Yoga and Ayurveda Program in Kerala
Yoga and Ayurveda Program in Kerala
November 4, 2017
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November 12, 2017
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10 Benefits Of Kalaripayattu Training You Had No Idea About


Yoga is not only related to building inner strength, but the physical strength of your body as well. Thus, different forms of martial art trainings are also a part of this broad term that provides the doers with all that they wish to attain from their body. Before you join any Yoga and Ayurveda program in Kerala, it is necessary for you to learn about various important things that are included in the broader term. One of the uniquent branches of Yoga is the ancient martial art of Kalaripayattu.

What is Kalaripayattu?

The word “Kalari” stands for “battlefield” in Tamil and Malayalam languages. On the other hand, the word “Payattu” stands for “to become trained” or “to practice” in Tamil. When these words come together, you get “trained for the battlefield” and, that’s where this form of martial art and Yoga is different than all the other trainings that you can get in your entire life. It is a practical form of fighting.

The history of this form of Yoga and Ayurveda program in Kerala goes back in time. It was originated as a unique martial art style in Kerala, the southern region of India. Every warrior in the Sangam era had to undergo military training on a regular basis and, that’s exactly how Kalaripayattu became one of the oldest fighting systems used to survive on the battlefield. Currently, it has received a lot of prominence particularly within those who believe in gaining internal strength before developing their bodily strength.

Wondering about the benefits of Kalaripayattu?

Here’s a list that will make you realize how important it is for people to get trained for this form of “Indian martial art”:

  1. It boosts flexibility:

Just like martial art teaches you several flexible moves to protect yourself during a fight, so does Kalaripayattu. This is what makes it better than the other forms of fighting.

  1. It improves the strength in an individual’s body:

As mentioned earlier, the strength within your body is first focused upon. Kalaripayattu trainers and practitioners believe that you can never call yourself strong, unless you are internally healed, fit and healthy.

  1. It ensures to make you fast:

There are a lot of quick moves that you learn while practicing this art. You are required to defend yourself for protection and attack, both within a friction of the second so that you are saved from getting injured, but are able to hurt the opponent.

  1. It cuts down the ‘laziness” in your body:

If you have been lazy all your life, this is the form of martial art that you have got to learn to get the best out of your body. It takes you to a different zone in life.

  1. Your concentration power increases the more you practice this art:

If you want to boost your focus on a specific thing, Kalaripayattu can help you with the same. You learn the true meanings of dedication and determination when you are a Kalaripayattu student.

  1. Your patience is improved with the practice of this art:

This form of martial art requires patience because it is not something that you can learn overnight. It teaches you to be calm at the same time.

  1. If you are stressed, the hatha yoga Asanas taught in this art ensure to de-stress you:

There are various Yoga asanas taught during the process of Kalaripayattu. Thus, if there is any sort of stress in your life, you can get rid of it by learning and practicing this art. It promises to bring a major positive change in your life and improve the way you think about yourself. It also boosts your confidence level.

  1. Your presence of mind is improved as you learn new moves for the battlefield:

There are countless moves that you are taught when you are being trained by a Kalaripayattu expert. Also, you develop a few moves on your own after a certain period of time and, that requires a strong presence of mind.

  1. You can survive a real attack as well:

If you are attacked for real, you can use your Kalaripayattu techniques to survive the fight and defeat the threat.

  1. You can train other people in Kalaripayattu, since it is quite in demand these days:

If you want to earn money from your Kalaripayattu skills, you can host your very own sessions in future or establish a class for all the aspiring Kalaripayattu learners.

If you really have a sports person whom you really admire, make sure to check what they are learning these days. Most of the health fitness freaks and sports personalities are drawn towards Kalaripayattu because it keeps them fit, makes them strong to play the game, and enjoy a better lifestyle, since they are into doing something far more different than the rest in sport. Instead of hitting the gym and taking supplements to grow larger, perform hatha yoga Asanas, learn Kalaripayattu and become a stronger and wiser fighter in life. You won’t regret practicing this form of martial art because it is widely accepted and performed by thousands of people around the globe.