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Kick Start the New Year with these Resolutions the Yogi Way

New Year with these Resolutions

Ideally, we, as humans, should start every day with an intention to form a stronger connection with the soul. And, the New Year feels like the opportune time to set resolutions the yogic way. In yoga science, a resolution is ‘Sankalpa,’ meaning determination.

The Sankalpa gives you an opportunity to create space for reflection and to move forward in the journey of life in a more meaningful way. Setting resolutions the yogi way is better because they are realistic to achieve and are long-term.

Kickstart the new year with these yogic resolutions:

1. Develop a Regular Practice: This year, take a Sankalpa to develop a steady yoga routine. Each day step on a yoga mat with this resolution in your heart. This will help you connect to your purpose and will give you the strength to accomplish it. You can also pick a word or mantra and repeat it every time you step on a yoga mat to retain your focus on a goal. Keep your focus on the intention rather than the goal. Enjoy the journey and soon you will realize that you have a developed a habit of regular yoga practice that continues throughout your life.

2. Form Good Habits: Along with committing to a yoga practice, it is imperative that you form habits that support your yogic journey. In New Year, create good habits and break free from the bad ones. Incorporate each habit slowly into your lifestyle and eventually it will become an effortless part of your lifestyle.

  • Do not skip your yoga practice in any situation unless it is completely unavoidable.
  • Start spending time in nature, like go for walks, perform meditation outdoors.
  • Keep yourself hydrated and healthy with sattvic food.
  • Follow a pragmatic yoga lifestyle.

3. Schedule Me Time: This New Year, give importance to yourself. Add an element of ‘Me time’ in your daily schedule because it is important for rejuvenation. The yoga ‘Me Time’ includes indulging in self-introspection, reading of classical yoga texts, going on a yoga retreat, etc. Quality me time is essential for establishing a connection to the self, for re-fostering the spirituality so that you can lead a life which is harmonious for both body and mind.

4. Embrace Presence and Gratitude: The truth is that we either live in the past or the future. In both scenarios, we create difficulties for ourselves. Yoga is the advocator of living in the present times. Therefore, one resolution the yogi way to adopt is to live in the present moment every day and to be grateful for whatever you have. Meditation is one of the fantastic ways to find presence and gratitude in your life. When you start to live in the present, you notice enhancement in your mental health because you no longer suffer from anxiety and stress. Once you find your presence and gratitude, breathe and let go of the negativity.

5. Commit to Digital Detox: We live in a digital era and it’s hard to escape. But, we can commit to a digital detox. Too much dependency on the digital world is a menace to your body, mind and soul. So, take a resolution to decrease your usage of cellphones and to increase your participation in other activities and projects. Instead of spending your time on social media applications, invest your energy in Karma Yoga projects. Karma Yoga is the practice of serving others and the path to self-realization.

6. Eat Sattvic Food: Become a yogi at heart. Not only practice yoga but show your dedication towards eating a yogic diet. Consumption of yogic diet is much more than eating sattvic and vegetarian food, it is an opportunity to become a mindful eater. A mindful eater puts food into the stomach according to the hunger cues for maximum benefit. The yogic diet increases prana in your body, the vital force for living. Resolute to live a long life with a yogic diet.

7. Enkindle Love and Compassion: With yoga enkindle love and compassion for others as well as for yourself. This new year, commit to self-compassion and embark the journey of all other behavioral changes. When you start to accept your failures with compassion, you change your life for better. Meditating each day is the best way to cultivate self-compassion. With self-compassion you can stick to your resolutions and can build a better life.

Give a peaceful and joyful start to your New Year with yogic resolutions.

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