How Bandhas Play a Significant Role in the Practice of Yoga?

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The Spiritual Power Of Chanting Gayatri Mantra (गायत्री मंत्र)

By Rishikul Yogshala

April 20, 2019

In the realm of muscle enhancement, an individual learns an important lesson on life force, known as the Law of Energy Balance. The law states that every human being has a force within and he must know how to make use of it in a proper way. The source of this abundant life force or energy or Prana is food and a balanced calorie intake. An imbalance in any form can negate the efforts a weightlifter puts in. A dedicated regimen can help build muscles, open paths to greater muscle enhancement and ameliorate stamina. The art of Yoga (movement) and meditation (mindfulness) too has a very important concept along the same lines, known as Bandhas and it runs on several different ideas and protocols.

Decoding the First Phase: Body Meridians?

There are a total of 14 body meridians in a human body that symbolizes the balanced roles of the Yin (energy flowing up) & Yang (energy flowing down). When a human is born, the Yin & Yang are in congruity and this is why toddlers or kids up to 15 years of age have a profuse flow of energy and concentration. Factors like peer pressure, the environment around, and personal space of growth affect the energy networks. If you are an adult above the age of 30, it is quite possible that you have your energies blocked or imbalanced and if you doubt this fact, then take a look at your lifestyle. Evaluate these questions:

  • Do you feel exhausted after noon or post lunch?
  • Is your digestion and eating habits out of whack? For example, does carbs make you sleepy?
  • Are you stressed or in simple words, does workload gives you sweat in the scalp?
  • Do you suffer from an ailment that should not be there in your body at this age?

Reality Check: This is not going to be pleasant because if you answered yes to any 3, you within the danger zone. And this is why Bandhas exist in the Yoga scriptures.

Bandhas: The Types & Meaning

Abra-ca-da-bra is a magician’s ultimate conjuring trick that dazzles every onlooker at the swirl of the magic wand. Bandhas in a Yoga practice is along the same lines as it brings your practice in tandem with the energy network, and this is where the magic begins.

So, what makes Bandhas so important? Taking a trail from the explanation of the Yin & yang above, Bandhas catalyzes the success of complex postures by re-directing the energies and lymph back to all parts of the body. Similar to the concept of Acupuncture, Bandhas unclog the blocked passages in the nervous system, free the trapped energies, and thereby help you attain the highest gain in your Yoga practice. There are 3 broad types of Bandhas:

  • Mula Bandha or Root Lock: pelvic floor part of the muscles
  • Uddiyana Bandha or Upward Flying Lock: abs to up towards the diaphragm
  • Jalandhara Bandha or Shakti Kundalini and the Chakras: The throat

Yogis incorporate the concept of Bandhas to feel lighter during complex poses like the inversions and prevent injuries as well as rupturing of the joints.

Bandhas in Yoga Practice: The Benefits

The effect of the inculcation of the preaching of Yogis and Yoga Teachers on Bandhas outweighs the minor inconveniences you might encounter at the initial phase. Some notable benefits of including and learning this concept in your journey:

  • Clash with the Gravity

The Gravitational force on earth has been doing its work since the day you were born: pulling you down. Your skin sags, blood flow faces disruption with time and what not. Enter Bandhas. The concept of this Yogic art results into the activation and involvement of muscle fibers in areas of the body where there are knots and rigidness. This process of muscular stimulation helps in toning the sagging under skin tissues, and lifts the drooping bodily systems against the force of gravity.

  • Lower Back Problems

If you choose to do Yoga sans proper guidance, rest assured, you are inviting injuries. Activating the Mula Bandha or the Root Lock re-directs the attention towards the gap between the Pubis (front) and the Coccyx (back) area. Getting to understand the space between the areas during the Yoga practice can help with the muscle tightness, tension in the lower back. Implementing the Mula Bandha counteracts future possibilities of lower back injury.

  • Central Nervous System

Learning Bandhas for an accomplished Yoga practice can help pacify the aftermaths of Sympathetic Nervous System activation, which is nothing but stress-induced health issues. The cumulative effects of regular Yoga practice helps in the working of Parasympathetic Nervous System or PNS that negates the cruel effects of stress on your mental health. This results into a lowered blood pressure value, stimulated lymphatic system, and deeper sense of relaxation.

  • Stale Air in Lungs

Considering the solo effect of Uddiyana Bandha on the psychological level reveals that it has profound effects on the abdominal muscles and the respiratory system. Incorporating the Bandha activates and tones the space between the abdominal organs and the diaphragm, which results into the extermination of the stale air out of the system.  

  • Hormonal Imbalances

One of the most common health problems, especially amongst women, is the hormonal imbalance. Bringing in the concept of Bandhas in your Yoga practice helps in the proper functioning of Thyroid, pancreas, and similar other important gland system in your body. Jalandhara Bandha, for instance, balances the Thyroid gland and thereby benefitting the digestion, growth, and weight management concerns.

If you want to experience the ultimate experience of freedom and decongestion of the balancing energies, learn Bandhas.

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