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The Spiritual Power Of Chanting Gayatri Mantra (गायत्री मंत्र)

By Rishikul Yogshala

August 11, 2017

When commencing a new expedition, we often aspire to learn from the best, experience the best, so we can be the best. Why should yoga journey be any different?

A science so limitless that it takes a lifetime of learning and exploration in peeling its layers entirely — is definitely not something which anyone can rightfully deliver. It requires right blend of knowledge, discipline, dedication, training and perseverance for a yogi to be successful at acquiring and further preaching it. These building blocks need to be delivered by the ideal sources for quality and authenticity. And, so enrolling in the best yoga teacher training schools is just as imperative as picking up the heavenly idea of becoming a yogi or a yoga teacher.

Read and learn about the five crucial pointers that account for the best yoga ttc schools in India:

Recognition Status and Courses

Check if the school is Yoga Alliance certified or not? If yes, then this clears the first and most crucial step of the process of acknowledging the top yoga schools in India and the globe. From here, rest of the process is quite promising. With a certificate recognized by Yoga Alliance, you shall be at liberty to teach and preach yoga anywhere in the globe. By virtue of Yoga Alliance, you also receive the utmost quality of yoga curriculum and delivery as it sets the highest standards of yogic education in the globe. Getting rewarded with a certificate from Yoga Alliance is priceless. Yoga Alliance certified yoga schools also offer the best yoga training programs in India that come under RYT certifications namely – RYT 200, RYT 300 and RYT 500.  If you are beginner level yogi then you can start with Hatha Yoga Training or Ashtanga Yoga Teacher Training in Goa, Rishikesh, Kerala, Mysuru, Karnataka or Tamil Nadu, depending upon the feasibility of these locations.

Accommodation and Food

A place to rest the head cannot just be bed and bricks – it should be equally neat, cozy and inspiring. And, the best yoga schools in India definitely offer a lot more than just a room with mattress. They ensure the students have a comfortable and healthy stay during the tenure of their training program. And for that, they provide all the basic amenities required to ensure a homely stay at the school premise. Those who undertake yoga ttc program in Rishikesh, or yoga teacher training in Kerala can enjoy breath taking views and inspiring locations for their practice. Food at these schools is 100% Ayurveda and prepared from fresh, seasonal sources. Additionally, the chefs are also given diet plans to prepare the food in accordance with the well-being of attending students.

Teachers and Gurus

The teachers and gurus are another and the most vital factor behind the placard of best yoga teacher training schools in India. All the top most yoga schools have internationally recognized yoga teachers and gurus – highly experienced for ensuring appropriate delivery of the program and, also provide students with the opportunity to interact with some of the legendary minds in yoga and spirituality.

Location and Environment

Picturesque, Meditative, Clean and Hygienic – these are the four binding qualities of an excellent yoga ttc school in India when it comes to ambiance. To ensure the presence of these, nearly 90% of the best yoga schools in India are established in some of the most beautiful locations in the country like Rishikesh, Kerala, Karnataka, Dharamshala, etc. These naturally divine places offer the perfect ambiance and environment for a successful yoga training program. Additionally, special care is taken by these schools in the upkeep and hygiene of the premises, along with imbibing discipline inside the class rooms and a friendly environment outside it. Students and staff members also undertake various Karma projects related to keeping the surroundings neat and clean, or engage in volunteer work to support humane causes which leave behind inspiring and momentous traces in the heart of students.

Extra Curriculums

Even though yoga is not just a demanding but also a highly rejuvenating art form, yet everyone sure needs a little break from all the serious teaching and practice. Extra-Curricular activities are just as crucial as any other module of a sincere training program. Hence, all the best yttc schools in India schedule timely excursions and visits for a variegated exposure so the students do not feel clogged within the demands of rigorous learning and practice of yoga. If you are an adventure lover, an art lover or a spiritualist, these schools arrange for various kinds of fun activities and festivities for a frolic time out.

It is not just these factors that constitute an excellent yoga teacher training school; it is also the people, the culture and the sheer hospitability of these schools that places them a world apart from the rest. So, take the ideal leap by enrolling in to the best yoga training school in India and fulfill your dream with perfection.

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