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January 24, 2018
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Top 10 Excellent Benefits of Sun Salutations

Sun Salutation

What is a Sun Salutation? It is that one singular yoga sequence that alone can do you a world of good in terms of strength, flexibility, and overall wellness, is the classic Sun Salutation. In a spirit of oblation and worship, this twelve-fold sequence is performed in the name of the solar deity—

Om Ravaye Namah- to the radiant one,

Om Suryaya Namaha- to the dispeller of darkness and the one who brings activity,

Om Pooshne Namaha-to the universal nourisher,

Om Khagaya Namah- to the all-pervading one.

Through this ritual, the energy of the Sun is invoked to reside in the body and illumine the mind of the practitioner, thus activating sublime spiritual progression. The Surya Namaskara as a practice, in essence is self-motivated. It unleashes a string of benefits for health and personality building in totality when infused with meditation and pranayamic breathing. Metaphysically, Surya Namaskara awakens our inner sun, radiating through a newfound deeper mindfulness, physical strength and agility, cultivating a warming inner fire, and under all the virility, creates a pool of calm.

From a practice point of view- concentrating on an in-depth observance of Sun Salutation poses can effectively ease yogis into the understanding of yoga flow or vinyasa. There is an intricate linkage of movement with breath to be found in this sequence. The spine, when extended in the second stage of the Namaskara- the Standing Forward Fold, connects with the pranic flow of energy in the inhale, and releases in the exhalation which follows from a correlating deepened fold in the posture.

A journey of yoga somehow remains unexplored and incomplete if the Sun Salutation is not duly mastered. Here are the greatest sun salutation benefits:

Unwinds the Mind and Body

Stress is not a phenomenon unfamiliar in modern day life. Owing to each individual’s part in the never ending rat race of a highly competitive world, there is a deep-seated unhappiness of the body and mind accompanied by the disturbing feeling of always hanging on the edge. While psychological manifestation of constant battling with stress can be an irritable demeanor, physically, it could be chronic pain or malignant diseases. The gently enlivening postures of Surya Namaskara are great for easing out muscles and skeletal frames frayed from overstrain and stress.

Getting out of the mat after Surya Namaskar can be especially invigorating for the intensive stretches and flexes all parts of the body receives through the varying degrees of inward folds and thoroughly angled bends both back and forth. It allows stiff joints to smoothen and the muscles to loosen and become more supple.

Ensures Heart Health and Boosts Immunity

Sun Salutation benefits also extend to heart health. Regular practice can amplify heart rate and bring the entire circulatory system under order. The cardiovascular stimulating quality of the routine can fill your system up with fresh surges of oxygenated blood and effectively eliminate toxin from the deepest niches.

Surya Namaskara also blasts disease-causing microbes as the high power exercise can boost the lymphatic system very well.

Effective for Weight Loss

The posture sequence of the Surya Namaskara is definitely high on the dynamism quotient and thus can be harnessed as a weight loss regime. Pull your efforts for losing the extra kilos by following this sequence along with a suitable diet chart.

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Relief from Hair Fall

A good amount of blood flow to the head is a natural outcome of the sun salutation poses. This ensures health for hair follicles. There is going to be a cutback is hair loss rate with this regular exercise.

Corrects Imbalances

Improving blood flow to a further degree, the Salutation postures reorder the function of endocrine glands. With gentle rubdowns on endocrine glands, the fault of hyper or hypo secretion of hormones in the body is corrected. Thus you can find a renewed vigor.

Improves Digestion

There is a successive elongation and compression of the body involved in Surya Namaskara, including the stomach. This helps in a stimulated flow of digestive fluids and eases proper excretion of digestive waste.

Improves Kidney Function

The hard compression and easing of the body in Surya Namaskar also impacts positively on the kidneys. Blood filtration is thus improved and results in lower levels of toxins being present in the body.

A Secret for Beautiful Skin

Healthier digestion, proper blood flow, heart health, and a de-stressed mind obviously leads to glowing beautiful skin, with dedicated practice of the Sun Salutation. What you may not realize in the first phase of your practice is what yoga can do your life habits. The deeper you move into the understanding of Surya Namaskara as a mindfulness and physical exercise routine, the more distant can you grow of unwholesome habits, like the consumption of junk food, excessive sleep, or indulgence in addictive habits? And good karma can only reflect beautifully on your skin!

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Calms the Nervous System

Sun Salutation poses are known to awaken the brain center and allay frayed nerves. A soothed nervous system guarantees sound working of the other parts of the body.

Makes One Naturally Peaceful

Lastly, one must experience yoga through Surya Namaskara because it teaches one devotion, submission to a higher power, thus know to be humble. The act of prostrating with the Namaskara, at the end of the day, makes the yogi by nature peaceful from the inside.

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