilt your body towards the left.
  •  Feel the stretch easing out the tension from the right side of your body as you bend further, enjoying a deeper stretch.
  •  Repeat with the left hand to nourish your left side of the body, too.

Twisted Goddess Pose

A soothing hip opener with a twist, this yoga pose will relieve your spine and release the pressure your hips are burdened with from a long seated journey.

  • Bring your feet wide apart while standing and bend your knees, entering the goddess pose.
  •  Now place your hands on your knees and twist to your left as you move your right shoulder down. 
  •  Got relaxed? 
  •  Repeat on the other side. 

Hold it for as long as you desire to feel the relaxing stretch and soothing sensation in your spine and hips. 

Standing Forward Fold With Arm Extension

Has traveling exhausted you physically and mentally, draining away all your energy? Let us bring your blood flowing back to your brain and your body.

  • Stand straight in Tadasana and interlace your fingers behind your back.
  •  Slowly bend your knees and tilt forward to reach your head downwards with your stomach resting on your thighs.
  •  Reach your bound arms above.
  •  Hold here for a calming few minutes as the blood circulates through your brain, waking you up. 

This yoga asana will help in your posture and massage the internal organs, aiding digestion, a crucial thing when you have been relying on outside food throughout your journey.

Floor Yoga Poses, when you have got some privacy and a soft land to fall on

Extended Child’s Pose

Missing your bed and your pillow? Sleeping in unfamiliar places, different time zones, and noisy environments can be hard. Let’s get down to the floor and ease out in your new space! 

  • In Vajrasana, bring your knees wide on the floor, with your big toes to touch.
  •  Gently lean ahead and touch your forehead to the ground, stretching your arms in front of you. 
  •  Feel a soothing stretch on your sides, hips, and lower back.
  •  Relax, breathe deep, and ease out your entire body in this asana, finding a sense of calmness within.

Doing this yoga while traveling will ease your body pain and soothe your nerves to let you have a good, sound sleep.

Pavanamuktasana or wind relieving pose

Have you got an upset stomach? Maybe it is from the spicy treat you had last night, or is it the desert to be blamed? Traveling serves as an excellent excuse to eat junk to all your heart’s intent. But it pays you back later, and you know how.

  • To ease it out, lie down on your back and bring your knees to your chest.
  •  Felt relieved already?
  •  Rock a little side to side, massaging your stomach.

This posture will help you release any pressure or flatulence and support digestion. 

Bridge pose

Before traveling, you wouldn’t have imagined getting backaches or curved spine from lengthy treks, long drawn seated journeys, carrying heavy luggage, or a child at your back on a fun trip, maybe?

  • Lie down with the knees bent and shoulders tucked in.
  •  Slowly pull your hips off the ground and reach your lower body upwards.
  •  Interlace your fingers behind and breathe deep. 

Here you have it! A bridge of your own that will strengthen your back and spine, reviving your healthy posture and relieving any fatigue and stress from your travel.

Extended Yoga Poses when you have some space to move

Dancer’s Pose

When your journey becomes boring, dance it out!

When traveling from a car or a train, our head often seems to be moving even after getting off board. The dancer’s pose acts as a great asana to regain your balance and coordination in such times.

  • Ground yourself firmly in Mountain pose.
  •  Shifting your weight on the right foot, lift your left leg off the ground and catch its ankle with your left hand.
  •  Stretch your right arm and left leg as if in a dance pose.
  •  Repeat with the other leg.

Trikonasana or Triangle Pose

Back pain is ridiculously painful and recurring if you don’t give yourself a break. As soon as you get a chance to move, leave everything on hold to do the instantly soothing trikonasana.

  • From the mountain pose, send your left leg back and pivot on it.
  •  Extend your right hand to meet the ankle of your right foot and stretch your left hand up, reaching your gaze above. 

Side Plank

Prolonged journeys can drain your energy, motivation, and excitement for your actual destination, depriving you of the joys of your trip. 

To stir you up for your destination,

  • Get on to all fours.
  •  With an exhale, come up to a strong plank.
  •  Tilt your body to the right, bringing your left hand off the floor and toward the sky. 
  •  Hold this position as you feel your abs burning, bringing heat into your body.
  •  Repeat with the other side.

Got some time besides your travel and some space and a land that serves as a yoga mat? Try Suryanamaskar, which will inspire instant invigorating energy, rejuvenating you entirely.

Wrapping Up

Yoga and travel going hand in hand makes the journeys less troublesome and more enjoyable. With these yoga poses beside you, while traveling, you are well prepared for any travel challenge that comes your way and can enjoy your trips to the fullest, becoming a traveler yogi!

Having experienced the magic Yoga does on your tired body, are you curious to know more about what else Yoga can do? To explore and learn more about Yoga’s origins and culture and master this art, Join our Yoga Teacher Training Program In Kerala! We are always there to support and guide you with any queries. Feel free to get in touch with us on WhatsApp or call on +91 8433225327.

Get ready to have fun and thrilling travels!

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