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Top 7 Health Benefits of Naukasana

Boat Pose

Indeed, the science of yoga is a boon for mankind in the modern times of living, where our health is deteriorating at physical, mental, and spiritual levels. The Naukasana, the yoga posture, in which you assume the shape of a boat, is the practice for health.

From helping you to lose extra pounds to waking up the core to strengthening the back muscles, the Naukasana has diverse variations, in all of which you can garner the benefits of boat pose.

Naukasana Step-By-Step Guide:

Step 1: Start the boat pose in a sitting position on a yoga mat.
Step 2: Press the hands into a yoga mat behind the hips, lift through the top of the sternum, and slightly lean back.
Step 3: Try to sit on the tripod of your two sitting bones and tailbone
Step 4: Breathe Out, bend your knees and keep your thighs at the 45-degrees angle to the floor.
Step 5: Gently straighten the knees and raise the feet above the eyes level.
Step 6: Stretch the arms alongside the legs parallel to the floor.
Step 7: Stay in the Boat Pose for as long as comfortable.

Naukasana Variations:

1. Supine Boat Pose: Lie on your back on a yoga mat with arms and legs stretched out. Inhale and as you exhale, start lifting your chest, stretch the arms in a forward direction, and raise the feet up. Let the body weight rest on your hips. Take deep breaths in this position.

2. Twisting Boat Pose: In the Naukasana, place your hands on your heart. Upon inhalation, twist from your lower back towards the left and on an exhale; start twisting over towards the right side.

3. Block Roll Boat Pose: Place a yoga block between your thighs. Bring your inner legs together and lift up into the Naukasana. As you use your lower body coupled with steady breathing, your core gets engaged and toned.

Contraindications of Naukasana:

1. Asthma and Heart patients should avoid the practice of this pose
2. If you are suffering from blood pressure, insomnia, joint problems, please do not practice the Naukasana.
3. Women should discontinue the practice of Boat posture during pregnancy and menstruation days.

The Seven Health Benefits of Naukasana:

1. Tones and Invigorates Abdominal Organs: In the Naukasana, the abdominal organs get contracted, which results in toning and invigorating of abdominal organs. Stimulated abdominal organs bring vitality to the process of digestion, absorption, and elimination. The healthy digestion health benefits of Naukasana prevent the problem of constipation, acidity, and ensures strong metabolism.

2. Rejuvenates Iliopsoas Muscle: Psoas and Iliacus together make Iliopsoas muscle acting as the strongest flexor of the hip. This body muscle is important for the functions of standing, running, and walking. The Naukasana employs the four pairs of abdominal muscles and provides a rejuvenating effect to the Iliopsoas.

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3. Strengthens the Body Muscles: During the practice of the Naukasana, the arms are stretched in forwarding direction, the thighs are angled at 45-degrees, the shin is perpendicular to the floor, and the feet are raised up. All these movements cast a stretching and strengthening effect on the diverse muscle group located in the body. In this way, you strengthen your whole body internally helping you manifest a robust look.

4. Ideal Weight Loss: In the Naukasana, you can lose stubborn fat in a healthier and ideal manner. The stretching, compressing and relaxing of the abdominal organs during the performance of the Boat Pose helps you to lose extra fat around the stomach. The key is to practice the pose on a regular basis with attention to alignment.

5. Healthy Pancreas, Liver, and Kidneys: The practice of Naukasana is vital for the healthy pancreas, liver, and kidneys. The pose stimulates the functioning of these three organs to an optimal level. The kidneys and liver are the filtering organs detoxifying the body and pancreas is responsible for controlling blood sugar levels.

6. Curing Navel Displacement: In Yogic beliefs, the term navel displacement is given to a condition when navel center shifts. The navel displacement is often accompanied by constipation, stomach ache, and loss of appetite. In the pose, the navel gets massaged that helps in treating the problem.

7. Placid Mind: Like with most yoga asanas, the Naukasana also acts as a distress tool, keeping your mind peaceful and placid. With a calm mind, you can enjoy the present moment, work with alertness, and can have a healthy body.

With the Naukasana and its variations, develop a healthy body, mind, and soul.

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